February 15, 2022

Buying a used table saw

Why you may want to buy a used table saw

You may wish to purchase a used table saw because it is less expensive. Not everyone has the financial capability to buy a new table saw. If you buy wisely, you can always obtain a high-quality table saw for a lower price. 

A used table saw is a good option because of the following reasons:

Cost-effectiveness: A table saw can be prohibitively expensive, especially for a beginner carpenter. Purchasing a used model lowers the entry hurdle for newcomers to the hobby.

No assembly required/local pickup: Local pickup implies you will surely be able to load the table saw into a pickup or box truck and transfer it to the workplace with a bit of assistance.

Experience of the previous owner: In demonstrating that the table saw is working, the person trying to sell it will often explain the simplest method to run it or offer a performance tip based on their experience with it.

Should you buy a second hand table saw?

Table saws are frequently one of the stationary power tools for which you should investigate your used possibilities before purchasing new ones. Because this isn’t a cheap purchase, the worst thing you can do is acquire a second-hand saw that causes you trouble down the road. 

You may always purchase a used table saw, but you must exercise extreme caution while selecting the proper one for your needs. It will help if you consider a few things before buying a used table saw. Here are some things to review before you make a decision.

Places to buy used table saws

Always buy second-hand table saws at recommended local shops or well-known online vendors. Purchasing an already used table saw requires confidence, especially from the supplier. You can buy a second-hand table saw from

Amazon & eBay

The reason why you may choose these online marketplaces is that they stock a wide range of table saws from suppliers and other users.

A large selection: When you buy a used table saw from an online retailer, you have many options to choose from.

Shipping is simple: When you buy a used table saw online, you can usually deliver it right to your door.

Other places you can buy a second-hand table saw are:

  • Estate Sales

You can also find tools such as table saws at estate sales because the property owner wants to get rid of everything at once and is often prepared to be flexible on what they want to accept in terms of cash to get rid of larger goods.

What to check before buying

When purchasing a used table saw, always test it out first or guarantee that you can return it if it doesn’t work correctly. Eye and ear protection, a flashlight, a square, a protractor, and a scrap piece of hardwood, preferably at least a full inch thick — thicker is better — should all be brought. It’s also the best idea to have a brand new saw blade with you. These features ensure that the saw is precise and powerful enough to be helpful.

Check to see if the blade is perfectly aligned

Checking the blade is the most critical step, primarily for safety and excellent cut quality. It is because you may notice that you’re getting burned, which there’s no reason for, but it could be due to the blade of the used table saw being rotated inwards.

Check to see that the fence is parallel to the mitre slot.

Double-check that the fence aligns with the mitre slot. Make sure the fence is locked in and that the square is pressed against the fence, just touching it. To do this, set the square against the fence before you tighten it down. You used the same procedure to examine the blade alignment.

When you go to look at it, bring some boards with you. Make many cuts, including rips, crosscuts, angles, and slopes, as well as other types of cuts. Can you easily pull the blade back to 90 degrees after cutting a 45-degree angle? Then examine the saw marks on the boards’ sides. Are they smooth, or do they have evidence of ‘waviness’ or burning? 

Check the board’s breadth at both ends after tearing (one side first, then the other). Bring some thick stock with you to test if you cut thick stock regularly. Just put it through its paces and see what happens.

Is the Riving Knife parallel to the blade?

Ensure the riving knife you’re using is the correct width for the blade you’re using. You should also make sure your riving knife aligns with your blade. If it isn’t, the chopped piece will be pushed against the barrier, resulting in binding.

How do you check the accuracy of a table saw?

The precision of a tape measure for the size of cut needed should be fine enough for most tables saw cutting. The saw should tune to be entirely accurate when cutting many sections, like segments for a segmented bowl. When all the parts are in place, they will compound themselves if the cuts are off. Align your table saw blade, fence, and riving knife for the best precision.

What is a good RPM for a table saw?

RPM refers to revolutions per minute, and table saws commonly run 3,000 to 4,000 RPM. A well-maintained table saw spins at 3,450 RPM. Increase or decrease the arbor pulley size to change the table saw blade RPM.

Table saws use a blade that spins fast to cut through the wood. The RPM of the blade will vary depending on the size and motor power of your table saw. A table saw’s RPM (revolutions per minute) regulates how quickly or slowly the motor shaft may spin (the motor speed). It shows how many times the engine should turn in a minute.

Agreeing on a warranty or return policy

Always agree and have an assurance that you will be able to return it if it does not meet your expectations. Do not purchase a second-hand table saw without first obtaining and signing all legal requirements, including the product’s warranty. 

Legal agreements are a technique to ensure that you are safe when using your product. Look for a table saw with at least a year of warranty coverage and a no-questions-asked return policy. As a result, this is why it is always a good idea to acquire used products from registered vendors and providers who can provide you with all the necessary legal documents.

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