September 1, 2021

How to cut plexiglass with Dremel | Detailed Guide with Video

How to cut plexiglass with a Dremel Tool

Materials you can cut with the Dremel include (acrylic) Plexiglas and fiberglass. Cutting acrylic with Dremel is easy if you know what you are doing. With the Dremel, you get high-quality cuts and a fine finish. It is fast and efficient and cuts the material at high speed, 10,000 to 35,000 revolutions per minute. Cut a straight line or shape of your choice with a steady hand.

Step 1

Safety comes first before you start using your Dremel tool. The Dremel tool has a lot of power that causes injuries if not careful. Put on your goggles and gloves to protect your eyes and hands. There are safety precautions to follow in the manual. 

Bits from the material are dangerous for the eyes.  The work area has to be clear before you start working for enough room to move around. A workbench works better, but it works if you do not have a flat area. Examine the electric cord to ensure it is long enough for easy cutting. 

Step 2

Make sure the Dremel tool is off. Loosen the collet and insert the 561 bit. Tighten the collet with the wrench. Plug the Dremel tool into a power supply.

Step 3

Lay your plexiglass on a flat work surface and mark the area you have to cut on the plexiglass Using a marker. The plexiglass stretches easily, and it comes with a protective film on the surface. 

For a straight cut, use a straight edge as a guide. The film protects the straight edge from marking the clear acrylic. Secure the straight edge to the plexiglass so that it does not move. Clamping keeps your material steady. 

Any movement due to measuring, marking, or cutting compromises the quality of the end cut. Use a tape measure or ruler if the edge is straight, and treasure the distance of your cut. Mark the beginning and endpoints using a marker. When using the freehand for cutting, do not use any cutting guides. 

Step 4

Check where the blade lands when you start running the Dremel tool against the side of the straight edge. The edge of the blade has to hit the line for precise cuts. When not satisfied, adjust the straight edge till it does. 

Set the tool on 6 or 8 as you turn on the Dremel tool. Cutting on less than six is less material than required, and cutting above eight is more than expected. Start cutting at a 45-degree angle and slowly move to 90 degrees. That maximizes the blade exposure to the material. 

Continue with the cut till you are satisfied. Cut along the marked lines using water in a spray bottle so that you keep the Dremel tool cool. Check the mounting and reset. Test the Dremel on a scrap piece so that t you do not damage your Dremel tool on a first cut.

Step 5

Remove the cutting bit from the Demel tool and remove the material cuttings off the Dremel tool using an air compressor. 

Step 6

Sand down the edges when done cutting. The edges of the plexiglass end up with roughness and unevenness. Use fine-grit sandpaper attached to the sanding block for smooth and clean edges. 

Leave the plexiglass on the work table so that you remain with an excellent base to press against. Flip the sheet over when you want to clean the other side. If excess material is to be cut, re-install the sheet and cut it again. 

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What Dremel bit will cut plexiglass?

When working with a Dremel bit to cut plexiglass, use a 561 bit as you insert it into the Dremel. The bit is for acrylic and many more applications. Set the Dremel speed to six or eight. 

Do not run the blade too fast since that tears up the acrylic, resulting in chipping or cracking. Do not exceed 30,000rpm when running the bit. The 561-bit is a high-speed multi-purpose cutter that cuts through multiple materials such as fiberglass, plastic, and wood. It is made of high-speed steel and comes with a 1/8inch steel shank (Source).  

The 561-bit works with the Dremel multi-purpose cutting attachment 565. It helps you maintain depth during the application, and the depth of the guide supports the cutting blade as it extends beyond the material. 

The Dremel tool sometimes gets difficult to control and results in s along the bit. The bits cuts and drills plexiglass and creates shapes of your choice. Control the bits when moving in a clockwise direction. 

Set the tool at high speed and allow the material to feed slowly. Start the cut at a 45-degree angle and slowly bring it to 90 degrees. Avoid using the tip of the bit, and use the sides since that brings the tool to full cutting capacity. 

Can I use a Dremel to cut plexiglass?

Dremel is a rotary tool that works on multiple applications, including glass cutting. Plexiglass is a type of stronger glass used to replace window panes. It is flexible, and the flexibility depends on thickness. 

Using Dremel is a convenient and fast way to cut through your plexiglass. Dremel is a lightweight tool that is easy to use, and the Dremel tool performs better in filing down rough edges. That makes it easy for homeowners who want to renovate their houses and gadgets. Use Dremel with the appropriate attachment so that the process becomes simple. 


  • Make sure the cutting attachment is mounted.
  • Check the bit to see if it is sharp.
  • You should not wear down the cut-off wheel.
  • Replace the battery if the tool is cordless.
  • Use more water.
  • Lower the speed.
  • Check bits for tightness after long cuts.

Blade for cutting plexiglass

There are multiple circular blades for cutting plexiglass. Carbide-tipped blades make cuts of high quality, and they are fast and require fewer blade changes. However, sharpening the Dremel blades has to be regular. 


Carbide-tipped blades give cuts of superior quality, cut faster, and require fewer blade changes because of dulling. However, send the circular blades to the factory for resharpening. 

You need a plexiglass sheet, clamps, a piece of wood, safety gear, adhesive tape, and a circular blade saw with a proper circular blade. The circular saw is popular and efficient. They are meant for high-speed and are made of alloy steel. 

Put the plexiglass on the workbench, and it has to be clean. Stability comes from the claims. The protective film on the plexiglass sheet protects the plexiglass exposed to scratches. 

Peel one corner of the paper when done with the project. Use a coolant spray on the blade before running your circular saw. That reduces heat from the tool. You should also see How to use a Dremel Circle Cutter.

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