October 5, 2020

Ridgid WD1450 14-Gallon 6-Horsepower Wet/Dry Vacuum Review [REVISITED]

I was recently looking at adding a vacuum cleaner to my workshop. A friend recommended the Ridgid WD1450 14-Gallon 6-Horsepower Wet/Dry Vacuum. It had to be one that you could also use for other yard work. Before that, I had one attached to the wall of the workshop.

As an experienced user of this kind of device, I needed to research and try it. He had good things to say about it, but it does not have much of a point of reference. The first thing that struck me was how easy it was to move around. There are wheels underneath it to drag it along.

Ridgid WD1450 14-Gallon 6-Horsepower Wet/Dry Vacuum
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  • It is a mighty machine.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • It is not as noisy as other brands.
  • Comes with a reusable filter.


  • The tube connectors are not well put together.


This vacuum cleaner comes in bright orange with black features such as the lid, wheels, and nozzle. It is shaped like a bucket with a lid. It comes with a quick-release accessory storage bag that allows you to change nozzles as you need to. The bag also detaches to allow you to empty the vacuum when it is full. 

 14-Gallon 6-Horsepower Wet/Dry Vacuum parts

Sizes & Specs

  • It only comes in size 19.75 x 19.75 x 25.75 inches. 
  • The cord is 20 feet long.
  • 6.0 peak horsepower motor


It has a rigid feel on the carry handle and comes with a 20-foot cord that will wrap around the vacuum’s main body. It has four wheels that allow the vacuum to be in any direction. 

Ridgid WD1450 14-Gallon 6-Horsepower Wet/Dry Vacuum

It has a utility nozzle, car nozzle, wet nozzle, and two extension wands. It has a greater versatility which is an advantage because you can use it to clean multiple areas as needed. Apart from the suction, you can also use it to blow air out which is helpful to clean gutters and front yards covered in leaves. 


The vacuum’s body is made from hard plastic and does not appear to be very strong. This vacuum is not necessarily designed to be a punching bag, so you should take care. The wheels are likely to rust or become chipped over time and may eventually limit movement without holding the vacuum up. 


Looking at similar products in this category, we can see that this is at the higher end of the price spectrum than its closest competitors. I believe this because of the more versatility this product offers in terms of nozzles and the ability to use both suction and blow capabilities.

It is also larger than its closest competitors allowing you to clean for longer without emptying the hatchet. A worthy mention also is that it can do wet/dry surfaces. Lastly, it has a very long cord making it easier and more convenient to move around. 

Our Verdict

I would recommend the Ridgid WD1450 for the average homeowner looking to buy a vacuum in this range. It has the most powerful motor, functionalities, and lively bright orange color that screams suburban. It is more expensive than most of the other products available that would hope to compete with this, but it also has the best specifications. 

It is also worth considering that when purchasing a vacuum there will always be something better available within the next 6 months. It is good to think about whether you want to spend such a large amount of money on one vacuum.

It is worth considering getting one cheaper than this because the differences between them are not so great that you would feel them. Yes, this one is the best of them. Others are much cheaper than this and likely to get the job done the same.

David D. Hughes

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