October 20, 2020

Xacto X5175 Deluxe Woodcarving Set Review [REVISITED]

Are you getting the Xacto X5175 Deluxe Woodcarving Set? This complete woodcarving set would make a great addition to any workshop. If you are not sure what to expect, this article will help.

The Looks

The Xacto X5175 set includes everything you could need and leaves very little to be desired, and all this value at an affordable price. These are high-quality tools for discriminating woodworkers. A complete set for every working need, from three-dimensional carving to deep relief carving and whittling. 

Set contains No. 5 knife with No. 24 Deburring blade, No. 18 Heavy Wood Chiseling blade, No. 19 Angled Wood Chiseling Blade, No. 22 Large Curved Carving Blade, No. 26 Whittling Blade, and No. 27 Heavy-Duty Saw Blade, five gouges, and four routers boxed in a wooden chest. These are quality tools for the hardcore professional woodworker. The attractive wooden chest gives you the best-organized storage and display. This set is perfect as a gift because it looks good and will make anyone consider venturing into wood carving.

Xacto X5175 Deluxe Woodcarving Set
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  • Affordable
  • Perfect for gifting
  • Blades resist corrosion
  • Pre-sharpened blades
  • Not too heavy


  • Cannot fit inside a pocked


The chest is made from high-quality wood and will hold your tools for a lifetime. The tools inside are made by X-ACTO and are made from high-quality stainless steel, which will do a great job in resisting corrosion and will not just rust that easily. The fact that the blades resist rust makes you rest easy, knowing that you can wipe away that moisture from your tools at any time without worrying about how long it has on the blade.


This set is an accessory because all the set’s tools complement each other. All you can do is get different-sized blades not already in the set if your work requires a different size. The only accessory I recommend for this set is an introductory manual to whittling and detailed carving for those beginners.


Since this is a set, it comes with several blades, the deburring blade, heavy chiseling blade, angled chiseling blade, curved carving blade, a whittling blade, No. 5 knife, and the No. 27 blade. These blades are made from high-quality stainless steel forged to produce the best results in their respective fields. The deburring blade will make sure to give you those smooth edges. The chiseling blades will ensure you are not found wanting in the chisel department. The curved carving blade will provide you with the best ridges with the help of the other contents of the set. The versatile whittling blade produces the best results, and it can even work on excellent plastic.

Who is this product ideal for?

I would recommend this set, as I said above, to anyone. This is not just one product. It’s a range of products put in one package suitable for everyone. This set is your best friend, from whittling to detailed carving and everything in between. For those craftsmen who take art as a profession and need the right tool to get the job done, you will find everything you need in this set. For those beginners, it is a great way to start as you try different tools and quickly and easily pick out the best tool for you. The box looks beautiful and clean, making it suitable even for decorations if you want to set that whittling mood in your space.

Our Verdict on the Xacto X5175 Deluxe Woodcarving Set

I give the Xacto X5175 4.7 stars out of 5. It offers the best there is. I would recommend it to anyone in the wood carving industry. I strongly suggest that serious carvers get this set for themselves. Have you seen the Xacto x5179 Wood Carving Toolset review?

David D. Hughes

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