May 27, 2020

Beavercraft C12 Review Chip Carving Knife Review [UPDATED]

Considering the Beavercraft C12? Are you looking for the best chip carving knife in the game? Wood carving is a popular hobby and one of the oldest professions. If you want precision and accuracy in carving out specific shapes, you need to make sure that you have the right tools in your possession. 

A good chip carving knife is one of your best bets in making sure that you carve even the smallest details into a piece of wood. The Beavercraft C12 chip carving knife gives you the edge you need. It has a blade that has a secondary bevel of 45 degrees. 

It is best used for geometric carving as it can be accurate and precise, which is necessary when carving geometric shapes. The blade is made of high carbon steel, and it comes sharpened and hardened. 

Beavercraft C12 Review Chip Carving Knife

The chip carving knife is an asset for any woodcarver. It allows you to cut out any shape you desire, be it smooth, curved, straight, geometric, or otherwise. It is a very versatile blade that you will be glad you got.


The C12 chip carving knife looks like it’s all handle and no blade. The blade is so tiny, and the handle is much longer. The handle has a hook-like shape, which helps you better grip it as you work. It is as basic looking as all the other knives in its range from Beavercraft. 

Beavercraft C12 Review Chip Carving Knife blade close up

This wood is generally light in color, and the straight grain is visible. It has the signature brown hue that is synonymous with ashwood. It is one of the reasons why a lot of furniture makers like to use this wood.

It is appealing to look at and smooth to touch. This is also thanks to the hand finishing and linseed oil, which will help preserve the wood. 

The blade is considerably smaller than the handle, but this does not make it any less of an effective tool. The total length of the tool is 160mm, while the handle is 120 mm, and the blade is 40 mm.

The cutting edge is 20mm, and it may sound like it is not that much, but it is just the right length to do the job. Its unique shape and size allow you to carve in very tight spaces.

Performance Review

The blade is considerably small and much closer to the handle than many other carving knives. You can hold the knife almost as you would a very sharp pen. This helps you maintain more control as you carve delicate details. 

It will be like drawing your shapes and lines in wood. It comes ready for carving, sharpened correctly. This is important if you get the detailing perfection you want. It will also help you carve into both soft and hardwood. 

This is an important feature to have in a knife in any woodcarvers kit. This is a versatile knife and can be used in very tight spaces. This blade is also made of high carbon steel, which is the highest level of carbon steel.

It has the lowest ductility and the highest endurance. This makes it a perfect match for handling different types of wood, regardless of their texture.

It has an ergonomic handle, allowing you to carve for longer periods without straining your hand. Fatigue can make you stop carving ar prematurely and cause you to not focus on a particular shape as much as you should.

You may find yourself wanting to get it over and done with. But if your hand is comfortable, you can give your work the concentration it deserves. 

If you are looking for wood carving tools for your workplace, dexterity is an important feature to look out for. Whether you are left or right-handed, it does not matter. You can still use this knife. This means that more than one person in the workshop can use the same knife. 

This carving knife does a great job of carving geometric shapes perfectly, complimenting your skill.


The blade on the C12 chip carving knife may be short, but it is highly effective and sharp. It comes already sharpened, so you will need to be careful when you take it out of the box. The 45-degree angle also means that it has a pointy tip that is very sharp and dangerous if not handled properly.

Who is this product ideal for?

Chip carving needs you to be more focused on the smaller details. This requires a certain level of skill. Beginners may not find this knife very helpful.


  • It looks good
  • It can be used by both left hand and right-hand woodworkers
  • You gave amazing control over the knife as you carve
  • The design of the handle encourages you to carve for longer as it reduces hand fatigue. 
  • It has a durable blade
  • It comes already sharpened


  • It does not have a protective sheath for the blade, which is dangerous, especially since it is so sharp. You would want to keep it safe and away from the weather elements when it’s not being used.

Our Verdict

Every woodcarver needs to ensure that they have the right tools when they set out to do some memorable carving. This will guide you in buying the right type of knives. It also helps to know what type of carving you intend to be doing. 

The C12 chip carving knife gives you the precision and control you need to have when carving out fine details. You get all the detail you need with the knowledge that you can rely on the knife’s durability ad precision. 

We recommend this knife for fine and detailed geometric carving. The great thing about the tools made by Beavercraft is that they are great quality tools at an affordable price. Your wood carving does not have to break the bank. Happy shopping! See our Beavercraft C11 Review.

David D. Hughes

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