August 26, 2021

Can you use a Dremel for nails? | Yes & How To

Dremels are tools that you can use to do many things. They are used for cutting metal, drilling, sanding, shaping, and polishing. There are several attachments for the Dremel. The most common ones are carving, cutting, grinding, and polishing metal. In this article, we will look at how and if you can use a Dremel for nails.

Can I use a regular Dremel for nails?

Dremels are for nails, but not all of them. The correct grit number tells one that the tool is for nails, meaning an improper grit dismisses the tool as a nail tool. Toes are stiff, and a high grit shows that the tool is for cutting other materials. 

The right Dremel for the job

The right Dremel should have a sander and felt buffer for the job. There are multiple attachments for nails that you get online, and they come in smaller sizes. A proper Dremel comprises the right tools for nails and not for wood. 

Prepare your nails with a nail file

Choose a nail file that suits your needs. There are several types of nails that you choose from. Use a file with a softer grit that is around 180 to 200. A high grit file is for finishing nails, giving you smooth edges. 

Choose your nail shape amongst oval, square, and almond. Cut your nails before filing. Cut your nails if they are longer on one side. Hold the file parallel to the side of the nail you start filing. That prevents breakage. 

Do not be too far into the side of your nail. Hold the file parallel to the side of the nail. Start moving the file from the nail’s side to the center. The file has to move in one direction using a fluid movement. 

Hold the file against the tip of the nail. The file is perpendicular to the tip of the nail. That prevents weakening the nail when filing. As you finish off filing, hold the file parallel to the other side of the nail. Take the file away from the nail as you prepare to file another one. 

Tips on using a Dremel for nails

  • Look for appropriate grit.
  • Look for the attachment.
  • Master your speed.
  • Be patient.
  • Look for a compact-sized tool.
  • Attach a flexible shift. 
  • Attach a foot pedal.

How to use a Dremel for nails

You will need dremel attachments for nails. Push or tap the grinder into your nails. Hold it on your nail for less than two seconds. You get your nails as short as you like. Remove small bits of nails at a time so that you have time to observe your progress. 

Patience is needed so that you do not make mistakes. Using a Dremel is easy since it is fast. Insert an abrasive cut-off wheel into the collet, so the bit is in place. Cutting nails takes seconds, and the Dremel tool has a compact size that fits anywhere. That makes it convenient.


  1. Gather your protective clothing to protect your eyes from sparks and flying debris. These can make you go blind if you are not careful. Goggles and gloves are part of the protective clothing. 
  2. Using the thumb of one finger to depress the collet lock button, the other hand has to loosen the collet nut as the wrench turns clockwise.
  3. Insert the abrasive cut-off disk bit into the collet of the Dremel tool.
  4. The collet nut has to be tight using the wrench and the collet lock. Turn the collet nut counterclockwise. 
  5. Hold the Dremel tool firmly. Your thumb and forefinger should be even with the collet lock button. You have maximum control as you cut the nail. 
  6. Hold the tool firmly using the side of the disc with Dremel at full speed. 
  7. Cut thŕee-quarters of the way through nails.
  8. Grasp the Dremel firmly in your palm with your thumb and forefinger with the collet.
  9. Use pliers or fingers to snap the nail off at the cut
  10. Grind the snapped-off part of the nail and smoothen using the flat part of the abrasive disk.

Can I use a regular Dremel for human nails?

Dremels are for any cutting task. There are certain features to be added and removed for the Dremel to meet the needs of your nails. You can use a regular Dremel for human nails only if you change the bits and bands. 

The bits and bands that come with a regular Dremel are for wood, not nails. There is another way of making the Dremel a proper file for nails as you attach a flexible shift to it and a foot pedal. A Dremel with a multi-speed setting is ideal for nails. 

You have control over the tool that allows you to reduce filing off your nails more than expected. The flexible shaft allows you to control the file and not chop off more than you want. When looking for a Dremel attachment, look for an appropriate tool with a professional touch to your nails. 

Dremel is an automatic tool that is useful for manicure and pedicure sessions. It shapes your nails to your desired shape. Bear in mind the correct attachment to look for and what to be aware of. 

Of course, there are more specific nail tools, but having the Dremel tool makes using an existing tool affordable. When using the Dremel tool for a manicure, you need to shape and buffer, which is possible with proper attachments. For shaping, use a regular sandpaper disc. It brings quick and better results. Note the grit number with high grit is less coarse than low grit. 

These numbers range between 120 and 240, with 180 as the medium for shaping and finishing the nail. Smooth results come from a 240 grit sandpaper. For buffering, use a felt material attachment. Apply the buffer paste to the felt and run the tool over your nails. 

Do not coat the nail on the entire space since that results in an excess paste. Take note of the friction as you shape nails, and buffing produces heat. Some people do not like the noise and vibration that the Dremel comes with. Look for a fine grit that makes it easier. 

Can you use a Dremel drill for acrylic nails?

Dremel works on Acrylic nails since it cuts any material. Add 60, 80, and 100 grit pads since they make the Dremel a professional tool to shape acrylics. Acrylic nails are hard, but with Dremel, they are easy to work on. 

The low grit pads make the tool quick in removing unwanted material. Each stroke amounts to efficiency. First-timers might go for a higher grit number. It still trims down the acrylic nails but is slower than low grit. 

However, high grit allows you to have a learning process that makes you master the task with ease. When making your patterns, use an engraving tool attachment for making desired otters with ease. The nail structure is at risk when using the Drymen on acrylic nails. 

The tool needs proper training since you can easily damage the nail bed. The Dremel tool is fast, and that makes the chances of devoting to the nail bed easy. That makes it weak. The buffer helps you avoid damage. When you bust one of the nails, you get hurt.

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