December 30, 2022

Dewalt dwe7485 vs 7492

Choosing between a Dewalt dwe7485 vs 7492 can be difficult since both have multiple similarities. There are features to consider that will point you to your ideal machine. These include dust collection, Rip capacity, RPM, table size, and more below.

Overview of the Dewalt dwe7485 Table Saw

It is an improved version with a high power capacity of a 1700W motor. Its motor allows the machine to cut through multiple timber pieces of furniture. It does not matter the size of the material you are working on. 

The blade makes up to 5800 rotations per minute. It ensures that you get a finish that is not time-consuming to execute. Dewalt dwe7485 is more compact and connects to the dust extractor. It is for challenging tasks. It supports tasks such as cutting flooring to the desired size and cutting timber poles to the appropriate size that fits your transportation. It has an Airlock dust port that allows you to connect to the vacuum. 

At an angle of 90 degrees, it has a depth capacity of 65mm. At a 45-degree angle, it can go as deep as 45mm. The Bed of cast aluminium makes it rigid and more accurate. The package includes a full-length fence, miter fence, push stick, spanners for blade change, and a 210mm blade. 

The machine comes with the NoVolt  Release switch for safety. The saw machine is easy to carry around and does not take up much space in your garage. The Airlock feature allows you to connect to a vacuum that deals away with dust. It helps you keep the machine clean. Less effort is needed to keep it clean. 


  • Larger rip capacity
  • Compact
  • Increased accuracy
  • Safe
  • Durable
  • Powerful
  • Anti-load protection system


  • It does not come with a stand
  • The miter gauge is not stable when using the machine

Overview of the Dewalt 7492

It is an accurate table saw with a maximum cut capacity of 77mm. If you want to improve its performance, add a rolling stand that makes it easy to move. The rack and pinion system makes it accurate. The machine is reliable without adding extra charges, and the fence is secured on the front and back, minimising flex. It makes the machine stable. 

The fence comes with three pairs of screws that secure the saw fence. You switch between them with ease maintaining precision. The miter gauge brings a standard miter slot. If unsatisfied with its performance, you can replace it as you buy from a reputable, quality brand. It has a 10-inch blade. However, you can replace it with a better saw blade than a 250mm diameter and a 30mm arbour. The motor is 2000W/230V, and the blade tilts from 45 to 90 degrees. 

It weighs up to 26.5kg. The maximum cutting height is 77mm, and the ripping width is 825 mm. The airlock dust extraction allows you to have a dust-free working space. The durable construction comprises a coated saw table, a reinforced housing of glass fiber, and a protective frame. 

The package includes a table saw, installation tool, sliding stick, 24 teeth saw blade and a workpiece stop. It is lightweight, and the rip capacity is 610mm. The protection system makes it possible to work in any weather condition.


  • Accurate
  • Compatible with a rolling stand
  • Reliable
  • Secure
  • Airlock dust extraction
  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight


  • Standard miter gauge
  • Only one blade

Key features of the Dewalt dwe7485 Table Saw

No Volt Release switch

What makes the machine extra-safe is the NoVolt Release switch. It is a type of circuit breaker that stops the machine from working as soon as it detects that you have a power supply failure. It is also known as an emergency stop switch ( 

RPM Speed

The machine rotates 5800 times per minute. It is fast enough to use on a high-volume timer. No matter how deep the material is, it will not slow down. 

Blade guard

It has an 8-1/4 inch blade. The blade guard prevents your wood from falling from the spinning blade and your hand from the saw blade. Position your hand well since that can cause cuts from the saw blade. 

Dust collection port

The dust collection port decreases the chances of inhaling dust. It also helps the machine to stay clean and keeps the maximum performance. It has the Airlock dust port that allows you to connect your table saw to a vacuum. A vacuum is efficient when it comes to cleaning dust from your machine. It improves safety in terms of health and the cleaning system. 

Rack & pinion

More accuracy comes with the dual rack and pinion fence system. It ensures that there is no up-right movement that takes place. 

Powerful motor

The motor has a power capacity of 1700 watts. It has more power that allows the machine to go deeper when cutting. It complements the size of the blade for deep timber.

Blade size

The blade makes up to 5800 rotations per minute. It uses a 210mm blade that goes through any texture of timber. A fine finish is made possible with the type of blade given. Accuracy cuts down the time you spend cutting material. It is for high volumes. 

Key features of the Dewalt 7492

Safety features

The overload protection system keeps your machine safe in any weather condition. 

Blade guard

The blade guard makes sure that your hand is safe. It is not only protecting your hand, but it keeps the workpiece sturdy.

Dust collection port

The airlock dust extraction makes sure that your working area is safe from dust. That saves you from continuous cleaning or buying a separate part that traps dust.

Rack and pinion

The system gives you a front and rear fence lock that has large scales. It helps you achieve accurate results and makes the machine easy to use. 

Accurate cutting

Multiple features make it possible for you to maintain accuracy. The rack and pinion fence system, quick bevel lock, and rip capacity make the machine accurate.

Powerful motor

The motor is 2000 watts powerful, ensuring the machine performs better in tough tasks. It does not select applications. It executes the cutting sessions. 

Blade size

The blade has a diameter of 250mm. If the performance is not satisfactory, you may look for another diameter. The saw blade can operate at two angles: the 45 and 90-degree angles.

What could have been better?

Dewalt dwe7485

  • The miter gauge should be stable when using the machine. 

Dewalt 7492

  • More blades would have been convenient. 


  • The blades work 45 and 90 degrees.
  • Both tools feature the dual rack and pinion fence system.

Differences between Dewalt dwe7485 and Dewalt 7492

  • Dewalt 7492 runs at 4800 rpm, whilst dwe7485 runs at 5800 rpm. 
  • Dwe7485 features a 210mm blade, while the 7492 model features a 250mm blade.


Considering the above reviews, it is up to you to go for the Dewalt dwe7485 or the 7492. If you are working on a bigger project, you might need the dwe7485 for more speed. The Dewalt 7492 model is ideal for projects requiring a bigger blade. Look at the requirements of your project and pick the best tool. 

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