April 13, 2022

Can a Dremel be used as a router?

Yes. You can use a Dremel as a router if you use the proper attachment or bit. The Dremel works as a router, but it does not cover large surfaces. A wide range of routing bits to choose from is what you get. Know what your material requires before you pick a bit. Each tool can and cannot do some tasks.

Can I use my Dremel as a router?

The Dremel tool can do all the tasks the router does, but it cannot deliver the same quality on a large scale in woodworking. Dremel is an ideal tool for detailed tasks, like freehand engraving and making low profiles on edges. It is less practical if you want to take off more than 1/8inch of material at a time. 

Smaller jobs such as decorating ornaments like jewelry boxes and gift boxes are ideal for the Dremel tool. There is a wide range of Dremel bits to choose from and attachments. That allows you to be creative as you get different profiles, cuts, and grooves.

Although both tools are high-speed and high RPM rotary/spinning tools, they have differences that separate them. The difference comes in the bit that is attached to the rotary tools. Use any of the mentioned tools for any task with the right bit. These include cutting, sanding, engraving, and carving. 

The two have common usage since they are versatile tools. With the Dremel router attachment, you can turn your rotary tool into a well-functioning router. There is no limit to what the router delivers. 

You cannot find yourself buying a new tool when you can use the one you have to finish your project. A full-size router does tasks that a small Dremel tool cannot depend on size and power. 

Planning or milling rough lumber stock down flat, cutting joints, carving, and shaping large pieces of material are some of the tasks the router completes with ease. That does not mean a Dremel cannot cut grooves, inlays, and profile edges. It does, at a slow and tedious rate. 

Full-size routers are more practical, efficient, and effective for woodworking than Dremel. Not enough material is removed at a time. That is minimal performance on a large or standard size wood. When a Dremel tool is under a high load, there are high chances for the bit to slip out of the chuck. That destroys your piece of wood, and you get a new one.

Can a Dremel use router bits?

Yes. This attachment converts your Dremel Multi-Tool into a plunge router when woodworking or doing other DIY projects involving routing. It negates the need for a separate plunge router tool. This attachment allows you to use your tool to route circles, cut letters and signs, and inlay work.

Hold your Dremel tool in one hand, and take the router bit with your other hand. Start inserting the bit inside your Dremel.

Choosing router bits for Dremel

There is the straight bit, piloted bit, rounding-over bit, v-groove but, and the keyhole bit. The bit makes straight cuts and square bottomed grooves such as trench grooves. 

A v-groove bit makes v-grooves and the keyhole bit narrow slots. It is ideal for decorative work. Anything hung on the wall is made by the v-groove bit. There is a guide called piloted bit that keeps the bit in place.

There are two main kinds. The first (612) is a piloted beading bit for decorative work. A piloted rounding-over bit (615) is for smoothing edges. A v-groove bit (640) cuts decorative V-shaped grooves, while the keyhole bit (655) cuts narrow slots. It routs grooves into picture frames or anything else that needs to be hung.

Many routers come with interchangeable ¼ and ½ inch collets, but some accept only ¼ inch shank bits. Use bits with ½-inch shanks for better stability with less vibration, produce a smoother cut, and have longer cutter life.

Choosing a Dremel router table

The router table attachment converts your Dremel tool into a bench-mounted tool for precise routing, shaping, and sanding. With a smooth table surface, it performs slotting, edge trimming, grooving, and sanding of conventional or irregular shapes. The plastic knobs are for easy tool assembly and depth adjustment. 

It also features easy-to-grip plastic knobs with a screwdriver slot for easier tool assembly and depth adjustment. The adjustable fence is for versatile performance. 

Dremel plunge router attachment

There is a need for a plunge router attachment when routing. It converts your Dremel multi-tool into a plunge router, and there is no need for a separate plunge router. The attachment routes circles, cut letters, and signs. It also works for inlay work. 

In woodwork, the Dremel attachment is for DIY projects that include routing. It is ideal for woodworking projects to cut decorative edges, straight slots, route circles, inlay work, or route freehand. The edge guide comes with a plunge router attachment. The clear base on the attachment allows greater visibility of your work surface.

The plunge router attachment has a shield shipped opening there and the locking button that has to be placed in the opening when the router is attached. The Dremel 335-01 plunge router is compatible with the 4300 Dremel high-speed rotary tool.

Turn your corded Dremel rotary tool into a compact plunge router and cut perfect decorative edges. The compact Plunge Router is for lighter routing projects. The transparent base allows you to rout with visibility. 

Dremel router project ideas

There are many projects you can do using a Dremel. They range from beginner to advanced. Be sure to wear safety glasses. Check out some of our favorite Dremel projects to try at home. Engraved glass makes a beautiful gift for any occasion. You can freehand a design or create a template guide to trace and follow.

Carving wooden spoons are excellent Dremel projects for beginners. Use a wooden board to shape and create your spoon. It is easy, and you can design it to add to your personality. Dremel makes rock carving a little easier. Use a silicon carbide grinding stone attachment for softer rocks, while harder rocks require a diamond bit. All you need is the rotary tool, bits, a bowl of water, and a clamp. 

Turn an ordinary plain candle into a beautiful piece of art with this project. Draw or print your design, then use a thick needle to pierce the pattern design. Remove the paper and work using a Dremel engraver attachment on a low setting.

Woodworking projects can be simple, depending on the design or pattern. All you need is the wood, a Dremel, carving tips, engraving tips, sandpaper, and paint or finish.

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