March 27, 2022

Dremel corded vs cordless

Features and characteristics of corded Dremels

Weight and Manoeuvrability

There is a drawback to that power cord. It adds quite a bit of weight. If you are looking for the most maneuverable option to do precise work, the extra weight of that cord is a burden. It could cause you to fatigue faster.

The cord also affects your ability to move the Dremel properly. Because of the cord, there is an uneven weight pulling on the Dremel in one direction. That reduces your overall maneuverability and, as a result, your precision.


Corded Dremel tools work better on some materials, such as steel and glass, than cordless ones. For some other materials like wood, the difference is not very noticeable.

Work Time

The corded one will not die out in the middle of the work, no matter how long you use it, and are for frequent use for unlimited periods. If you want to get a cordless Dremel, find out how long that specific model works on a single charge.

Project Type

The corded tool works better for small crafts, hobbies, or minor weekend projects. They are also suitable for the occasional touch-up around the house. You do have to be in a hurry to finish your work with the cordless one. If it does die in the middle of your work, wait until charged to get working again. 

The cord on the corded tool does limit how far you can go from the outlet. It restricts the way you can move the Dremel tool. For heavy-duty projects, there are no questions about their suitability.

Wait Time

The corded one is always ready for use. There is no need to charge or recharge. Plug it into an outlet, and your tool is ready to go and charge the battery of the cordless one regularly, depending on how frequently you use it. 

You might find the battery to be low or dead, meaning you have to wait for the thing to charge before you can start your work. The battery of the corded Dremel is also known to drain after months of inactivity, so you would have to charge it anyway, even if you charged it before storing it.


The corded Dremel tools do not depend on a battery for their power. The longevity of their batteries does not restrict their durability, and for the battery-operated ones, the battery will start to wear out, as all batteries do. 

Even if you do not use the tool often, lithium-ion batteries deteriorate over time anyway. If the company stops restocking the battery for your model of Dremel, then you would just be left with a paperweight after a few years.


  • Reaches higher RPM
  • No batteries to die
  • More power for heavier applications
  • Cheaper than similar cordless models


  • You are tied to an outlet
  • Reduced manoeuvrability and precision
  • They are heavier

        List of corded Dremels

  • Dremel 3000 Variable-Speed Rotary Tool with Flex Shaft
  • Dremel 4000 Corded Rotary Tool
  • Dremel 4000 Corded Rotary Tool, Euro Plug 4000-1/45
  • Dremel 3000-1/24 Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit

Features and characteristics of cordless Dremels

Form and Function

Comparing a cordless Dremel with a corded model, you might have difficulties picking out many discernible differences, apart from the power cord. Cordless Dremels are capable of everything that corded Dremels are capable of. That is the same in terms of their functionality.

Cordless Freedom and Precision

As mentioned, the real difference here is the power cord and how that affects your use of the Dremel. The extra weight and reduced mobility caused by the power cord can make it harder to get absolute precision from a corded Dremel.

However, a cordless Dremel is not disturbed by these things. There is no extra weight pulling on the back end, and the overall weight is lower. It is easy to see how you could use a lighter tool without the uneven weight distribution of a power cord for more precise work.

If you are doing intricate work that requires absolute precision, try a cordless Dremel.

Weight and Power

A cordless also comes with its advantages. It is lightweight. However, the downside of it is that Dremel is weaker in power. Cordless Dremels do not have the same power output as corded Dremels. They also do not reach the same max speed. They remain capable tools, but they cannot hit the same top-end statistics of power and speed that a corded Dremel can since it is getting power from the electric grid.


The work time makes the cordless Dremel light. Dremels have decent battery life. You will still be limited to the life of that battery. Once it dies, your work is on hold until you get it fully charged again.

There is less setup time with a cordless Dremel, though the difference is minimal. If you are only pulling the tool out for a minor repair, the ease and convenience of a cordless Dremel cannot be understated.


If you are working on having no electricity outlet near it, your cordless rotary tool will come to the rescue. The cord gets in the way of your work if you do detailed work or craft projects with many elements. The flexibility to move the tool any way you want without manoeuvring around the cord is a plus. For corded tools, the cord can come in the way of how you can or cannot grip the Dremel tool too. 


  • Less setup for small jobs
  • Cordless freedom
  • Weighs less
  • More manoeuvrability and precision


  • Dead batteries delay your work
  • Less power
  • Lower top speeds

List of cordless Dremels

  • Dremel 8220-1/28 Cordless Rotary Tool Kit
  • Dremel 8050-N/18 Micro Cordless Rotary Tool Kit 
  • Dremel 2000-01 VersaTip Portable Micro Mini Welder
  • Dremel Lite 7760 N/10 Multi-Purpose Rotary Tool Kit

Power comparison

Corded Dremels need to be within reach of an electrical outlet since they must be plugged in to function. That comes with more advantages. Because the Dremel is plugged in, it will not die. There are no batteries that will run out and no fuel to run dry. You will have power, meaning you can work for many hours straight without being forced to stop and take a break. It improved your overall productivity.

You have more power available to you. Some applications require more torque and more potent force, which you will get from a corded Dremel. These are more powerful than cordless Dremels of similar quality.

That power comes with a bonus which is more speed. Corded Dremels tend to spin at faster speeds. Like the top-of-the-line cordless Dremel tops out at 30,000 RPM, equivalent corded Dremels are capable of 35,000 RPM.

Price Comparison

There is only a small price difference between the two variations with similar specifications. But the corded one is more affordable.

        How long does cordless Dremel battery last?        

The battery lasted about 35 minutes, breaking to change cutting materials or attachments.

        How long does it take a cordless Dremel to charge?

It takes 45minutes to an hour.

        How long do you charge a Dremel battery?

It takes an hour.

        How long does a Dremel Lite charge last?

It lasts for 2hours 45minutes.

        How do I know when my Dremel battery is charged?

When charging is complete, the light will stay steady green.

        What kind of battery is in a Dremel?

It comes with Lithium-ion.

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