A backstory first: 

I missed most of my woodworking classes leading up to my final exams in high school. A girl that I had been seen but was no longer seeing took offence at being asked where I was. The exams were practical. We had to make something and finish it off with a dovetail joint. It is safe to say that, I do well when there is a lot of pressure. Some of the best students in that class made mistakes when it counted. 

wood carved spoons

Over the years, I have done about 2 maybe 3 woodworking practical exams. At the end of each one, the teachers would start reaching out to me. The kid that has always been a joker on the fringes had something to him. I wonder what I could have actually made, if I had not been messing about the entire time. 

This site is my way of making up for those charades. If you are looking for anything that is wood related, you will find it here, now or soon. It will be covering all the things that I know in theory and in practice. I shall also be doing a great deal of research and comparisons to come up with information that I will be adding on here. 

Above all, this site is in homage to my old man. He is the one that taught me to make beautiful things with my hands. Sharing something so special with someone I look up to impacted me in ways that I cannot express. This is something that I want to share with the world. I am grateful to be able to share with our growing community online! Thank you all!