May 26, 2020

Beavercraft C11 Knife for Geometric Woodcarving Review [NEWLY UPDATED]

Are you looking for the best knife for geometric wood carving? The Beavercraft C11 may be a contender. You can get so much done with the right tools in hand. Wood carving is widely practiced, and geometric wood carving is one of the facets of this hobby. 

Some of the most beautiful art pieces are products of geometric carving. Geometric carving refers to the chipping away of wood in accurate shapes and geometric lines to make an eye-catching pattern. You can carve very intricate details in a piece of wood using a knife made for geometric wood carving. 

Sculptors see the need for geometric wood carving knives because of the need to etch fine details into the wood. Accuracy and precision are key in getting the right shapes out of the wood you are carving. 

Beavercraft c11 Knife for Geometric Woodcarving

The Beavercraft C11 knife for wood carving offers you a competitive edge over other knives of its kind in the market. This knife is perfect for geometric wood carving. It is comfortable and easy to handle. It is comfortable and easy to handle. 

The blade is shaped to allowe out precise corners and shapes so that triangles don’t end up looking like circles or squares. Let’s look at this knife and all that it can offer you.


At first glance, this knife looks more like a chisel. The blade is flat, with one cutting edge and a pointy top end. The wood is a light beige hue, characteristic of most Beaver craft knives for wood carving. 

Beavercraft c11 Knife for Geometric Woodcarving blade close up

The handle is made of ashwood, which comes from the ash tree. This wood has a straight grain by its very nature, which means it has straight lines running down it. Ashwood is a light brown by its very nature, making the grain even more visible. 

Ashwood is already durable, and this is a great attribute needed in a wood carving knife. Ashwood is already durable, and this is a great attribute needed in a wood carving knife. The handle is handmade and finished off with linseed oil. This will help to preserve the wood and make it even more durable.

When using it, you may have to exert pressure on the knife, and a weak handle will not stand the pressure. The smooth finish will also help keep you from getting splinters, making this handle functional and nice to look at. 

It may seem strange to say a tool or knife looks effective, but this blade looks like it can surely do the trick. The blade is silver and looks clean and effective. The blade is silver and looks clean and effective. It has the signature beaver craft logo imprinted on it. It is flat and looks like a geometric shape on its own, athan a regular nife would look. The blade has a 45-degree bevel, which allows you to carve in tight small spaces. 

One look at this knife, and you do not get the feeling that you are dealing with a knife of any sort. The blade is considerably shorter than the handle, but this is for functionality purposes.

Some think that this knife looks more like a chisel than a knife. In total, this knife measures 150 millimeters. The blade on its own is only 45mm, while the handle is 105milimeters. The cutting edge is 35 millimeters.

Performance Review

A knife can only perform as well as it is constructed. The C11 knife for geometric woodcarving is well constructed. It has a sturdy handle and an even stronger blade. One would think that with such a small blade and a much longer handle, you may have issues snapping the blade as you work. 

However, this is not the case. The blade on the c11 knife for geometric woodcarving is made of high carbon steel. There are different strengths of carbon steel, and the most durable, with the lowest ductility, is the high carbon steel. 

You can carve out any wood using this blade and not be afraid it will snap in half, almost like a razor blade would snap if too much pressure is applied. When you try to cut something, that is much harder than the blade can take. You will not have to worry about these issues with this knife. 

One of the great things about beaver craft knives is that they come ready for action. They are already sharpened straight out of the box. This means that you do not need to be looking for ways to sharpen the knife before using it. The geometric shape of the blade also helps you cut out the perfect geometric shapes from the wood that you are working on.


It is always important to make sure that you take the necessary knife safety tips when using this and any other knife or tool with sharp edges like these. You can do this by making use of protective gloves or thumb guards

Also, make sure that the blade is always sharp. Using a dull blade can be dangerous as it will require that you exert more pressure as you carve. Keep the blade away from children and anyone who may not know how to use it. You can ensure that it always stays in a hidden place rather than being left out in the open.

Who is this product ideal for?

This knife is best used in the hands of an experienced carver. Carving out intricate details or sculpting is not something a beginner can master immediately.


  • It is durable
  • It is portable
  • It is accurate and precise, making it easy to carve out geometric shapes and patterns. 
  • It can be used on both hard and softwood.


  • It does not have a protective sheath for the blade.

Our Verdict

When looking to carve intricate fine details such as geometric shapes, you must get a carving knife up for the task. The C11 knife for geometric wood carving can deal with special shapes and ensure accurate cuts.  We recommend buying this knife from Beaver craft, and you will not be sorry. Happy shopping! See the Beavercraft C15 Review.

David D. Hughes

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