August 8, 2021

Dremel 100 vs 3000 | Which One Should You Get

This is our first comparison between the Dremel 100 vs 3000. We have been using the 100 for a while and like it. It is easy to use and cuts well. The two speed models are not comparable (the 3000 is a much more powerful and expensive model). Let us do a more detailed test of both machines.

Overview of the Dremel 100

Dremel 100 is a rotary tool that gives you a single speed of 35,000 rpm. The single-speed is convenient since you do not have to switch speeds, and you do not have to match each speed with every application you are working on. 

It helps you focus on a type of project. Dremel 100 is a versatile tool that works on routing, drilling, sanding, and cutting applications. It is a rotary tool that is ideal for continuous high-speed use. 

Dremel is a trusted brand that produced Dremel 100, a high-quality tool in woodwork. It is comfortable to use and easy to operate, and its affordability does not compromise the quality of the tool. The rotary tool has a 2-year warranty that ensures you a well-functioning machine that lasts longer. 

It is easy to operate. Unscrew the nose cap from the rotary tool and insert the inside of the nose cap using a collet nut. The EZ-twist integrated wrench loosens and tightens the collet nut without using the standard collet wrench. 

Engage the shaft lock as you twist the nose cap. When you twist clockwise, it tightens, and counter-clockwise it loosens. It has a cool-bearing construction that allows you to run the tool smoothly. 

Any sound from the tool is a sign that your accessories are not balanced. The chances are high that the collet gets stuck if a collet nut is tightened onto the rotary tool when the bit is not in place. Remove the collet as you push the shank into the hole in the collet nut. That makes the collet pop out of the collet nut. 

The motor is a powerful, universal, and comfortable accessory. It is compatible with multiple accessories such as abrasive wheels, wire brushes, engraving cutters, router bits, and attachments. The attachments help you run a lot of tasks. Unlike when using low-speed, rotary tools as you have to apply pressure when drilling a hole, Dremel 100 does not require pressure, and you do not have to guide the rotary tool. 


  • Versatile 
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Continuous speed
  • High quality


  • Single-speed.

Features of the Dremel 100

Nose cap

The nose cap of Dremel 100 comes with a wrench that allows you to loosen and tighten the collet nut without using the standard collet wrench. It is easy to operate. 


Dremel 100 has a single-speed control for full-time 35,000 RPM operation. That makes the speed continuous and constant. There is no need to control the speed to match the project you are running, and convenience is the speed rate. 

Ball-bearing construction 

Dremel 100 has a cool-running ball-bearing construction for smooth and quiet operation. That makes your work experience bearable, and no vibrations or sound come from the rotary tool. 

Motor brushes

Replaceable motor brushes extend tool life. You have a well-functioning tool that is easy to repair. Whenever you are not satisfied with the performance of your motor or the state of your brushes, you are allowed to change them. 

Ergonomic design

Lightweight design is for comfort during prolonged use, and it makes the rotary tool easy and light to carry around your workspace. 

Overview of the Dremel 3000

The Dremel 3000 is an improved version of Dremel’s rotary tools. It is a hand-powered tool that has different tips used for craft purposes. It has the EZ Twist nose cap with a wrench that allows you to use the nose cap to function as a wrench. It tightens the parts of the rotary tool, and you do not need a tool wrench when you have a nose cap. The fan design cools the rotary tool.

It comes with two vents that give a cooling effect to the tool when it is running. When the rotary tool is running, it heats hence the need for a cooling system. It does not affect your body. The symmetrical design has a nose cap that looks like a trumpet. 

You are allowed to use the accessories and attachments that come with the rotary tool. Its features make the rotary tool efficient, and you combine them using a wide range of applications. Choose applications that produce the best ability of the rotary tool. It performs tasks such as cutting, grinding, sanding, and carving, making it versatile. 

It comes with a two-year warranty that ensures you have a well-functioning rotary tool. It comes with a zipper bag that carries your accessories. The chances of misplacing your accessories are low. It has a capacity of 15 attachments and the hard case 25 accessories. 

The case secures the accessories as they are not exposed to damage if dropped. The wrench fitment prevents your thumb and index fingers from being hurt. You are allowed to tighten and release the locking as you change the head accessories. It is inside the collar that fits comfortably. 

Use both the wrench and the collar to tighten the collet. However, you still experience sore fingers, and that is why you need a separate spanner to switch attachments. The shell of the rotary tool has a 125W to 130W motor, which increases the torque, although the speed remains at 10,000 to 33,000 rotations per minute. 

The Dremel 300 is easy to handle and quiet. The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use. The thumb grips take away the strain that comes with the tool, and the shaft is flexible to use. 


  • Value for money
  • Comfortable
  • Improved parts.
  • Easy to handle.
  • It does not make noise.


  • The accessories need additional purchases


Features of the Dremel 3000 

Nose cap

The EZ Twist nose cap has a wrench that helps you change accessories in a short space of time. 

Ventilation mechanism

The air-flow system is innovative, and it prevents the building up of heat when running the tool, making the rotary tool operate smoothly and quietly.

Motor brushes 

Motor brushes extend the tool’s life, and you are allowed to replace them when they are no longer efficient due to wearing down. The speed gives maximum performance, and the motor makes it a powerful tool. Precision describes the rotary tool. 


The Dremel 3000 has a speed variance of 10,000 to 33,000 rotations per minute. Adjust the speed depending on the applications you are using and the material you are working on. 

Ball-bearing construction

The cool-running ball-bearing construction makes the operation smooth and quiet. 

What could be better

Dremel 100

  • low power, which is not ideal for cutting and carving
  • single speed
  • rotates too fast 

Dremel 3000

  • The speed could have been easier to operate on any level. 
  • Lower speeds are difficult to operate. 
  • It makes a squealing sound at high speed.


  • They both have replaceable motor brushes.
  • They come with a ball-bearing construction.
  • They have a Nose cap.
  • They have an ergonomic design.
  • They do not make noise.
  • They use the same collets.

Difference between Dremel 100 and Dremel 3000

  • Dremel 100 has a single speed, whereas Dremel 3000 has a speed variance. 


Dremel 100 and Dremel 3000 are versatile in that they perform multiple tasks. They have more in common than differences. What sets them apart is the speed mechanism. If you are looking for a rotary tool that offers a constant, fixed speed, the Dremel 100 is the ideal tool. For varying speeds, the Dremel 3000 is the ideal tool. With a Dremel 100, you may not feel comfortable with low speed applications because the speed is high and fixed. You may also be interested in our article where we discuss the Dremel 3000 to the Dremel 200.

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