October 6, 2020

Xacto x5179 Wood Carving Toolset Review [UPDATED]

Most woodcarvers will have their go-to toolset. I have a few of them. That does not stop me from keeping a keen eye out for some that I could add to my workshop. With that keen eye, I came across the Xacto x5179 Wood Carving Toolset.

Being the proud owner of other tools from this brand meant that I wasn’t shooting into the wind. I knew what sort of quality I could expect from them. If you are wondering whether to get the Xacto x5179 Wood Carving Toolset, here is what you can expect from it.

Xacto x5179 Wood Carving Toolset
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  • They appear very lightweight
  • Multiple cutting functions
  • The handle is hardwood hence durable
  • Blades made from forged steel 
  • Knives are not too big or too small, and they are the perfect size for most people.


  • There is no carry case
  • No sharpening tools
  • The grip may be slippery

Xacto x5179 Aesthetics review

This set of knives comes with a wooden handle with a lovely pale brown finish. The knives are silver, not painted, and all about the same size.

The entire knife is about big enough for someone with regular size hands to operate. These knives are not the Ferrari of the wood cutting world. They are more suited to amateurs such as students or people looking to start a new hobby. We also like the Xacto X5175 Deluxe Woodcarving Set.


There are six blades in the set, and they are all forged steel that comes as a silver color. They come with the blades to perform groove cuts, relief cuts, and to shape wood. They are perfect for anyone to perform accurately and incise cuts on wood. It is a good tool for the more precise cuts one may need to use.


It has a wooden handle that has a very calming pale brown color. These would look good as a gift for someone interested in learning wood carving as a skill. It would also look good for someone who enjoys the hobby but overall, it is a basic handle. The handle shape is not anything fancy or advanced, and it also may become slippery if your hands become sweaty.  

Who is this for?

It is a helpful entry-level product for small-time woodcarvers, i.e., people who do it. It would also be beneficial for beginner students in wood carving school. Schools running such classes might think of buying these for their students.  


The forged steel blades are made from the manufacturer’s X-ACTO blade and have high precision and durability.  The handle is made from hardwood and is not likely to give you any problems for quite a long time. These are not heavy-duty wood cutters, so the knives should be secure.


There are none of the standard accessories that come with wood carving knives. Are there any included? A positive inclusion would have been a carry case, and students may quickly lose knives. It also lacks a sharpening tool that would have been helpful in the long run when knives begin to lose their sharpness. 

Yay or Nay

In the end, it all comes down to whether I would buy it. If I were a student in a woodworking class and needed to design something for a project, I would consider these. They are very affordable compared to many other options. They are light and not a hassle to carry around with you. 

They are not for professionals and come with very little accessories. Hence, I would buy it if I needed them temporarily or start learning but as you get better you will need a much more professional set of knives.

David D. Hughes

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