April 24, 2021

Evolution Rage 5 vs Fury 5 | Which One To Buy

What if you had to choose between Evolution Rage 5 vs Fury 5? I cannot tell you how often that has come up over a drink. I have used the two models and contributed to the discussion from an informed and experienced perspective. Since they are from the same manufacturer, you will have endless similarities. The difference in speed, power, weight, cost, design, functionality, blade system, dust extraction system, and fence system separates the table saws. As I explore the features in this article, I urge you to compare them to your needs. 

Overview of the Evolution rage 5

The Evolution Rage 5 is a versatile table saw that easily cuts through multiple materials using one blade, including steel, aluminum, wood, and plastic. The Evolution Rage 5-s table saw has a multi-material blade with 28 teeth that cut the mentioned materials. The saw blade and motor life have increased. There is no heat generated when using the table saw. Even if you are using it on steel, no sparks are created. The blade height is adjustable from 0 to 80mm. The tilt capacity is 45 degrees to the left-hand side. 

That makes it a multipurpose cutting table saw. The sliding carriage system is also on the left-hand side. The miter gauge has an adjustable faceplate that gives you easy access to positive angle stops. It comes with table extensions to the right and left-hand sides. It features a blade guard that protects you from the blade. The chances of having injuries are slim. The riving knife is adjusted correctly and fitted to avoid kickbacks. You need to check it to avoid using it when worn out. That compromises the accuracy of your cuts. 

The miter gauge and the rip fence hold your material when cutting. It is sturdy and firm to maintain accuracy when cutting your pieces. When feeding your workpiece, use the push stick for safety.  I advise you to use the original Evolution riving knife so that the performance of the table saw is not compromised. Before turning on the saw, ensure that the adjusting wrenches are removed from the machine.  The saw machine is not ideal for wet areas. If you only have an open working space, protect the saw from the rains.


  • Multi-purpose
  • Adjustable blade height
  • Sliding carriage system
  • Adjustable faceplate
  • No heat produced


  • Poor for wide cuts
  • The dust management system could have been better

Key Features of the Evolution rage 5

Blade and blade guard 

The blade guard is amongst the safety features that the Rage uses. Loose and damaged guards need replacement. Using unauthorized blades is dangerous to the user, material and the saw machine.  I do not recommend the use of high-speed steel blades. The maximum speed of the saw blade does not have to be less than the spindle speed of the table saw and the workpiece to be cut. The Evolution rage 5 uses adjustable blades to match the height of the material you are working on.

Dust collection system

Of course, the Evolution rage 5 comes with a dust collection system, but you have to be aware of the type of material you are cutting. The Evolution rage 5-S comes with a 1.8m effective dust collection hose that keeps you safe from dust-related diseases. 

Table extensions

The table extensions are steel and fit both sides of the saw machine. There is a single hole that is at the end of the extensions. It should be at the front of the table. You use 6mm hex bolts to attach the struts to the table extensions. The table extensions are attached using 5mm socket-headed screws and washers. 

The table edge and the extension table edge should level with each other. Perfect alignment is what you have to attain. Fixing screws have to be in their slots. The Evolution Rage 5-S 10-inch table saw has a sliding table with an anti-vibration clamp secured for precise cuts. It has built-in table extensions that support wide materials.

Rip fence

The Evolution rage 5 has a parallel fence system with a measuring rail guide. The rip fence comes with an adjustable faceplate made of aluminum. It has to be attached to the steel carrier of the rip fence. The fence rail comes in two pieces that slot together. Always check and adjust the rip fence when necessary. 

Overview of the Fury 5 

The Evolution Fury 5 is a multi-cutting tool that easily cuts steel, aluminum, and plastic. That makes it an ideal table saw for wood material with nails. You do not have to change the blade when you get to the nails and change it again when cutting the wood piece. That saves you from consuming much time working on a task. It is ideal for beginners and irregular users. 

The machine is sturdy and comfortable to use. It is sturdy and comes with a blade guard that protects you from cutting yourself with a sharp blade. The table saw features an anti-bounce feature that prevents movements when cutting pieces. The saw blades have an increased life since they work on different materials. It has a high torque gearbox. You should expect clean and precise cuts from the saw machine. The table saw comes with a three-year warranty. 

Assembling a table saw has never been this easy with the Evolution Fury 5. It uses a 1500Watt motor, powerful enough to cut through thicker materials. The blade is adjustable so that it matches the height of different materials. That allows it to cut through thicker materials. The blade tilts at multiple angles for multiple uses. The table saw produces more dust but goes unnoticed if you use the appropriate adapter for your dust collection system. 


  • Ease of use and assemble
  • Thin and durable blade
  • Sturdy 
  • Efficient
  • Comfortable


  • A bit noisy
  • Produces more dust

Key features of the Fury 5


A versatile table saw gives cross cuts, miter cuts, bevel, and straight cuts for large and smaller materials. The Evolution Fury 5-S table saw has a powerful 1500 Watt hi-torque motor that brings a cutting depth of 85mm through the wood. It cuts through 3mm of mild steel. The powerful motor works with the optimized blade system. It has a high torque gearbox. 

Rip fence

The Evolution Fury 5-S comes with a solid rip fence. It gives you security when cutting. The fence system has an anti-bounce feature that ensures the material does not bounce back to the user. The chances of having poor alignment are low. 

Dust extraction system

The workshop has to be cleaned from dust saws. The Evolution Fury 5 has integrated dust ports above and below the table saw. It fits a vacuum system that collects 95% of the dust produced. 

Fence system

When preparing your cutting material, you must feed it through the rip fence. The material should be against the fence. The cutting becomes easy and flawless. Fence measurements are for accuracy. The combination of the fence system and the push stick makes your work safe and precise. It also allows you to feed your material and keep your fingers safe from the blade.


  • They cut steel, aluminum, and wood material using one blade. 
  • They are both meant for the DIY user.
  • The two models come with durable blades. 
  • They do not generate heat when in operation. 

Differences between Evolution Rage 5 and Evolution Fury 5

  • The Evolution rage 5 table saw is meant for professional and dedicated DIY users, whereas the Fury 5 is for irregular users.
  • The Rage 5 comes with a higher performance than the Fury 5.
  • The Rage 5 has more teeth than the Fury 5.
  • The Rage 5 is more durable than the Fury 5.


The Evolution Rage 5 is below 400, whereas the Fury 5 is under 200. That makes the Fury 5 more affordable than the Rage 5. 


The Evolution Rage table saw is ideal for the dedicated user. It features a height-adjustable multipurpose blade. The sliding carriage system and adjustable faceplate allow for precise and clean cuts. If you work with wood full-time, this is the ideal table saw.

The Fury 5 is an affordable table saw classified as a multipurpose machine. It is easy to use and does not take much time. The efficiency and strength of the blades make it a versatile and durable table saw. If you are on a tight budget, the Fury 5 is the perfect Evolution table saw.

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