April 13, 2022

20 Cool things to do with a Dremel tool

Things you can make with a Dremel tool

  1. Leather Bracelet

You can carve a strip of leather with your Dremel, which allows you to make this fantastic and stylish bracelet.

  1. DIY Knobs

The sanding tool with your Dremel is for making knobs for your cabinets, dresser, or other drawers.

  1. Sea Glass Earrings

Use the tiny drill bit on your Dremel to create small holes in bits of sea glass and turn them into customized earrings that are stylish. These go with anything in your closet.

  1. Custom Easter Eggs

Items like Easter eggs are seasonal. You can paint them and display them to celebrate the holiday in style. When Easter rolls around again, one of the best Dremel projects is to use the various bits to carve intricately patterned eggs.

  1. Rock Necklace

Carving rocks is one of the coolest things you can do with your Dremel. This stone necklace lets you showcase your skills in the best way.

  1. Etched Glasses

When you have mastered your skills at making Dremel projects, these etched glasses are a way to prove you have got it figured out. These make great gifts.

  1. Leaf Sconces

These are part of the best projects to do with your Dremel, and these leaf sconces are great for lighting up your living spaces.

  1. Pumpkin Carvings

Use your Dremel to create one-of-a-kind Jack-o-Lanterns that attract the entire neighborhood.

  1. Giant Script Name

When it comes to Dremel projects, this wooden name is fun to give to a baby. Carve out the name, paint it your chosen color and hang it on the wall. 

  1. Carved Nightstand

Bring new life to an old piece of furniture by using your Dremel to carve its surfaces. This flowery nightstand is perfect for your bedroom.

  1. Yard Dice

These yard dice are one of the easiest Dremel projects that you can make. Carve circles into wooden cubes and stain them as you see fit. The process is quite funny.

  1. Carved Wooden Dragon

That is one of the more advanced Dremel projects, but a wooden dragon is fun for someone who has some experience. It only takes a few hours and is a fun item to display in your home.

  1. Carved Rocks

These carved rocks make decorations in potted plants, and you can also string them on a cord and turn them into a necklace.

  1. Welcome Sign

The wooden sign looks beautiful, and it goes with your decor. It is simple to make using your Dremel, and you can customize it to say anything you like.

  1. Etched Wooden Spoons

A thin tip and some creativity are what you need to make these one-of-a-kind wooden spoons. They make great gifts and only take a few minutes.

  1. Hollowed Rock Jewellery

Completely hollow out a rock to fill the cavity with smaller stones, creating a customized piece of jewelry that anyone will love wearing.

  1. CD Backsplash

That looks hard, but by cutting and smoothing bits of old CDs, you have the makings of a unique backsplash for your kitchen or bathroom.

  1. Feather Wind Chime

An old coffee can make this feather wind chime. It looks fantastic hanging in your backyard.

  1. Christmas Ornaments

Just like Easter eggs, these are seasonal. They bring new life to your holiday tree with these Christmas ornaments. Use any color you like for the look you want. Dremel projects have never been this fun before.

  1. Cheese Boards

Use your carving bit to create customized cheese boards for anyone. You can carve just a bit of the board or the whole thing. One of those Dremel projects gives you lots of freedom for the finished product.

Things you can do with a Dremel tool 

  1. Fix a Door Latch

To make sure latches fit, use a Dremel rotary tool. A metal carbide bit can help ensure a great fit or even a repair for doorknobs. That is useful when changing door latches. Not all doorknobs and latches have the same size. Some are smaller than others.

  1. Use it as a sanding tool.

Sanding tight spaces such as windowpane corners is not a daunting task when using a rotary tool. Attach a sanding bit, and you are good to go. That will take a few minutes, and you are ready to repaint.

  1. Renew your saw

Attach a stone bit to sharpen saw blades. You can also sharpen other blades such as lawnmowers. Always be mindful of safety and wear safety glasses if you plan to do this.

  1. Wood carving projects

The Dremel rotary tool is for wood carving and wood art as well. This rotary tool can become a routing tool with just a simple attachment.

  1. Benchtop Grinder

Besides carving wood, you can also use it as a benchtop grinder. Attach the motor to a radiator hose clamp and an angle bracket mounted to a bench. Now use it to sharpen tools like a drill bit.

  1. Stripped Screw Solution

Use a cutoff bit to grind a new slot for your screwdriver to fit.

  1. Not Only For Wood

A carving bit is not always for wood or metal. Use it to perfect leather projects you have in mind, such as this case for your accessories.

  1. Tile Cutter

A rotary tool is also a tile cutter that creates shapes and curves. Bathroom customization and updates are made more accessible with this tool. It works like magic.

  1. Pumpkin Carver

Rotary tools carve pumpkins and make perfect shapes for eyes, noses, and mouths. Use a small grinding attachment.

  1. Upcycle Old Furniture

A sanding bit can sand old furniture for new upcycling projects. You can turn old chair legs into a new towel rack.

  1. Fixing a dishwasher rack

Mount a wire brush onto the rotary tool and scrape off the rust from the vinyl. Continue with the rotary tool until you scrape the rust off before adding a fresh coat of paint.

  1. Use it as a polisher.

By attaching a polishing bit, you can use a rotary tool for polishing and cleaning old steel and chrome accessories such as pocket watches, compasses, or even jewelry.

  1. Glass engraving

Glass art or glass engraving should not be hard if you attach an engraving bit to your Dremel. You can customize glasses in your home and put names on them.

  1. Drilling holes

This rotary tool works as a drill. Attach a drill bit to it and punch through wood like gypsum boards or drywall.

  1. For repairs

The Dremel is for stuck nuts to rusty and sticky pipes. Using a rotary tool to decimate metal could be the last option but can work to finish off a mess. Using the Dremel rotary tool can help you with your DIY projects at home. From pallet projects for your garden to fixing things for your bedroom or bathroom to creating woodworking projects like tables and cabinets. It is one of the most valuable tools.

  1. Calligraphy

If calligraphy is your thing, Dremel’s Stylo Craft Tool is the tool to get those intricate jobs done. Dremel Stylo craft tool is lightweight design and quiet motor. The Dremel Flex Shaft is an alternative for calligraphy. It features a 36-inch long cable. With a 5inch bend radius for flexibility and can be used with the Dremel rotary tools. The Flex shaft, like all Dremels, comes with many capabilities. 

  1. Cutting

One of the uses for Dremel is to cut things. The Dremel brand has multiple accessories you have to choose from.

Dremel has a Dremel EZ Lock cutoff wheelset for metal and plastic that includes ten wheels and one mandrel. The wheels are labeled for easy application identification and are an addition to my set of accessories.

They couple well with the Dremel 4300. Dremel 4300 features cutting wheels that work out for making little wooden bow ties. It is ideal for grinding, sanding, cutting, and carving. It features Dremel’s most powerful motor for maximum performance. It comes with a few accessories featuring a removable pivot light.

  1. Filling pocket holes

That is the most beneficial thing you get from using Dremel as a woodworker. With every project, use pocket holes. You may take the time to fill them in. Look for a quick and easy way to fill pocket holes using my Dremel Multi-Max. 

  1. Pet grooming

Your pet can go out in style with Dremel’s Pet nail grooming rotary. 

  1. Screw Driver

This Dremel go cordless screwdriver is more potent than any other screwdriver of the same size and has an operation style that allows you to drive screws with just a push. You can use this tool when a drill is too powerful. If you are changing out a light switch or need to drive in a small screw, this might be the tool for you.

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