February 18, 2021

Which Power Carving Bits are the most important ones to have? You may be Surprised!

Are you considering purchasing electric wood carving tools? Regardless of how powerful the tool you bought to carve wood is, you will not get far if you do not choose the right chisel to use at the end.

This part of the machine will be responsible for crafting the wood you require. 

The power tool will be the part that generates the rotations per minute i.e., the engine. The carving bit can be seen as this machine’s tires or wheels.

They are useful for achieving different results. They are meant to offer the user variety in terms of what they can do. 

This means that they are made from different metals and have been designed differently in size. To maximize your potential in woodcarving you will need to be aware of the most important bits you can get.

Every bit serves a particular purpose, but some are more useful in a general sense, therefore, should not be left out.  

The different bits and their uses

  1. Saburr Tooth Bits

This variety of carving bits is known as the teeth of carving bits. They help tear and break apart wood with very few challenges. These bits, as mentioned earlier, only serve the purpose of digging into the wood. 

You cannot use these if you wish to smooth out a piece of wood. Instead, this is an aggressive power carving bit used to smash wood into pieces. This is important because it is used in the beginning stages of woodcarving. 

At this point, you most likely have a large piece of wood that you want to work on. To prepare the wood for carving, you need to cut it to its normal size.

This is the bit that will help you to do so. The Saburr Tooth Bits can function at a very high rate of rotations per minute. The range on this is between 4,000 to 25,000 RPM.

  1. Fluted Carving Bits  

The fluted carving bits are the second important category of power bits that you should have. These have been slightly more delicate than the Saburr Tooth Bits.

They are useful when you have now broken down the wood into a manageable section and wish to perform the initial work on this. 

Often you would be looking at using it on smaller projects as they can only handle 1/4 inch of wood at a time. Essentially what you will be doing with this power bit is smoothing off the rough and ragged wound that you cut into with the Saburr Tooth Bits.

This product is important because it will allow you to successfully get to the third stage of woodcarving, where you can apply the finer details. It bridges the gap between delicate carving bits and the strongest you can get.   

  1. Diamond Carving Bits

Now we get to the perfectionists of the carving bits family. Diamond carving bits can be considered the final touch to any wood crafting project you may be working on.

If you wish to produce high-quality wood carving, you will need this to apply the final details to the project. 

Consider it useful for cleaning wood before it is done. If you wish to complete a full piece of work, this is a powerful bit you require because it will differentiate your work from an unmastered piece to a piece of art. 

Bits for sanding

  1. Cushioned Sanding Drums

Cushion sanding drums are mandrels made with a soft rubber casing that will attach to the cloth.

Essentially, this product works because the sandpaper is cushioned by a cloth attached to the motor. 

You can then adjust the number of rotations per minute on the motor to allow for gentle or heavy sanding on the product you are working on.

It works best on smaller rather than big projects because the product’s dimensions are quite minute. The size of this range is between 1/4 inch and 1/8th of an inch. 

  1. De-fuzzing Pads and Radial Bristle Brushes

De-fuzzing pads are the carving bit you probably never knew you needed until you saw someone else using them.

It is essentially a brush that connects to the main power tool, which is useful for removing that uncomfortable file that remains on after work. 

This is considered a stage 3 product useful for polishing and cleaning up the final product. It is made from low synthetic steel wool, which will consistently hit the wood, taking all the wood fuzz with it.

The product also comes with a pad that one must use before they remove the fuzz because it cleans the wood. 


In conclusion, what you must understand about wood carving is that it involves a three-stage process. Stage one is one of the most important bits you will need because you cannot work onward without it.

In this stage, you use Saburr Tooth bits to cut the wood down to a manageable size in the workshop. 

Once you have cut the wood down, you will need to clean and smooth it nicely. This can be done with the flute bits.

You can get many flute bits, but ensure that you get one in this category. 

Once you have smooth wood, you can begin applying finer details using diamond bits. Diamond boots are the most powerful yet smallest bits you can get.

These are often the most expensive, but you can use Ruby bits if you need an alternative. The diamond bits will come in handy when trying to turn a product into a masterpiece. See our Where to Buy Wood Carving Tools post to find out how you can save some money by buying from the right places.

David D. Hughes

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