September 10, 2021

Which Dremel bits to use for wood carving

Dremel wood carving bits

There are several Dremel bits you use for wood carving. Buy each bit individually or a set with different bits for different positions. Diamond bits are all in the details, and you can not use them in large areas. Allow the bit to produce a fine finish when less material is removed. The tungsten carbide bit is fast and effective, making it ideal for large areas. Below are other bits and their unique features. Let’s get into the wood carving dremel bits guide.

9901 Tungsten carbide carving bit

The 9901 Tungsten carbide carving bit is hard, fast, and effective. It is for aggressive projects. It has cylindrical shape allows it to go deep as it removes material and cuts flat areas, round edges, and v-cuts. It is ideal for carving large surfaces of wood. Do not run it over the speed of 30,000rpm, so it remains smooth. 

It cuts effortlessly on wood, and it is multi-functional. The only material that is harder than the carbide is the diamond. The Dremel Tungsten Carbide carves bit shapes, smoothens, cuts, and removes wood from substances. A ⅛ inch bit is a versatile tool used by multiple tools. 

The carbide operates at high speed, which is how it easily cuts hard material. Being a high-speed tool does not mean it cannot run at slow speeds. Slow speeds are for materials such as hardwood. For effective cutting, use the sides of the bit rather than the tip (See The Price). 

Higher speeds are for hardwood, and slower speeds are for softwood. That helps you prevent melting at the point of contact.  Whenever the tool chatters, increase speed. Do not use the Tungsten cutter for drilling holes or enlarging holes less than twice the diameter. The surface of the bit catches the side of a hole and causes breaking to the bit. 

692 6-piece Router Bit

Use one set for routing, inlays, and edging. Make use of the plastic packaging so that you do not lose some of the bits. The set of bits is ideal for hobbyists, and it is a handy tool that is easy to move around. 

The 692 6-piece router bit is high-speed steel, and that makes it durable. You are allowed to operate the bit at a higher speed of over 30,000rpm. The bits are compatible with a Dremel 231Router and a 335 plunge router. They are for beginners and professionals and perform well in renovating jobs (See The Price).

Investing in a router bit allows you to exercise your creative skills in woodwork. It carves on your wood items bringing out the exact design of your choice with details. 

Router bits allow you to make carving projects whether you are a professional or hobbyist. The required markings are easy to produce since the bits make cuts at angles of your choice. It maneuvers in tight and intricate spaces so that you make a craft. 

The router cuts out letters on wood and gives you decorative pieces and signs for your business. There are top models in any range that you afford on the market, and there is no excuse for bad crafts in the name of a bad router. Choose the best router bit from the options within your price range. 

High-speed cutters

High-speed cutters shape, groove, and make holes in soft and hardwood—the cutter rove material on multiple applications such as carving.  Use the sides of the head, not the tip, for effective results. 

The accessory comes with a pencil grip that makes it handy and comfortable to use. You have more control over it. Unlike diamond bits, high-speed cutters are less aggressive, and however, you do not have to push hard through the wood. For better results, set the bit at any angle less than 90 degrees. 

The ⅛ inch shank is of high-quality steel, and that makes it durable. It is compatible with attachments such as the flexible shaft(225), multi-vise (2500), and detailer grip attachment (577). Soft materials such as wood are easy and quick to work on. When working on hardwood, run the tool at 35,000rpm and on softwood from 20,000 to 25,000rpm. 

The carving bit is versatile and easy to use. It allows you to showcase your creativity. Channel cuts are made possible with the bit, and the accessory tip makes side cuts. The accessories that work with them but are color-coded so that you identify how each works. For high quality and performance, purchase genuine Dremel accessories.

Diamond bits

Diamond bits are highly durable and in the same group as carbide bits in terms of durability. It is ideal for small, detailed wood pieces, and they carve fine details on wood items and come in several grits. 

The bits are in multiple shapes. They are known as finishing bits and are ideal for cleaning up wood material. Diamond bits work at any carving stage, with the diamond chips remaining attached to the base. The bits are faster and leave a smooth surface on your project. Although they are not affordable, they are worth the price. The diamond points are in different styles and sizes. 

The diamond-tipped bit cuts wood with ease and is of a diamond. If your Dremel cuts glass, that is way harder than wood, which explains its effectiveness in woodwork. Glass is hard and brittle, and diamond is harder than glass. There are plenty of diamond-tipped bits that you choose from. The bit also works on stone carving. 

The bit to choose matches the type of wood you will be working on. The 150 grit is a standard diamond-tipped bit that is multi-purpose. Using a chisel helps you get a rough shape that you must finish with Dremel.

The final stages of detailing your work require diamond bits for consistency and accuracy. Diamond bits work as sandpaper, giving the final tuning to your wood items. Even when working on fragile items, the bits maintain evenness. 

Dremel Multipurpose router bit set(660)

The router bit is a carving bit that is not limited to applications. It is high quality and works on hardwood, softwood, and plywood, and these are ideal for kitchen cabinetry and any other wooden items. 

The kit comprises seven bits for routing edges, corners, words, and letters. It comes in a compact wooden box that makes it easy to keep the accessories in one place. 

The bit works towards precise cuts and gives you control over your rotary tool. Combining the bit and a Dremel 335 plunge router attachment brings better results and is compatible and durable. You should also check out our posts on Where to Buy Dremel bits & How to cut a Groove in Wood with a Dremel.

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