September 16, 2020

Beavercraft S04 – Chip Carving Knives Set Review [REVISITED]

Are you looking for the best chip carving knife set to add to your collection? The Beavercraft S04 – Chip Carving Knives Set has two knives. One is specially made to make long and short lines, while the second knife is specially made for the intricate details that come with carving out geometric shapes. The accuracy needed to carve these out requires a precise and sharp blade, which the Beaver Craft S04 – Chip Carving Knives Set offers. 

This is a set that a beginner can use. This is thanks to the wave-like shape of the handle, which makes for a comfortable grip. One blade has a beveled shape whilst the other one has a straighter edge. They are both razor-sharp and very durable. Your work can span from simple to detailed work, this knife can handle the task at hand. 

BeaverCraft S04 , Chip Carving Knives Set
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Beavercraft S04 Aesthetics

Both knives have light brown handles, which is a color synonymous with the ashwood that they are made of. The blades are made of carbon steel with a clean silver look, and they are sharpened to a razor-sharp edge. 


There are two different knives which also means two different sizes. The knife measures 155 mm in total. 120 mm of this length is the handle length, while the cutting edge is 25 mm long. The beveled knife also has a 120 mm long handle while the cutting edge is 20 mm, and the total length of the knife is 160mm.


The handles have an ergonomic design. This makes them comfortable to hold and helps to avoid hand fatigue. When your hands can stand holding the knife for longer, it also means that you will get more work done.  The handle is also expertly finished off so that it is smooth and feels great in hand. 


Carbon steel and ash wood are both very durable materials. An accurate and strong blade is necessary when making intricate designs or even the most basic. This is a feature that you do not want to compromise on. 


This is a set of two knives, and you may find that it is cheaper to get this than to buy the individual knives. This will depend on the retailer. If it is being shipped to you, you may find that the cost will be higher than walking into a local store and buying them. 


The Beaver Craft S04 – Chip Carving Knives Set is an excellent knife for beginners and professional woodworkers. You get the two knives that do a great job of carving geometric shapes and detailed designs. 

The blades come ready to use ads they are already sharpened. Buying this set is like killing two birds with one stone. That, coupled with the affordability, excellent durability, and ease of use, makes his chip carving set a no-brainer choice. Happy carving!

David D. Hughes

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