April 29, 2021

Dewalt DW7440rs vs DWE74911 | Which Table Stand Is Better?

This article is about the comparison between Dewalt DW7440rs vs DWE74911. Reviewing these table stands from Dewalt will help you choose one that suits your needs and budget. I have been using the stands for years. Through my experience and research, I will contribute to the debate. Choosing the perfect tabletop stand should not be stressful because of the factors you consider. These include base width, weight, cost, durability, wheels, versatility, material, ease of use, and performance. Below is an overview of both products and their main features.

Overview of the DW7440rs

Heavy-Duty Rolling Table Saw Stand, Model DW7440RS

The Dewalt DW7440rs is a detachable rolling table stand. It weighs 33 lbs, and that makes it lightweight. It is a heavy-duty kickstand that makes it a well-balanced table that is easy to store. The brackets are easy to connect and make it easy to detach the stand when loading and unloading. The base is wide, and the rear legs keep it stable. The foldable legs have quick-release levers that collapse under the stand. That reduces the size of the table saw stand for transportation and storage. 

It is compatible with the Dewalt DWE7480 table saw. It also works with multiple miter saws. When you want to attach the stand to the table saw, you must remove the feet and the bumpers from the legs. The adjustable legs allow you to work at your preferred height, which does not lead to fatigue. You operate the table at floor level with the legs folded. When the legs extend, the table stand accommodates users who are up to 5.9-inch height. However, the maximum stand height is low for other users. 

I advise you to fold up the stand and clean it with a blower to remove sawdust. Sending it to storage without removing dust reduces the performance of the table stand. Make sure that it is stable when done assembling it. The rear legs have to slant forward and the front legs backward. You have to place it on an even surface to avoid shaking. Sliding leads to injuries and inaccuracy.  It uses the Gravity rise system. It weighs 43.2 pounds.


  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic design
  • Portable
  • Heavy-duty


  • Hard to replace parts
  • The stand height is a bit low

Key Features of the Dewalt DW7440rs


Brackets are for attaching the table saw stand and the table saw. That makes the transition from a table saw to a workbench easy. The table saw brackets come at a steeper price when you want to replace them.  

Rubber cushions

The rubber cushions prevent the table stand from sliding off. They are ideal for both soft and rough surfaces. You feel secure when using the table stand. 

Wide base

It has a wide base that allows you to control your tasks. The wide base has collapsing legs, making the table stand easy to transport. That makes it an ideal workshop, home, and carport tool.

Aluminum frame

The stand is made of aluminum. That makes it lightweight and lasts longer since it withstands harsh environments. The aluminum material contributes to the stability of the table saw stand. It is comfortable to use and versatile. It accommodates a variety of activities.

Retractable handle

The retractable handle joins with the wheels for an ergonomic and simple design. That makes it easy to move. 


The rugged transportation wheels are all-terrain wheels that make the table stand easy to transport. They do not allow the stand to move when in use. The heels are tough, and that makes them last longer. 

Legs and feet

The aluminum legs come with non-damaging feet. The feet keep the stand stable when operating a table saw. The foldable legs make the table stand compact-sized and portable. 

Overview of the Dewalt DWE74911 

The Dewalt DWE74911 is a durable table saw stand made of steel construction. It is easy to set up and dissemble as well. It makes the stand stable. The rolling table stand is lightweight, mobile, and portable. It works with the DWE7490X, DWE7491RS, and DWE7499GD. The item weighs 8 ounces. It comes with assembly instructions that are easy to follow.

 When you adjust the bottom legs using the wheels, you have a swift tilt of the unit. The frame is quite sturdy, and the legs have a locking system that makes it stable. The height accommodates users of different heights. The instructions could have been clear. That is why assembling consumes more time. The foldable stand saves space in your small workshop. It is a heavy-duty table stand that has a tubular metal design. 

The tubes are durable as they withstand heavy-weight materials. The leg joints also last longer. However, the table stand is heavy. The steel construction makes the table stand last longer. The table stand weighs 14,2kg (31.5 pounds), which is lightweight. The slick table stand carries up to 200 pounds.

The sturdy legs are easy to fold. It comes with a sliding handle that gives you a good grip. The base accommodates wide table saws and materials. The table stand becomes balanced, solid, and sturdy. The height allows you to undertake versatile activities. The chances of straining your back are slim. The rugged wheels are all-terrain. That gives the stand smooth movement.


  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to set up
  • Mobile
  • Portable
  • Durable steel construction 


  • The wheels could have been better
  • The diagrams could have been clearer

Key features of the Dewalt DWE74911 


The Dwe74911 comes with two wheels that make it easy to move. It has large heavy-duty wheels to roll over rough and tricky terrains such as steps. 


The folding legs have quick-release levers, making the folding and unfolding process easy. The levers retract under the stand. That makes the table stand easy to transport and move around your workshop.


The heavy-duty kickstand makes the table saw stand well-balanced. The stand remains stable no matter how thick the material you cut or how big the table saw is. It stands upright with sturdiness and is easy to store and move. 


The design makes the table stand compact-sized. That is how it becomes portable. The idea that the table saw is attached to table saw stands increases productivity. You are free from workbench saws. The table stand brings comfort and convenience to the user.  


The Dwe74911 comes with universal brackets that attach to numerous table saws. It works with the Dwe7491 and the Dw745. 


The sliding handle is attached to the stand. It makes the movement of the stand easy. The ergonomic design on the handle gives you a good grip. The stand becomes comfortable and safe to use.  


  • They are both compatible with miter saws.
  • They are both easy to transport due to the wheels and compact size.
  • Both are heavy-duty table stands.
  • They attach to the table saw using brackets. 

Differences between Dewalt DW7440rs and DWE74911

  • The Dewalt Dwe74911 is a bit heavier than the Dewalt Dw7440rs.
  • The Dewalt DW7440RS is heavy-duty aluminum, whereas the Dwe74911 is durable steel.


The DWE74911 ranges from 160 to 400, whereas the Dw7440rs ranges from 175 to 300. That leaves the Dw7440rs more affordable than the DWE74911.

Verdict on Dewalt DW7440rs vs DWE74911

Since you have read through both table stand reviews, you know what you want. For a lighter table stand, the Dewalt 7440rs is a perfect choice. If you can decide between aluminum and steel, you know what to choose. You can start your buying process with the information I shared. Both table stands have unique features that make them better than the others. You need to consider your needs to find the best table stand. Your budget will also determine which product you buy. Ease of use and durability are factors you should consider when choosing. Have you read our Dwe7491rs vs Dwe7480 post?

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