August 27, 2021

Dremel Stylo vs Dremel 4000

Choosing between Dremel Stylo vs Dremel 4000 may be a difficult exercise. I have used both rotary tools, and there is a lot that I can add to the conversation. There are key features to look at as you compare the two. These are power, speed, weight, mobility, flexibility, and ease of use. As you go through the mentioned features, match them with your needs. More details on the above tools are to follow in this article.

Overview of the Dremel Stylo 

Dremel stylo is a rotary tool that is lightweight and comfortable, and it is ideal for hobbyists. Being an easy-to-use tool does not compromise its versatility. It is a classic tool that belongs to Dremel and comes with unique features. 

It focuses on giving detail to the workpiece and the crafting fanatics. It comes in a small package that contains the tool, power cord and plug, manual, and a carrying bag. The power cord powers the rotary tool, and the adaptor measures up to 6.5 feet. 

The small bag holds your accessories and keeps them closer to you. The carrying bag also protects your accessories. It weighs up to 45 pounds and rotates at 22,000rpm. The On/Off button is visible.

The convenient location is right on top of the tool. The shaft lock button is simple to use. It secures switching of bits, and the Dremel stylo comes with an excellent grip. The grip comes in a pencil style that gives you optimal control. 

The Dremel tool comes with a 1/8inch collet, and some sizes are also compatible with the rotary tool. The manual that comes inside the package gives you a guideline and helps you choose the right bit for your application. The rotary tool does not make noise and allows you to carve out wood freehanded. It squeezes into tight and tiny spaces.


  • Value for the money
  • Maximum performance
  • High quality
  • Ergonomic design
  • Speed variance
  • Quiet


  • It could be cordless

Features of the Dremel stylo 

Speed variance

The Dremel stylo rotates from 5,000 to 22,000 rpm, and it still has speed variance that allows you to tune the rotary tool to five different settings. The speed is customizable depending on the project at hand. There is no universal speed to multiple projects if you want to achieve accuracy. The materials range from glass, leather to wood. 


The motor comes with two ventilation openings on the side of the rotary tool. That keeps air flowing in and outside of the rotary tool. That prevents overheating of the Dremel stylo, and there is no need for a built-in cooling system. The motor does not make noise.

Lightweight design

The Dremel stylo comes with a sleek design that makes it easy and comfortable to use. The grip that comes with the rotary tool is comfortable, and the chances of feeling tired on a busy day are low. 

Favorite Features


Although both rotary tools have speed variance, they differ in the maximum speed they offer. Dremel stylo has a speed range of 5,000 to 22,000 RPM, whereas Dremel 4000 has 5,000 to 35,000 rpm. That means Dremel 4000 spins faster than Stylo.


Dremel stylo has openings on both sides of the rotary tool. That keeps the air flowing in and out without disturbances. The ventilation system prevents the rotary tool from heating. Dremel 4000 also comes with a ventilation system that prevents heating.


Both Dremel tools come with an ergonomic design. However, the Dremel stylo is more comfortable since it is lighter. 

Overview of the Dremel 4000

Dremel 4000 is a rotary tool that comes with a cord, four attachments, and thirty-four accessories. An effective ventilation system makes the workspace conducive. It prevents heat from building up. That is why the tool has managed to be noise-free and smooth. 

Dremel 4000 comes with electronic feedback control that gives you a signal when something is not working properly. That includes speed and too much pressure. If your grinding becomes too hard, you get a signal. The storage case protects your tool from damage. 

You have control over what happens with the rotary tool. Dremel 4000 introduces a speed dial feature that you turn on and off quickly with ease. You are allowed to change the speed even when you are operating the rotary tool without stopping it. That gives the rotary tool maximum performance. 

The separate speed controls are handy when you are completing your tasks. It comes with a beautiful ergonomic design. You do not have to strain yourself when using the tool. It feels comfortable. It comes with a cord that connects to the power. 

Dremel 4000 comes with better attachments, although it allows some dust to get inside the rotary tool. I urge you to use compressed air to get rid of the particles. The rotary tool is solid and durable. In case of an accident, it does not break easily. 

The tool combines practicality and technology, and the motor brings out maximum performance. There is a balance between power and ease of manipulation. The rotary tool is ideal for professionals, and it is user-friendly. 

The rubber grip makes the operation comfortable. You hold the rotary tool in your way that makes you comfortable. You have no fear of having the tool slipping off your hands. Compatibility is one of the strengths of the rotary tool. It comes with more accessories that it works with. 


  • Versatile
  • Innovated airflow system
  • High-performance motor
  • Multiple accessories
  • Ergonomic design
  • Ease of use 


  • The dust collection system could have been better

Features of the Dremel 4000

Speed dial

The speed dial assists you in controlling and monitoring speed. The dial is positioned in an area that does not disturb your operation. It is far from the handle. A separate On/Off switch makes the operation easy. 


The motor is strong enough to deliver maximum performance at all speeds. The speed varies from 5,000 to 35,000 rpm. It consists of an electronic feedback circuitry with notifications when there is a fault or when the rotary tool is at risk. That allows consistency in performance even on tough tasks.


Dremel 4000 has a slim and ergonomic body. The 360-degree grip zone gives you additional comfort, and that extends usage. 

What could be better

Dremel stylo 

  • It could have been more innovative.
  • A cordless version could have been better.

Dremel 4000 

  • It could have been lighter.
  • The dust collection system could have been better.


  • They are both easy to use.
  • They are both versatile.
  • They have a visible power button.


  • Dremel Stylo has a speed range of 5,000 to 22 000rpm whereas Dremel 4000 has a speed range of 5,000 to 35,000rpm.
  • Dremel stylo is lighter than Dremel 4000.

The verdict

As much as both tools from the same manufacturer come with more similarities than differences, the differences separate each rotary tool from the other. It is the differences that you match with your needs. If you are looking for a lighter rotary tool, the Dremel stylo might be the best choice. For a faster version, Dremel 4000 is the ideal tool.

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