April 27, 2021

Bosch 4100 vs Dewalt 7491 | Which Is The StandOut TableSaw

Many people come across the Bosch 4100 vs Dewalt 7491 comparison when buying a table saw. Both models have different features that make them stand out in other areas. But not everyone needs or wants all of these features to be satisfied!

In this article, I’ll give you my opinion on these two tools and hopefully help you decide by pointing out some key differences between the two brands – speed vs power, safety measures to protect against kickback accidents, etc.; design (Bosch’s products are more traditionally styled – but they do offer interchangeable blade sizes), price point if cost is a factor… and much more!

I strongly recommend that you match the strengths of each model with your requirements.

Overview of the Bosch 4100

The Bosch 4100 is a foldable table saw that has a 10-inch blade. That makes it portable and easy to store. The wheels make it mobile, and the table saw is easy to move around. That is the Gravity-rise wheeled stand. It also gives you a one-handle release system for speed.  It is a 15Amp saw that comes with a 4hp. It produces 3,650 rotations per minute. The large cast aluminum top is spacious enough for large materials and has a rip capacity of 30inches. 

The soft-start circuitry intensifies the start-up of the motor. You have a constant speed. That reduces the chances of tripping a circuit breaker. The Smart Guard system makes up the safety features of the table saw. It includes a riving knife and anti-kickback pawls. These prevent kickbacks, and the guard assembly avoids contact between the user and the blade. It also gives visibility to the user. 

The blade guard also protects the material as you are cutting. The handles that come with the saw make it easy to carry. The integrated sub-base gives you a stable and durable saw machine. The adjustable feet allow you to operate the saw machine at a convenient height. That is comfortable to the user due to the limited chances of straining your back. There is onboard storage that gives you space for your rip fence, miter gauge, extra blades, and push stick. 


  • Smart guard system
  • Constant speed
  • Portable
  • Stable and durable
  • Heavy-gauge steel construction


  • Hard to adjust when new
  • A bit heavy

Key Features of the Bosch 4100


The Bosch 4100 comes with 8inch wheels made of rubber. They are all-terrain wheels that handle rough surfaces. They are solid wheels that last longer. 

Handles and feet

It comes with integrated handles that increase portability. They have an ergonomic design that reduces the chances of slipping off. The adjustable feet make the table saw comfortable to use. You can adjust the feet to your desired height that does not strain your back.

Safety features

The Bosch 4100 table saw has a guard system, a riving knife, and anti-kickback pawls. There are fewer chances of having the material you are cutting coming back to you accidentally. You have control over the material when operating the saw machine. The riving knife is adjustable.


The Bosch 4100 comes with a 10inch blade covered with a guard system. The arbor lock makes the changing of the saw blade easy. The elevation wheel is for adjusting the height of the saw blade. You use it when tilting the saw blade from 0 to 45 degrees. 

Rip fence

The rip fence is for maximum trueness. It has an improved clamping system. The fence system is easy to glide along the rail. You are allowed to operate it using one hand. 

Miter gauge

The head locks at different positions for either miter cuts or crosscuts.

Table extension

The table is extendable. That gives you a large work surface for wide materials. It is measured at a 29inch x 21 ½ inch square tabletop. The table saw rip is up to 4 feet and has a rip capacity of 25 inches. 

Overview of the Dewalt 7491

It operates with a 110-volt motor and weighs 110 pounds. The sides and the back of the table saw are open. It gives you more storage space for your accessories. It has a beautiful stand that is easy to assemble and disassemble. It is sturdy and sits in place throughout the cutting sessions. It supports your machine in such a way that it will not shake. The rip capacity is impressive. You can rip up to 32-1/2inches on the right side of the blade. It comes with the Dado option that is up to 13/16inches. The 15Amp motor has 4800 RPM. 

The rack and pinion fence system is easy to use. It cuts through hardwoods with ease. Adjustments are quick, and that makes the table saw smooth and accurate. The flip-over ripping fence makes the machine make narrow rip cuts. The push stick makes the saw machine safe. It is at the backside of the fence system where you access it. The push stick helps the user to be safe. You keep it flat against a machine table or fence. The blade guard is easy to insert. 

The first one is below. You only need to pull a tab on the left side of the saw, insert it and lock it down. The dust port is at the top of the machine as it connects to a vacuum resulting in efficient dust extraction. However, having the other port from the top compromises your work. It disturbs your cuts. At 45 degrees, the depth cut is 2-1/4 inches—the depth cut of 3-1/8inches at 90 degrees.  The package includes a blade guard, push stick, wrenches, riving knife, and miter gauge. It has a large working area.


  • Great stand
  • Powerful motor
  • Larger rip capacity
  • Accurate
  • Well-built
  • Large wheels
  • Comfortable height.


  • Small.
  • Plastic parts on the fence can break easily.

Key Features of the Dewalt 7491

Rip capacity

The rip capacity is 32-1/2 inches. The increased pressure it comes with gives increased ability to the machine. 

Max cutting depth

 At 45 degrees, the depth cut is 2-1/4 inches—the depth cut of 3-1/8inches at 90 degrees.

Amp motor

The 15Amp motor has an improved speed of 4800 rotations per minute. The speed that comes with the blade also improves the ripping quality. The powerful motor is compatible with multiple applications. 

Rotations per minute

The high-speed machine makes 4800 rotations per minute. It increases the capacity of the saw machine.

Pinion fence rails

The rack and pinion fence rails contribute more to the accuracy of the table saw and the performance. It is easy to adjust, and it stays parallel to the blade. The fence has a unique design. The flip-over fence attachment supports materials and makes it easy to work on wide materials. 

Push stick

The push stick ensures your safety. You can easily access it at the backside of the fence system. The push stick helps the user move a workpiece without getting hurt.

Blade angle

At 45 degrees, the depth cut is 2-1/4 inches. The depth cut of 3-1/8inches is at 90 degrees.


  • They both have storage space for accessories.
  • They both come with mobile stands.
  • They both have a fence system that comes with easy alignment.
  • They both come with a lock system that is easy to operate for blade adjustment.
  • They both come with a large work area.
  • They have a riving knife, blade guard, and a miter gauge.

Differences between Bosch 4100 and Dewalt 7491

  • The Dewalt 7491 is a 110Volt table saw, whereas the Bosch 4100 is a 120Volts table saw.
  • The Bosch 4100 has a 30inches rip capacity, whereas the Dewalt 7491 has 25inches.
  • The Bosch 4100 produces 3,600 rotations per minute, whereas the Dewalt 7491 makes 4,400 rotations per minute.


There is a slight difference. The Bosch 4100 is below 600, whereas the Dewalt 7491 is below 700. However, the Bosch 4100 is more affordable than the Dewalt 7491.

Verdict on Bosch 4100 vs Dewalt 7491

The Dewalt 7491 is an excellent table saw with a powerful motor, large ripping capacity and a functional stand. It delivers precision and quality performance in a package so small you can conveniently take it anywhere! If your budget is not too tight, the Bosch 4100 is even better with its sturdier steel construction and Smart Guard system.

The Dewalt 7491 is one of the best choices when money is no object or weight is no object due to transportation needs. You may also be interested in our Bosch GTS1031 vs Dewalt DW745 post. Both are great options, but they differ depending on what type of person/worker would most likely buy them.

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