February 4, 2022

Dremel Ultra Saw vs Saw Max

Features and Characteristics of the Dremel ultra saw


The Dremel Ultra Saw is a 3-in-1 tool for increased versatility. Its functionality does not end on cutting. It comes with the added benefit of surface preparation and flush-cutting applications. Dremel Ultra-Saw offers versatility. It enhances perform surface preparation for paint removal, rust, and thin-set. Turn the tool sideways using surface preparation accessories to remove and smooth out roughness.


It has a faster speed of cutting that rips through the plywood and cuts more metal.


The saw has added durability. It has a long-lasting drive train, metal foot, and guard to take on difficult tasks, as it withstands pressure from multiple materials.


The saw features an adjustable depth guide and plunge action for precision and control. Cutting into the center of a board without drilling pilot holes for the saw blade is plunge cutting. Applications include making a rectangular hole cut out for a floor vent. Dremel Ultra-Saw features adjustable depth control to help guide users in the plunge depth.


Flush cut blade

For a project involving cutting baseboard for flooring installation, you need a tool for flush cutting. Turn the Dremel Ultra-Saw sideways and use the US600 flush-cut blade. It turns flush cuts into soft and hardwood, plywood, composites, laminate flooring, drywall, PVC, and plastic.


The Dremel ultra saw Features a powerful 7.5-Amp motor for tough applications and faster cutting. Dremel Ultra-Saw, a powerful 7.5 amp motor with larger wheels, allows users to rip through multiple materials. Ultra saw makes clean straight cuts in longboards such as plywood. It can be done with one hand and a clear line of sight and handles materials including wood, plastic, metal, tile, and masonry.


  • Versatile
  • Adjustable
  • Durable
  • Fast
  • Powerful


  • Less affordable
  • Heavier and larger

Features and Characteristics of the Dremel Saw Max


The Dremel Saw Max has a versatile wood, plastic, metal, tile, and masonry cutting system. The Saw-Max allows for more depth of cut than a rotary tool and delivers three times the power of the highest-rated Dremel rotary tool.

A better line of sight improves users’ ability to make precise and controlled cuts. Its diverse system of cutting wheels adds even more flexibility to your projects. It features a quick and easy-to-change-out function due to a shaft lock button.

There are several cutting wheels included in this kit. These offer the ability to make straight, plunge, and flush cuts and cut through wood, plastic, metal, tile, plastic, and laminates.


It features a powerful 6-amp motor for tough applications.


The worm drive gearing is for durability and power.

Dust extraction

The dust extraction port is for keeping the workplace clean.

Compact size

The handheld saw is small and easily handled when working in tight spaces. It is one-third the size and weight of a typical circular power saw, making it convenient for one-handed operation. There is no compromise on power. The worm-drive gearing system provides greater power, optimal control, and extended tool life. The Saw-Max also features an optimized grip diameter and switch placement for extra user comfort.

Flush cutting

It has a second-wheel position for flush cutting. If your project involves cutting another material, such as cutting door trims around the perimeter of a hardwood floor, you need a tool that allows for flush cutting. Turning the Dremel Saw-Max sideways requires the SM600 flush cut blade and makes flush cuts into wood and plastic with ease.


Ergonomic design

The Dremel Saw-Max makes straight cuts in longboards and pieces of plywood. Dremel Saw Max helps you make the cuts with its compact, ergonomic design. It gives users one-handed control, making large, straight cuts through wood, plastic, metal, tile, and masonry.

Gripping zone

Plunge cutting is cutting into the center of a board without drilling pilot holes for the blade. Standard applications include making a rectangular hole cut out for a floor vent. Dremel Saw-Max features a user-friendly gripping zone. This allows for control when plunging into multiple materials, resulting in clean and precise cuts.


  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Compact size
  • Powerful


  • The foot and height adjustment part is from plastic.
  • It cuts smaller stock than the Ultra-Saw.

Power Comparison

Ultra is stronger than Max in the world of saws. Ultra-Saw comes to your workbench with a 7.5 A motor versus the 6 Amp motor of the Saw-Max.

Built Quality

Dremel changed the materials it uses in the Ultra-Saw to increase its durability. This expands the types of tasks it tackles without damaging the tool. Ultra-Saw has a metal foot and guard that resists the heat created in heavy metal grinding and cutting operations and does not melt while in use. Dremel has also improved the durability of the drivetrain, claiming three times more life than the Saw-Max.


Both Dremel tools are portable, but the ultra saw is less bulky. The Dremel max saw weight is 2.85 lbs, while the Dremel ultra saw has a tool weight of 4.6 lbs.

Key Similarities

  • Both saws still cut the same materials.
  • Both tools come with a carbide wood cutting wheel, a metal cutting wheel, and a carbide wood flush cutting wheel.
  • Both power tools have replaceable blades and don’t need sharpening at all.

Key Differences

  1. The Saw-Max is lighter at 1.7 pounds, compared to 2.1 pounds for Ultra-Max. It is also slimmer for users with smaller hands and extended one-handed use. A smaller saw may be better for crafters with consistently smaller projects.
  2. Dremel has positioned the Ultra-Saw to take on more tasks on bigger stock than the still Ultra-Saw saw is more durable than Max saw.
  3. Max saw is slimmer than Ultra.

Price Comparison

You can buy a comparably equipped Saw-Max for less than an Ultra-Saw. A-Max saw is more affordable than an Ultra saw.


Both Dremel saws have features. They serve their intended purposes well. For lighter-duty crafting and projects, the Saw-Max performs better. You pay a little more for the Ultra-Saw for greater performance. It is a more robust tool that can handle more tasks, work on larger-size material, and provide more life. For the extra money, it is worth the added capabilities.

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