September 8, 2020

Beavercraft C16 Big Roughing Knife Review [REVISITED]

Are you thinking about getting the Beavercraft C16 Big Roughing Knife? When you set out to buy any tool, there are a few factors that you have to take into consideration. One of those factors is how much the knife can remove wood stock. 

You also want to make sure that the knife is strong enough to cut through about any wood, or at least the wood that you think you will be working on. The Beavercraft C16 Big Roughing Knife can hold its own when used. 

Beavercraft C16 Big Roughing Knife

The straight blade on the knife makes it easy to remove wood stock. This is a great knife for beginners and professionals alike. It is easy to use and also easy to control.


The handle is a light brown, while the blade is a glistening silver. All in all, the knife looks extra clean and ready to slice.

It comes already sharpened. The handle is shaped to hold the knife comfortably for more extended periods. The blade has a rounded cutting edge and a pointed tip.


This handy knife can easily fit in a woodcarver’s hand. The handle is 115mm long, while the blade is 50mm long. In total, the knife measures 170mm.


The handle has a special ergonomic shape, making it comfortable to hold for extended periods. It is also just long enough so that your fingers have a comfortable place to hold as you work. The sharp blade means that the knife glides smoothly as it cuts through just about any wood.


The blade on this knife is made of high carbon steel, as is the case with most of the tools from BeaverCraft. The carbon steel used on this blade has the strength to maintain its form and do the job. The problem with non-durable materials is that they can crack under pressure and break.


It retails at a meager price, considering that you will use it for years to come. When thinking about the knife, don’t be too limited by the price. Sometimes the very cheap versions cost you way more than they should. Cheap can be costly.

Our Verdict

Always make sure to follow the necessary safety precautions when using any knife. The same goes for the Beavercraft C16 – Big Roughing Knife. Always make sure that you have a sharp blade. This doesn’t only make your job easier, but it also maintains your safety. Carving with a blunt knife can be dangerous.

The great thing with the Beavercraft C16 – Big Roughing Knife is that it comes already sharpened and ready to use right out of the packet. We also like that you get total tool control with this knife—the design and the size of the knife work hand in hand to ensure that this happens. We also recommend this knife because of how easy it is to use. Happy shopping!

David D. Hughes

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