April 12, 2022

Best wood for wood signs | Available options and what they offer

Best wood for sign making

Wood signs are a trendy craft option for home decor. But how do you know what type of wood to use? There are several options to consider when creating your wood sign. The type of wood you use will depend on the project, but remember that the different types of wood will last longer and look better when dried properly.

Best wood for outdoor carved signs

If you want to draft an essential and affordable outdoor wood sign, then your best option for wood is Pinewood. You can find this type of wood quite common in most areas. It is a cheap option that will be easy to work on because of the wood’s inherent softness. Pinewood has a warm, light color and a delicate grain that you can quickly finish for a pleasant impression on visitors who view the sign. You can brighten it up with some teak oil. Over time the wood should begin to offer a rustic appeal. One of the main reasons you would avoid this wood is that hairy burrs can start to form over time. This gives you extra maintenance work when you are done with carving.

Where to get wood for signs

Depending on your area, it should be possible to buy plain wooden planks online to work on. You can often find these planks on sites such as Amazon or Etsy.com. For the best variety, start with Amazon, which has planks ranging from under $25 to over $200. The primary considerations are your budget and how long you intend to wait.  

Best Plywood for outdoor signs

The key to using Plywood for signs is to use an exterior grade. An interior angle will not protect against outdoor elements like rain and heat. The finish will still not hold up well even if you seal it and paint it. The finish over time will begin to suffer from delamination. It may become deformed if you only use a single coat of finish on Plywood for outdoor signs.

How to make wooden signs with a router

Making a wooden sign with a router is a fast and straightforward process.

  1. Stabilize the wooden plank

The first step involves ensuring the plank is very stable. This stability will help to prevent the wording from being blurry. It can also help guard against accidents. To ensure stability, it is vital to clamp the wooden board. This board can be attached to the benchtop table. Vibrations can come if space remains and the board isn’t fully secure. You need to use a rubber pad beneath the wooden board to avoid vibrations.

  1. Select the appropriate Router Bit

The most appropriate router bit for a wooden sign will have a V groove and a round nose. V groove bits are the preferred choice because they are straightforward to control as you work on the wood. There is also an option to use the square end router if the primary choices are unavailable.

  1. Cutting the Wood

You can start carving the wood when the workplace has been sorted out. Set yourself a depth limit and stick to it. It would be best if you never dived deeper than this limit. Ensure you cut only 1/4 inches or 3/8 inches of wood. 

How to make wooden signs to sell

  1. Make sure you choose high-quality wood and finishes for your handcrafted wooden signs.

Many consumers often steer clear of creative small businesses because they fear buying something that won’t last. Do your best to match the standard set by the current top-selling online retailers if you want a chance. Consumers will buy from you because your signs won’t be available everywhere. This custom nature of minor business signs will bring more revenue and allow you to offset the cost of high-quality material.

  1. Make wood signs that look well-made and crafted by a skilled sign maker.

The level of skill you use to design the wood signs will make a huge difference. Many beginner woodworkers make messy signs, and this can turn away customers. Be precise in the wording you choose and the style of font selected. Use standard fonts that are easily readable. Creativity is always good, but you should also prioritize the sign as readable and fit for purpose.

How to make wooden signs with sayings

Using stencils is one of the most accessible options for beginners who want to make wooden signs with sayings. They reduce the room for error, and the startup costs are relatively cheap. Making these signs in a spare bedroom or kitchen table with the correct tools becomes pretty straightforward. The only challenge with this is limited to what’s printed on the stencil. 

Blank wood for signs

You can buy wood that comes ready for making signs quite quickly online. These options will be laser cut and offer the consumer the opportunity to start from somewhere. These blank wood planks will be easily customizable and often untreated. This feature will allow you to choose the best finish for your type of sign.

Farmhouse wood signs 


Beginners can do farmhouse wood signs with little experience. It is a straightforward task that requires wood stain, chalk paint, and Plywood. Make sure that the Plywood is at least ½ -inch thick. Make sure to choose a Plywood plank that is of exterior grade. This will help ensure it can last against rain and heat without a durable finish.  

What type of wood is used for outdoor signs?

  1. Water-proof Plywood 
  2. Redwood 
  3. Cedarwood 

What is the best wood to use for a welcome sign?

Cedarwood is one of the top options for outdoor welcome signs because of its excellent resistance to heat and water. 

How do you prepare wood for a sign?

It is best to clean the wood of any dirt and dust. Once complete, the next step is to sand it smooth. This should deal with any impurities. Wipe off the ground dust and ensure the piece is clean and stable on the workbench.

Is Oak suitable for outdoor signs?

Oak is durable when exposed to water and heat, making it exceptional for outdoor signs. The main disadvantage of this type of wood is the high purchase cost. 

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