June 19, 2020

Flexcut KN20 Mini-Chip Carving Knife Review [REVISITED]

Are you considering buying the Flexcut KN20 Mini Chip Knife? It has an ultra-thin 16mm blade that makes unwanted chipping less likely when making fine cuts. The smaller handle has various control points to hold it in many comfortable positions. This post will go into detail about what you can expect from this knife.

While whittling is not a new hobby or profession, the tools used can be confusing. There are so many of them out there, and it may seem like all you will need is a blade, and the rest is history. 

On the contrary, you have to note essential details to ensure that you are not cutting any corners, both figuratively and literally. Chip carving is the art where you can get great shapes from chipping wood pieces off a flat piece of wood using the right blade. 

Flexcut KN20 Mini-Chip Carving Knife

Some use chisels, but technological advancements have led to crafting tools such as chip carving knives, made especially for this task. 

The KN20 mini chip carving knife does a great job of chip carving and has a considerably smaller blade. This will help you get some delicate chip carving done, which is impossible for knives with thicker and bigger blades. 

Characterized by a very thin blade, it can make it into the tiniest of spaces. With this knife, you can make fine cuts and produce intricate details.

The careful and deliberate construction is all you will need to work well. Let us look at all that you get with the Flexcut KN20 mini chip carving knife.


As the name says, this is a mini chip carving knife, which is relatively smaller than the chip carving knife. The reason for this is to improve functionality. Each blade size has its place and function. 

The mini carving knife has a blade bevel of 5/8inches. The blade is curved and very thin, measuring a mere 16 millimeters. The cutting edge is extremely sharp, and care needs to be taken when handling it.

Flexcut KN20 Mini-Chip Carving Knife on a white background

It is made of high-carbon steel, which is very durable and has a clean look. The cutting edge looks sharp. It is silver and glistens, making a definite statement of its presence. 

The handle on the Flexcut KN20 is made of ashwood which is a very durable and good-looking type of wood. By nature, ashwood is light in color, making it quite a catch. It is a common choice for furniture because of its clean look. 

The design is fundamental and functional and yet also appealing to the eye. The straight grain of the wood can be seen on the handle. It also has the red flex cut logo pasted across the handle. 

The red nicely contrasts with the light beige hue of the ashwood. The handle is multi-faceted. This is so that you have many points where you can comfortably hold the knife as you carve.

Performance Review

The mini chip carving knife is an asset when you want to carve triangular shapes in a flat piece of wood. While a regular chip carving knife will do a similar job, it can not get to the tight spaces you sometimes have to deal with. 

The 16mm blade on the KN20 allows you to do this with ease. It is very thin but also flexible. This is synonymous with blades from Flex Cut. They are flexible, making them a breeze when used by the right person. 

Durability is key in getting high performance from your blade. Poor quality blades easily break as you work. Sometimes, the wood you work on can be difficult for a weak blade. Flexcut uses high carbon steel blades. This helps you keep your blade. You will be able to carve into just about any wood. 

The ashwood handle is also very durable and does a great job of keeping the knife together. You can rest assured knowing that the handle will hold and that you do not have to fear the wood splitting breaking. 

The handle is carved and is very comfortable to hold. It also has many facets specially made to give you a place to rest your hands as you work. Thanks to this feature, you can carve for longer without getting tired hands. 

The blade’s edge is already sharpened and ready to use right out of the box. It is polished and sharpened to an extremely sharp and accurate edge.


The KN20 has an already sharpened blade. It would help if you were very careful when you are handling it. The knife does not come with a protective sheath, so you have to be careful when you take it out of the packaging. 

As you do this, it is essential that you also know how to protect your fingers as you do. It is also essential that you handle the wood properly and hold the knife properly. An instructional video or a tutorial will help you know how to hold the knife safely. 

A thumb guard can help keep your fingers safe. You can also use a whittling glove, which is best worn on the hand holding the wood. 

If you are under the age of 18, you will not be able to buy this knife from many retailers. Most of them require that you produce a form of identification first.

Who is this product ideal for?

This knife can be used by both amateurs and also advanced users. Skill levels can adapt, and you can still use your KN20. The great thing about this is that you can grow with your knife.


  • It is very sharp
  • It has a thin blade that lets you into even the tightest spaces. 
  • It is portable
  • It is sturdy.


  • The blade does not have a protective sheath, making moving around much more dangerous. You will need to be very careful when you are handling it.

Our Verdict

The Flexcut KN20 is a good knife that is well made and will give you the carving you need. You will need some experience using it, but you will have no problem carving small geometric shapes with this tool. Have fun while browsing! See our Flexcut KN15 Chip Carving Knife review.

David D. Hughes

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