February 9, 2021

MARKETTY Professional Wood Carving Chisel Set [READ] Before You Buy

Marketty has delivered quite a package here for any beginner wood crafters. They have looked to design an ergonomic product that promotes sustainable woodcarving. With sharp chisel heads, the MARKETTY Professional Wood Carving Chisel Set comes ready to be used and can deliver a professional experience. It has a light Brown wooden finish on the handles and silver blades.

The steel is made from quality carbon, which can handle hardwoods and softwoods easily. It comes with 12 pieces in it, making it ideal for people who are just getting started. It comes with 12 pieces in it, making it suitable for people who are just getting started. It comes with 12 pieces in it, making it ideal for people who are just getting started. You can be confident using this product to last you for an extended period because the materials used are durable.

It has everything one needs to fully take up the hobby one seeks to enjoy. It can be quite deterring when you wish to take up a new hobby, but the tools required are costly. They are well priced to allow beginners entry into the craft without overspending. 

MARKETTY Professional Wood Carving Chisel Set

This offers a great entry point for beginners and is also suitably priced to be a well-thought-out gift. If you have a very interested friend who has not gotten around to getting the tools required, this could be the little push they need. 


  • Quality carbon steel 
  • 12 pieces to use.
  • Carrying case included


  • Wooden handles can become slippery.


This twelve-piece carving chisel has an array of different blades. The blades are made from shiny steel. They have covered all the other aspects one might encounter while carving wood. The handle is made from beautiful ash wood and has been coated in wood preserving oil to prevent the handles from wearing out over time. 

The product does not attempt to be overly fancy with its presentation but appears fit for purpose. It has a black carrying case with a slot for storing each blade safely. The products have been hard and at the back using a steel ring. This means you can deal with it using this product if you need to hit it with a hammer or a mallet.

Performance Review

I would say that this product is well designed for its purpose. The blades come already sharpened and are made from durable steel, preventing the blades from going dull through continuous usage. The handles are made from wood, which has its benefits and challenges. The main advantage of having a wooden handle is that it will last longer without breaking. 

Rubber grips are well known to fade over time and begin to chip, and you will not necessarily experience this problem too early with a wooden handle. The main challenge with a wooden handle is that the grip becomes more difficult to use as you begin to sweat when working. Many consumers will tell you that they have been forced to buy gloves because their knives become very slippery as they sweat. This is a challenge that she will not face with rubber handles.  


The product has been made very safe to use. A question that you should ask is how safe can you make a knife? Using very durable steel, the manufacturers of this product have managed to ensure the user’s safety. This is because it is unlikely to break or bend as you use the product. If this were to happen, then you could sustain an injury. 

They have designed these tools to be small and nimble; however, that does not consider the main challenges people with big hands will face. The handles are small compared to other knives in this category, which can be difficult for a person with big hands to use. It has been made suitable for beginners and has a carry case. 

When new to this, it is common to put knives in different places and forget where they are. In these other places, children can easily pick up these knives. Therefore, you should ensure that young children around the house cannot easily find this case of knives. The carry case will assist you in preventing the loss of knives.

Who is the MARKETTY Professional Wood Carving Chisel set ideal for?

Looking at this product’s quality and price, I would say that it has been made ideal for beginner wood covers. If you were just starting, you might not be willing to spend so much money on a pair of knives, especially if you are unsure if this hobby is for you.

They have been made with adequate quality and have a decent ergonomic design. I do not think it would sway people on the fence to go in one direction for the price charged on this product. 

Our Verdict

To conclude, I recommend this product to someone looking to start. It is made from quality carbon steel and has a mature wooden handle. The knife’s rear has been strengthened with a steel ring with a hammer or mallet. As a beginner, you can buy this product and expect a pleasant experience. 

It is moderately priced to allow people who wish to purchase this as a gift the option to do so. It is not too expensive that the gift will seem inappropriate. It is also not too expensive that if you buy it for yourself as a beginner and find that you are not very interested, you can always give up without guilt. 

Have you seen our VonHaus 8 pc Craftsman Woodworking Chisel Set Review? I would not recommend this product for professionals because they are much better tools than we are reviewing. Not everything is for everyone, and it is essential to try out new things, which is a great way to begin wood carving.

David D. Hughes

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