July 14, 2021

Dremel Stylo vs Flex Shaft | What You Should Know

Choosing between Dremel Stylo and Flex Shaft is a difficult exercise. For starters, they are both easy to use and comfortable. I have used both rotary tools, and there is a lot that I can add to the conversation. As you compare the two, key features are power, speed, weight, mobility, flexibility, and ease of use. As you go through the mentioned features, match them with your needs. More details on the above tools are to follow in this article.

Dremel Stylo 

Dremel Stylo is a rotary tool that is lightweight, comfortable, and ideal for hobbyists. An easy-to-use tool does not compromise its versatility, and it is a classic tool that belongs to Dremel and comes with unique features. 

It focuses on giving detail to the workpiece and the crafting fanatics. It comes in a small package that contains the tool, power cord and plug, manual, and a carrying bag. The power cord powers the rotary tool, and the adaptor measures up to 6.5 feet. 

The small bag holds your accessories and keeps them closer to you. The carrying bag also protects your accessories. It weighs up to 45 pounds, rotates at 22,000rpm, and the On/Off button is visible.

The convenient location is right on top of the tool. The shaft lock button is simple to use. It secures switching of bits, and the Dremel stylo comes with an excellent grip. The grip comes in a pencil style that gives you optimal control. 

The Dremel tool comes with a 1/8inch collet, and some sizes are compatible with the rotary tool. The manual inside the package gives you a guideline and helps you choose the right bit for your application. The rotary tool does not make noise and allows you to carve out wood freehanded, and it squeezes into tight and tiny spaces.


  • Value for the money
  • Maximum performance
  • High quality
  • Ergonomic design
  • Speed variance
  • Quiet


  • It could be cordless.

Flex Shaft

The Flex Shaft is a rotary tool with a 36inch shaft that is easy to attach and flexible. That allows you to work on crafts, jewelry, and wood. It is ideal for DIY users since it is easy to use. You have control over the tool due to its flexibility in drilling, carving, cutting, and polishing. It is compatible with multiple rotary tools and works easily on tight spots and corners. 

The shaft lock button that is on the handpiece allows you to have easy access to accessory changes. It also works on multiple projects, such as sanding and sharpening. The quick-connect feature makes you to attach your Dremel rotary tool

The cable is flexible and long enough to give you a comfortable experience during use. The compact-sized tool comes with high performance and every detail for projects. The cable system is flexible, and that improves mobility. That covers the advantages that come with a cordless tool. 

The grip is comfortable for long hours, and the rotary tool is easy to hold since it does not slip. It is user-friendly and is compatible with multiple rotary tools, including the 4000, 3000, 800, and 200. 

The rotary tool comes with high-tech fingertip control that rotates at high speeds and works on any surface. It is ideal for sanding, grinding, cutting, and polishing. Lubrication is needed after every 25 to 30 hours of use for better performance. 

It sands and polishes material with ease, and the design makes it precise. It is slender, which is why it works in tight spaces and corners. You have the creative freedom that breeds beautiful designs. Dremel expressed its commitment to quality in the Flex Shaft. It is sturdy, and that prolongs its life. 


  • Precise
  • Versatile
  • Flexible
  • Compatible with multiple tools
  • Slender design
  • Long cable


  • It heats up.

Favorite Features

Dremel stylo

Speed variance

The Dremel 2050-15 Stylo rotates from 5,000 to 22,000 rpm, and it still has speed variance that allows you to tune the rotary tool to five different settings. The speed is customizable depending on the project at hand, and there is no universal speed for multiple projects if you want to achieve accuracy. The materials range from glass, and leather to wood. 


The motor comes with two ventilation openings on the side of the rotary tool. That keeps air flowing in and outside of the rotary tool. That prevents overheating of the Dremel Stylo, and there is no need for a built-in cooling system. The motor does not make noise.

Lightweight design

The Dremel Stylo has a sleek design that makes it easy and comfortable to use. The grip that comes with the rotary tool is comfortable, and the chances of feeling tired on a busy day are low. 

Dremel 225-01 Flex Shaft Rotary Tool Attachment


The Flex Shaft comes with a quality grip that breeds precision. The attachments are secured as they do not slip off your hands, and it feels comfortable to hold and use. You have control over the tool, which maximizes the rotary tool’s performance. 


It comes with comfortable cables that make you forget to have a cordless tool. The cable has no way of compromising your performance when making intricate movements. The cable system is flexible enough to connect an attachment to the rotary tool easily. The design keeps the cables away from your arms, giving you freedom of movement. That is convenient and comfortable for the user. 

Speed variance

The maximum speed is 23,000rpm, and that makes it faster. You can customize speed depending on the material or project you are running.

Speed variance

They both have a speed variance, but their ranges differ. The speed of the Flex Shaft ranges up to 23,000 rpm, whereas the Dremel stylo ranges from 5,000 to 22,000rpm. The difference looks small, but it counts and lies in the maximum speed at which each product works. 


The Flex shaft motor connects to the collet via a flexible shaft for stationary work on a bench. That increases precision and requires power. Dremel Stylo comes with a well-ventilated engine that does not need a cooling system and lacks the Flex shaft, which is why it heats up quickly. 

Light design

Both are compact-sized and have a lightweight design. However, the Flex Shaft is so tiny that it comes with a pencil design.

Similar Features

  • They are both versatile. 
  • They both come with 1/8-inch collets. 
  • They are both compatible with multiple rotary tools.
  • They have speed variance.

Key Differences between Flex Shaft and Dremel

  • The Dremel stylo rotates to 22,000, whereas the Flex Shaft rotates to 23,000rpm. 
  • The Flex Shaft comes with a longer power cord than the Dremel stylo. 
  • Dremel Stylo is more affordable than Flex Shaft.

Verdict on flex shaft vs Dremel

The Dremel Stylo is more affordable and is ideal for a tight-budget user. It is lightweight and comfortable to use, and there is maximum performance that comes with the high-quality and precise rotary tool. The Dremel stylo has a lock button that helps insert different attachments. However, when you press it when the rotary tool is on, it zaps you.

A cordless option could be user-friendly, although it compromises the lightweight feature. The Flex shaft gives you the freedom to move due to the flexible cord system. It has more rotations per minute than the Dremel stylo, making it faster. The drawback it comes with is heating.

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