July 25, 2020

DeWalt DW331 Review

Are you considering the DeWalt DW331? If you are one of those people that need quick cuts and aren’t overly concerned about precision. Luckily for you, I believe you will appreciate the DeWalt DW331. It’s beefy, so it will hold up for years and it is a powerful tool that is powerful enough to get through various types of materials with the right blade. It can literally cut through almost anything that you may want to slice and dice up. 

I believe there is a tool out there for everyone. It’s all just a matter of choosing the right one. That includes certain tools like cutters, hammers and shovels along with high-tech equipment like saws. 

The DeWalt DW331 is a highly rated jigsaw that will definitely draw your attention. Just follow through with this guide and you will understand why. This review will help you determine if this is the right tool for you or if you need something a bit less industrial and powerful.

Specifications and Features

Before we look at the feature, the following are the specifications that you will clearly fall in love with;

  • 6.5 Amp motor
  • 500 – 3,100 strokes per minute (SPM)
  • 4-position orbital action
  • Bevel detents: 0, 15, 30 and 45-degrees
  • 6.4 pounds
  • 3-year warranty

Power and Speed

As stated before, if you are looking for something that is industrial and powerful, this right here is the tool for you. With this DeWalt DW331 you will get and experience both power and speed.

It comes with a 4-position orbital system as well. Coming with horsepower from a 6.5 Amp motor this one is obviously going towards the too in terms of size class. 

This DeWalt DW331 model has a variable speed trigger system. It will let you dial things up to 3,100 strokes per minute or drop it down to a crawl at 500 strokes per minute.

Variable speed triggers are common with these tools. Apparently this trigger tends to perform a little better than the rest. It has a nice, solid action and won’t jam up on you or wear your finger out. 


I think you will be pleased to know that though this tool is both strong, powerful and fast. It is actually very easy to use. This jigsaw is a little heavy as compared to other saws. It comes at a weight of 6.4 pounds. You will find that it actually weighs more than some reciprocating saws, but that’s not a bad thing if you care about quality and durability.

It has a counterbalance to keep vibrations to a minimum. It also has a thick rubber grip that helps as well to make sure that it doesn’t slip from your hand. Best part is that it has a built-in dust blower.

This ensures that your work area stays clean and you can see your cut line at all times. Likewise, when you need to change blades, you will be thankful for the heavy-duty keyless blade clamp.


Unlike other power tools out there, with this DeWalt DE331, you aren’t going to get much out of the box with a jigsaw. There are a few exceptions, but not with the DeWalt DW331. You get the saw and a storage box along with a manual, but that’s about it. It is metal, however, which is a nice perk.

This means you will want to pick up some blades beforehand, just make sure they are T-shank blades as others won’t work with this jig saw. Which may be pretty annoying given that other jigsaws actually come with blades. However the specs do really cover up for this. 

Additional Features

The first thing you will want to know is that this too comes with a flush-cutting system. This allows you to make precise cuts without up cutting or dealing with extreme vibrations. You will have much cleaner results on flush cuts when compared to other saws on the market. 

The DeWalt DW331 also has a range of positive bevel indents set at 0, 15, 30, and 45-degrees. This means that setting up the shoe for the angle you need is easy with this DeWalt DW331. Besides that, the orbital system is one that will impress you very much. 

Is this tool the one?

This is the tool that feels good in the hand, and it’s hard to argue with the power that 6.5 Amp motor provides. You also get the company’s outstanding 3-year warranty along with a 1-year service contract and 90-days satisfaction guarantee. Which is definitely something that can push you to trust the product more. 

The DeWalt DW331 is a little heavy which is one downside that may make this tool not as perfect as the other tools. Also while there is no LED light, the blower makes up for that.

Compared to other models at this price point, it strikes all the right notes aside from not having a true guidance system. Some models have things in place to keep you on track, but you’ll need to rely on your skills with this one.


This leads us to the final question. Is this the tool you are looking for? If you are looking for a powerful and industrial tool i will tell you that this here is exactly what you need. Need a great jig saw that can tear through anything and will look good in your toolbox? If so, the DeWalt DW331 may be the answer for you. 

Besides that, do you feel that this took is the one for you? It’s powerful, strong, and has some amazing features that most tools fail to deliver. It is a bit heavy though which may be a downside and the fact that you have to rely on your own skills but your own blades may be upsetting. However, you’ll be very pleased to find that it makes up for all these in other means.

David D. Hughes

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