August 19, 2021

Dremel 409 vs 420 | Which Cut Off Wheel To Buy

Choosing between the Dremel 409 vs 420 can be challenging. One of the more popular mid-range rotary tools for home improvement projects, the Dremel 409 Rotary Tool cuts, sands, polishes, and shapes anything from metal to plastic and wood. The Dremel 420 ​​is suitable for slicing, making straight cuts and slots in all kinds of metal. You can use it for tasks on hardened steel, sheets of metal, or aluminum. Let us look at how the Dremel 420 compares to the Dremel 409.

Dremel 409

Dremel 409 is a cutting tool for slicing multiple metal items made of hardened steel, aluminum, and metal sheets. The cutting process involves slicing, making straight cuts and slots. Bolts are easy to cut using the cutting tool, and you are allowed to make slots in rusted bolts, stripped bolts, and screws for removal with a screwdriver. 

It is compatible with 402 Mandrel as you unscrew the top screw on the Mandrel using the wrench that comes with the cutting tool. As you screw back the Mandrel, put the screw through the hole in the middle of the disk. Less pressure is required when using the metal cutting wheel at high speed. The wheels last longer and cut faster. 

Heavy pressure slows down the wheels, and there are lower chances of breaking them. Dremel 409 comes with abrasive discs, and that is the reason why the wheel wears off quickly. The moment you realize that the wheel is too small to cut perfectly, do not proceed with the task. Replace the wheel right away and test the tool. A cut-off wheel requires the user to use a two-handed golf-like grip as you hold it. Master the right angle for precision and effectiveness. 

As you angle the wheel in the cut, be cautious since it might break. The disk also works on copper and cast iron. Best results come when used on a reinforced cut-off wheel. Different speeds are ideal on multiple materials. These are as follows: Aluminium 35000, brass 35000, copper 35000, plastic 10-15000, and steel 35000. The maximum speed is 35,000 rpm, meaning you cannot operate at a higher tool speed than that. 

It is a 15/16 inch cutting wheel in diameter. The cutting tool is ideal for tough applications since the cuts are in a variety of metal items. A fair performance is delivered in the manner both metal and wood are cut with precision. The wheel cuts bolts and screws. The accessories of Dremel are color-coded to inform the user about the usage categories. That makes it easy for you to select the appropriate application. 

The red color code gives you multiple cutting looks. Handle the Dremel tool with care so that they do not bump side to side. The collet screw should not be over-tightened. Use steady hands so that you keep the cutting tool under control. Side pressure easily damages the cutting wheel since it cannot withstand side-to-side movements. 

It works on heavy-duty staples, and the wheel allows you to cut as many as eight staples before replacing them. Even if you are to cut dozens of items, it remains consistent. I used the wheel on a 6mm stainless steel bolt, and it worked effectively. Stainless is a tough material, but the wheel still performs the same. With one cut, you successfully slice tough materials. 


  • Accurate
  • Value for money
  • Heavy duty
  • Consistent 
  • Multiple accessories 


  • It could be more durable

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Dremel 420

Dremel 420 is a heavy-duty cutting tool made of hard and abrasive material. The material. The material is for cutting metal, narrow wood, and hardened steel. These are tough materials that easily break your cutting tool, but in this case, the Dremel 420 is strong and sturdy. 

Dremel 420 is compatible with Dremel 402 as they work with each other. The cutting tool is a 15/16 inch metal cut-off wheel positioned along the edge of a flat surface when in motion. 

It allows you to slice cleanly and evenly with the weight of the tool doing all the work. The package includes a handy 20-pack that is ready to give you a wide range of do-it-yourself home improvement projects. You are allowed to keep it along with other tools but keep it safe. 

The wheel is 15/16 inches in diameter: the rugged versatile tool cuts or slots bolts, screws, sheet metal, thin wood, and plastic. Cutting your materials with the side of the bit gives you precise results than with the top. It is also a safety measure that keeps your slotting tool safe. 

Do not attempt to sand or cut curved holes with the wheel. There is a speed chart for different materials given in the manual. It is as follows: Aluminium 35000, Brass 35000, Copper 35000, Plastic 10-15000 and Steel 35000 rpm. Dremel 420 is ideal for cutting, grooving, and trimming all kinds of metal, and it makes it easy to cut bolts and screws. 

The hard abrasive material is for slicing and cutting metal. The package includes twenty polishing wheels. Do not apply too much pressure on the cutting tool. That brings damage, and the speed does the cutting for you. 

If you apply pressure on the wheel, chances are very high that you damage the wheel, and multiple replacements result. You complete at least two tasks per wheel, and it is an economic tool since each wheel is affordable. 


  • Value for money
  • Durable
  • Thicker
  • Versatile
  • Precise


  • It is thick

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Favorite features


Dremel 409 comes with cut-off wheels that are 0.025inch thick, whereas Dremel 420 has 0.040inch wheels. A thinner tool runs faster than a thicker one. Dremel 420 has more durable wheels than Dremel 409.


Dremel discs are for smooth, fine cuts. However, they have a problem with curves and corners. These are intricate positions they have a difficult time working on. They both break in a short space of time.

EZ lock

The EZ lock system allows the change of accessories with ease on both tools. The changing process of accessories involves pulling, twisting, and releasing. Changing wheels is made easier. 

What could be better

Dremel 409

  • It could have been more durable

Dremel 420

  • It could have been thinner.


  • They are both heavy-duty cutting tools.
  • They both come with twenty accessories.
  • They use less pressure.
  • They are both cutting and slicing tools.

Key differences

  • Dremel 409 comes with cut-off wheels that are 0.025 inch thick, whereas the Dremel 420 has a 0.040 inch wheel.
  • Dremel 420 is more abrasive than the Dremel 409. 
  • The heat grated by Dremel 420 is more than what comes from Dremel.409.
  • Dremel 420 is more durable than Dremel 409.


The above Dremel tools come with similarities and differences that separate them. They are for hard materials, and they also cut soft materials. They both operate at a maximum speed limit of 35,000rpm. They have twenty accessories that keep them equipped. If you enjoy working with a thinner model, Dremel 409 is the ideal tool to work with. That makes it faster as it cuts through the material. Dremel 420 is more abrasive than Dremel 409, and it has value for money.

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