April 14, 2022

WeCheer High Torque Carver/Engraver Review


WeCheer High Torque Carver is ideal for detailing and intricate carving. That powerful high-torque handpiece features variable speed, allowing you to be operating at the optimum speed required by your bit or type of stock. 

The motor is built into the handpiece, meaning there is no flexible shaft to restrict your movements and carve at any angle without worrying about damaging a flexible shaft.

The lightweight body and cord allow you to carve longer, more comfortably. At 6-1/4inch long and 1inch diameter, it fits comfortably. It is light enough to be held like a pencil. 

It has a speed variance of 3,000 to 23,000 RPM. The package includes 1/8 and 3/32inch collets, provides a control for detail work, and makes it easy to get into hard-to-reach areas.

High Torque Carver/Engraver


High Torque

This item is available with a collet chuck or spring chuck. The spring chuck allows all tools compatible with the collet chuck but uses shaft diameters of all sizes from near zero to a one-eighth inch. It performs better when using small drill bits or rotary tool shafts of something less than 1/8 inch.

Variable Speed

The speed is controlled using a foot pedal or without. To control the speed, make sure the power switch is off. Select the desired direction, forward or reverse and change to the bit you wish to use per the instructions above. Make sure the dot is aligned with the “S” before turning it on, and plug the handpiece into the speed control unit.

Rotary Action

The rotary action makes the Carver an ultimate tool for detail work in wood, metal, and plastic, generating more speed. As much as it makes the tool work as a grinder, it remains sturdy. When it comes to rotary action, there is forward motor rotation, meaning the motor is turning an accessory counterclockwise when holding the handpiece upright in your hand and 

looking down onto the front of the accessory. The accessories can be bur, bit, drill, or cutter.  When the accessory is applied to the workpiece, your viewpoint changes. That is to the back end of the handpiece and accessory. The forward rotation direction is known as clockwise. 

Forward Motor Rotation only uses Chisel or Hammer handpieces or Angle Grinder attachment. Using chisel or hammer handpieces or angle grinder attachment in reverse can damage the handpiece, attachment, flexible shaft, or motor and may cause injury.

Use the forward motor direction only for fluted burs, drills, and cutters. Most will cut when turning in this direction. Mandrels have right-hand threaded arbor screws, which will unscrew in reverse.

Take precautions against dust and debris. Dust and debris fly away from the user when operated forward in the left hand.  Whether you are right or left-handed, operate in forward or reverse. Tighten the chuck nut or chuck jaws of a handpiece with a wrench or chuck key to not come loose in any operating direction.

Reverse rotation comes with advantages. Left-handed users will have better control in the reverse direction. With right-handed use, dust and debris fly away in reverse. Alternating motor direction helps extend the life of mounted abrasive points, buffs, brushes, sanding bands, and Typhoon burs.

Reverse helps with symmetrical grinding and carving techniques and is for “backing out” stuck drill bits. Alternating motor direction makes it easier and faster to polish metals. Use a mandrel with a left-hand threaded arbor screw.

Light Weight

Lightweight tools are manageable and give simplicity to tools. They are easy to maneuver in tight places. It is comfortable to hold. The chances of experiencing fatigue are low.

Extra Collets

A collet is a subtype of chuck that forms a collar around an object to be held and exerts a strong clamping force on the object when it is tightened, using a tapered outer collar. It also holds a workpiece or a tool.

Collets are also used in machine engines to form a collar for the inlet and exhaust valves and keep them under constant pressure. Devices are utilized in semiconductor projects and for many types of consumer crafts.  The automotive industry employs collets in various engine applications to keep internal mechanisms under constant pressure.

Collets have a limited range of motion when clamping. Many collets are for projects that require clamping a range of bits. The upfront investment to purchase these pieces is high-end, making them less ideal for usage in electric drills and other tools with numerous components. 

Tools are secured with either a chuck or a collet. However, the collet is preferred over a traditional chuck because it can withstand harsh work environments and is suitable for repetitive tasks. Features that make collets for various applications include a quick clamping process, precise centering, reliable, strong clamping, and resistance from being forced loose. 

Flexible Shaft

A flexible shaft machine is perfect for cleaning, polishing, sanding, and drilling—an interchangeable unit with a standard style handpiece. A flexible shaft transmits rotary motion like a solid steel shaft, but it can be routed over, under, and around obstacles that would make using a solid shaft impractical. 

A Flexible Shaft Assembly consists of a rotating shaft known as a core with end fittings for attachment to the driving and driven mating parts. Use a protective outer casing when necessary. That casing has its fittings, called ferrules, which keep it stationary during use.

The shaft eliminates alignment problems since it does not need the tight tolerances that solid shafts require. It increases design freedom due to infinite possibilities in positioning motor and drive components. Higher efficiency comes in flexible shafts. They are 85-95% efficient. Gears, U-Joints, Belts and Pulleys give lower performance due to frictional losses.

It allows large bending offsets as it permits a full 180-degree offset while maintaining high efficiency. Flexible couplings only allow 5 degrees of offset, and U-Joints only 30 degrees with up to a 40-50% decrease in inefficiency.

A flexible shaft features a lower installation cost. The installation takes a few minutes and does not need special tools or skills. Solid Shafts, Gears, Pulleys, and Universal Joints require precise alignment and skilled mechanics for their installations.


WeCheer – High Torque Carver/Engraver is a low-end carving tool and does not compromise its quality.


If you are running with a slim budget, the WeCheer tool is affordable. It remains one of the most powerful engravers since it comes with the best features. Working experience is made bearable with the portable Carver as you can move it in any space. It comes with a flexible shaft that makes the operation easier.

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