February 8, 2022

What size pipe for harbor freight dust collector

Dust collection systems often fail because of poorly designed ductwork designs. It is tough to find the correct information surrounding proper pipe sizes. This makes beginners more likely to choose the wrong pipe to run. Using proper pipe sizing can result in complex calculations involving many variables. These variables include:

  • different tool size requirements,
  • air filter sizes,
  • the length of pipe you will need,
  • and how many machines are running concurrently.

A prevalent issue that consumers face is in duct design. You might assume it is best to run an all 4″ diameter pipe. There is some logic in this effort. Consumers typically run 4″ pipe for several reasons, but it is not always a good idea. This design usually comes with “import” tools and chip collectors that consumers fit with 4″ diameter ports. They choose this because 4″ pipe is standard, 4″ pipe is inexpensive, 4″ pipe is the most common size of PVC pipe. The ease of access around the product doesn’t make it the best choice for optimal performance.

Tools are sold with 4″ ports because the chip collectors have 4″ ports. That doesn’t mean that a device wouldn’t be much better off with a 5″ or 6″ port.

Harbor freight dust collection pipe size

A 6-inch sewer pipe can be used for many years while providing good results. You can connect up to 4 tools to the 4-inch dust ports. To use this setup safely, you must keep the runs as short as possible. Minimize the number of blast gates open at a time. The advisable number is one gate available at a time for a 5 inches dust collector. If you wish to expand the input, then you will need the power of a 6-inch blower. Purchasing this equipment should cost you roughly $650. This price point should give you promising results.

Harbor freight dust collector piping

Harborfreight.com is an excellent place to collect the appropriate pipe for dust collection. With this 4 In. X 10 Ft. Transparent Dust Collector Hose, you should be able to pick up any dust collector clogs at a glance quickly. It is transparent and able to improve your dust collection system’s effectiveness. Its durability is relatively high, and this is because its made from reinforced steel wire. This addition gives it added strength and helps this dust hose maintain its helpful flexibility. It is relatively affordable and should cost you $17.99.


  • Diameter – 4 in.
  • Hose Length – 10 ft.
  • Material – Steel Wire Reinforced Clear/transparent Flexible Rubber Hose
  • Shipping Weight – 4.85 lb.

The manufacturers offer a guarantee that states this product will be free from defects in materials and artistry. It will last you up to 90 days from the date of purchase. Limitations apply.

Dust Collector Accessory Kit

For consumers who want to buy the entire combination required for setup, you can also buy this from the website. Through this, you can find everything you need to connect your 4 in. dust collector to the rest of the appliances in your shop. This manufacturer has done the hard work and offers the consumer an affordable two-hose dust collector accessory kit. Using this kit will let you run more than one machine simultaneously. It was designed to provide everything you need to set up a dust collector in your workspace.


Contents of this set include:

  • Two 4 x 10 ft. flexible hoses
  • Two blast gates
  • “Y” connector
  • Two 6 in.
  • Jointer hoods
  • 12 in. sq. table saw hood and
  • Ten wire hose clamps Diameter 4 in.
  • Hose Length – 10 ft.
  • Material – ABS

The brand has provided a guarantee on this product. It will be free from defects in materials and craft. This protection will be valid for 90 days from the date of purchase. Limitations apply.

Harbor freight dust collector impeller replacement

Swapping out your HF DC impeller for the larger Rikon impeller should cost you about $119.00. It is not a complicated process, and it should take no longer than one hour to complete. You have to remove 12 screws that hold the impeller cover together and then remove a reverse threaded hex bolt. Once this is loose, you can disconnect the washer. The shortest method you can use is by getting a small puller. This tool will help you remove the old impeller and allow you to pull it off with your hand.

Once this is off, you can put the new impeller on and screw it back tightly. The HF impeller is traditionally 9 7/8″ in diameter, and it has vanes that are straight or forward-facing. Do not get this confused with the Rikon, which is 11 7/8″ and has reverse vanes.

What size duct for 1.5 hp dust collector

A 1.5 hp dust collector can move a maximum of 1100 CFM. If the incorrect size duct is chosen, it cannot reach this level and will move much less air than this. You only need the cyclone blowers to generate half the pressure required for small shop operations. The 4″ to 6″ pressure range is ideal for handling this horsepower level.

You will need to take into account the added overhead of the filter. If you combine this with minimum ducting, you will achieve only a tiny portion of that pressure. It can make about 785 CFM when hooked up with a 6″ diameter duct. That pressure will only pull about 550 CFM when connected with a 5″ duct and only about 350 CFM when hooked up with a 4″ duct. It is even less with a flex hose because it has more resistance.

Harbor freight dust collector diameter

The optimum diameter is 19.5”. Which translates to (31” wide) x 38” long. Every bag is heavy-duty plastic measuring five mils thick for maximum durability and reusability.

Harbor freight dust collector outlet

Choosing the appropriate outlet for your dust is key to preventing dust explosions. You mustn’t vent it to an enclosed space. You should also avoid venting the dust collector outside because the harmful chemicals can destroy the plant life in the area.

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