January 9, 2021

Mikisyo Power Grip Carving Tools Five Piece Set (Basic) Review

If you consider getting the Mikisyo Power Grip Carving Tools, read on. It comes as a set of 5 knives that include a V tool, skew chisel and three gouges. This is the average of knives you can get in a set. However, many other sets come with between 7-12 knives. That is why I would not say that this product is suitable for professionals. It has a wooden grip that is durable, but wooden grips can easily become faulty.

This is because as moisture begins to creep in, it tends to force the wood to expand. In turn, this might cause the blade to become loose.

A loose blade can turn into a safety hazard which is quite a disadvantage on this product. The product is quite small, which will help you get into places that you usually would not be able to. However, the product will be difficult to use if your hands are slightly bigger than the average person. In terms of blade sharpness, the product comes fully sharpened, meaning that you are ready to go once you take them out of the box.

They are made from steel, meaning that they are well protected against rust. The only issue I can see with these blades is that they are likely to lose sharpness quicker than other blades would. You will therefore have to find another way to sharpen them or investigate replacing them. The latter is an option given that these blades are among the more affordable in the range you can buy. 


  • Precise and small stainless-Steel blade
  • It comes ready to use without the need for sharpening
  • The product is palm-sized for those with nimble hands.
  • Wooden Grip is durable.
  • Flatback


  • The wooden Grip can become slippery when your hands are sweaty.
  • The Blades may become loose much faster than others.
Model Number4690ar
Weight7.2 ounces
Dimensions5.6 x 6.45 x 1.1 inches
WarrantyOne year


Looking at this Mikisyo 4690ar, we can see that it has a very natural and mature wooden finish. The handle has a light brown finish on all 5 of the blades that are included. They come with very small but precise blades that are sure to help you create elegant creations.

They are about big enough to fit in your palm even if you have slightly larger hands than average. The handle’s back is flat, which allows you to get a more solid grip than other blades. In the end, it is a decent looking product that one might want to buy. The only issue I can see is that the product does not have excellent packaging. Many of the premium knives that you buy come with a lovely setting for you to place them in when not in use safely. With these, you will be required to find another place to store them or buy the case.

Performance Review

Performance-wise I would say that this option is good quality. They can handle very light jobs that require you to be more accurate and precise with your chiselling. The wooden handle is more durable than what you would get from the rubber. The only problem is that if your hands begin to sweat then this product may become more slippery whilst you use it.

They are also relatively small, meaning that it is made for people with more nimble hands than others. This is quite a challenge because people never really know how big it is okay for them. The confusion here is often a cause for concern as people buy the wrong options for their hand size. The set comes with three gouges, a V tool and a skew chisel. These products are adequate to use for home-based chiselling. The blades are made from stainless steel, and this should protect them against rust.  


In terms of safety, this product works ideally well for people without much history of chiselling. I would therefore suggest it for people who are still beginners and looking to learn. The product may become loose, and the blades may fall out. Hence you should always check how secure they are. Remember that the handles are made from wood; therefore, they are easily susceptible to bad weather conditions. It is relatively safe, but the blades are sharp. Consequently, it would help if you always kept them locked away in their box. If allowed to fall into the hands of a child, then there is potential for harm. 

Who is this product ideal for?

This option is not the premium product in the range of knives that you can buy. I would not recommend it for professionals because the product’s wooden design can dull after a bit of usage. It is more suited to beginners who want to pick up chiselling as a hobby. It is designed for light use. I would not recommend these for extended use on dark or heavy wood. Instead, they are better off on small and modest creations. 

Our Verdict on the Mikisyo 4690ar

The final word on this Mikisyo 4690ar is that I would recommend it. I would recommend it because it is cheap and comes with five tools. This means that anyone looking to begin chiselling as a hobby will have all the tools they might need. The only issue is that the product’s blades may, over time, lose their sharpness and become loose.

This is quite common on the cheaper blades in the range. The other disadvantage is that if your hand sweats easily, then you may struggle to use this product for long periods. The product would not suit professionals, and at this price range, you can understand that. The product is quite affordable and comes with everything you need; therefore, I would recommend it. 

David D. Hughes

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