April 12, 2021

Dewalt DWE6423 vs Makita BO5041 | Which Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander?

Whether you are a beginner or a pro at grinding. A comparison between Dewalt DWE6423 vs Makita BO5041 can be challenging. How does one choose? There are some features you should consider when looking for the right tool. These include power, speed, weight, cost, and durability. You must get your priorities right. You need to leave room for change. You may be interested in features you have not thought of. The following review will help you choose a product that will help you grind better.

Overview of the Dewalt dwe6423

The Dewalt dwe6423 is a 5-inch variable speed random orbit sander. The 3 amp motor spins the pad from 8,000 to 12,000 Orbits per minute. The speed variance allows you to adjust the speed depending on the material you are working on. The counterweight design makes the machine withstand vibration. 

The sander gives low vibration to the machine. The chances are low that you will have fatigue after each task. In that case, the rubber grip makes handling the machine comfortable. The low-profile design allows the user to get closer to the sander. That feels comfortable regardless of your height. The one-handed dust bag is convenient and easy to use.

The bag is easy to remove and clean, and you have a dust-free environment. The machine has an orbit diameter of 3/32 inches. Yet, the dust port is difficult to connect to the hole. A Dewalt vacuum system makes it better. But, connecting it to rubber tubing improves the system. The sander is smooth and gives you a professional and flawless finish. 


  • Speed variance
  • Works great on both rough and finished work
  • Sanding pads are easy to replace
  • Minimal vibration
  • An improved dust collection system


  • The dust port is hard to connect to the hole
  • It vibrates a bit

Key Features of the Dewalt dwe6423

Amp motor

The 3 amp motor can spin the pad at 8,000 up to 12,000 OPM. That makes it a fast sanding tool on various materials. You can work on heavy loads in little time. That makes the machine ideal for industrial tasks. 

Dust collection system

The machine has a locking dust bag that collects dust particles. The dust bag is easy to handle as you can secure it using one hand. The dust bag is connected to the DWV010 or DWV012. The machine lasts long due to the improved dust-sealed switch that protects the machine from ingesting dust. The dust port is compatible with vacuum systems that have 1-1/4inch hoses.

Rotations per minute

The Dewalt DWE6423 produces 8,000 to 12,000 OPM. That is faster on multiple materials. It works on rough and finishing surfaces. As a user, you have control over the sander machine. The orbits per minute with the Dewalt 6423 make it aggressive. Lower speeds are ideal for soft and thin materials, whereas higher speeds are ideal for long and thicker materials. 

Disc size

The standard disc for the orbital sander is 5 inches in diameter. These are sandpaper discs. You can find them in hardware shops and other shops. When you are working on large projects, bigger sizes will do. 

Hook and loop pad

 The hook and loop pad help you change sanding sheets. The hook and loop are 5 inches in size. The tool is 5.5 inches long, and the machine weighs up to 2.9 lbs. The package includes a variable-speed random orbit sander and a dust bag. 

Overview of the Makita BO5041

The Makita BO5041 is a 5-inch random orbit sander with a no-load speed of 4,000 to 12,000 OPM. The 3amp motor is more powerful as it allows fast sanding resulting in a smooth finish. The sanding speed has to match the application. The net weight of the machine is 3.5 lbs which is lightweight. It has an ergonomic rubberized palm grip and a handle that makes handling the tool easy and comfortable. 

The front handle is adjustable depending on the surface you are working on. The pad brake is a safety feature that gives your machine emergency stops if something goes wrong while operating the machine. It has a high-capacity dust collection system that keeps your work environment safe. The chances are low that you will inhale sawdust. A built-in vacuum port adapter is a bonus that improves the dust collection system. 

The sanding tool has a quick-change hook-and-loop abrasive paper. A combination of power, speed, performance and innovation makes the sander efficient and effective. It best suits the needs of woodworkers, carpenters, and contractors. The oversized sealed ball-bearing construction makes the machine durable. The sanding tool has a switch that is controllable using two fingers. 


  • Faster sanding and smooth sanding
  • Ergonomic rubberized palm grip and handle
  • Adjustable front handle
  • Speed variance
  • Quick-change hook-and-loop abrasive paper 


  • Average dust collection
  • The Velcro grips could have been better

Key features of the Makita bo5041


The front handle allows you to hold the sanding tool easily and comfortably. The handle is adjustable and maneuvers the machine in corners and complicated areas. It comes in an ergonomic rubberized palm grip for improved control over the machine.

Two-finger Switch

The switch is easy and convenient since you can only use two fingers. The trigger switch is big, making it difficult to make mistakes when operating the tool. Sanders are dangerous machines that need extra caution and safety features that protect you from injuries. The switch has a lock-on button for continuous use, improving the machine’s comfort.

Power and speed

The 3 Amp motor gives you smooth and fast sanding. The variable speed rotates the pad from 4,000 to 12,000 OPM. You are allowed to match the sanding speed with the application.

Dust collection system

The dust collection system uses efficient sanding pads. You do not have to clean after each task. The sanding machine has a built-in vacuum port adapter that improves the dust collection system. 

Pad control system

The pad control system is a safety feature with your sanding tool. It allows you to control the pad speed when starting the machine. It increases productivity, and that ensures top performance. 


  • They both have round sanding pads.
  • They operate with the 3 Amp motor that has variable speed control.
  • They both have the same dust extraction system.

Differences between Makita bo5041 and Dewalt dwe6423

  • The Makita bo5041 has a front handle, whereas the Dewalt dwe6423 does not.
  • The Dewalt dwe6423 has a speed variance of 8,000 to 12,000 opm, whereas the Makita bo5041 rotates from 4,000 to 12,000 opm.
  • The Dewalt dwe6423 has a noise level of 91 decibels, whereas the Makita bo5041 makes 92 decibels.
  • The power outlet of Dewalt is 280 Watts, whereas the Makita has 300 Watts.
  • The Dewalt weighs 2.82 lbs, whereas the Makita weighs 3.09 lbs.


Both products have the same price range. They are under 100. Yet, the Dewalt is more affordable than the Makita. The difference is slight, anyway.

Verdict on the Makita bo5041 vs Dewalt dwe6423

There are other differences between the Dewalt DWE6423 and the Makita bo5041. You determine the decision you will make between the two. You can save a few bucks with the Dewalt DWE6423. Still, both are under 100. They have the same top speed, but the Makita has a lower speed. The Makita has a front handle that makes the machine more comfortable. The Dewalt is lighter than the Makita if you are concerned about weight.

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