February 28, 2023

Fein vacuum VS Festool

Fein and Festool are two competing shop vacuums. Choosing one between the two can be difficult. However, it depends on your budget and needs. Woodworking creates a lot of sawdust; you need a dust extractor that deals away with the sawdust can quickly in your workshop. Below is an overview of each brand and its pros and cons. 

Overview of Fein Vacuums

Fein vacuums give a safe working environment. They are powerful, dependable, and portable. Auto-Clean and HEPA variants are available as multiple filters and accessories. Fein has tiny, lightweight vacuums and extractors, giving minimal noise.

They are manoeuvrable, making them ideal for life on the job. Fein vacuum cleaners offer Fein tool connectors and adapters for other equipment, allowing you to keep the air and environment clean and dust-free while working. These multi-talented devices efficiently hoover up both dry dirt and liquids.

Earlier designs of the Fein vacuum are known for their manoeuvrability. It contains two fasteners on either side to secure the top to the base.  It has a redesigned lid featuring a flat surface for setting parts or the tool you have attached to it when not in use.  

The lid has a handle that folds flat when not in use but easily allows you to pick up the 20.1lb extractor.  The lid includes an integrated socket outlet, a large power switch, and two large hooks used as the cord and hose holder. It has a heavy-duty dry vacuum for industrial projects. The wet/dry dust extraction is powerful, reliable, and mobile (Alabamawoodworker.com). 

Overview of Festool Vacuums

Festool’s mobile dust extractors allow users to quickly and safely extract dust, dirt, and water. It is ideal for construction sites, workshops, or garages. Their strong suction power and large container geometry provide multiple uses and a large volume. 

Connect power tools to the extractors, and the automatic On and Off switch ensures that the extraction function is easily operated. It is reliable, and the SYS-Dock function allows the Systainers to be attached to the extractor.

All Festool vacuums connect easily to the Systainer storage system for mobility. The CTC SYS, the new cordless version of the discontinued CT-Sys, comes in a Systainer and is designed to be carried on a shoulder strap. 

You can clip Systainers so that the vacuum becomes a rolling platform and base for your work. Corded Festool vacs have an outlet to plug in corded tools, and turning on the power tool also turns on the vac. Festool vacuums are HEPA rated. The Mobile dust extractor CLEANTEC is lightweight, smooth, efficient, and secure.

Comparison of Fein and Festool Vacuums

  • Fein is more affordable than Festool. 
  • The Festool is a well-refined shop vac, but the Fein is better value if considering durability and performance. 
  • Fein shop vacs are great vacs for portability, unlike Festool. 
  • The Festool vacs have variable suction, while the Fein does not.

Pros and Cons of Fein and Festool Vacuums

Fein vacuum 


  • Fein vacuum cleaners are quiet. 
  • It uses the vacuum release dial on the hose.
  • Fein’s Turbo shop vacuums are upgraded, using suction to remove material from surfaces.
  • The trash is gathered in a canister or a dust bag for easy disposal. 
  • It has everything you would expect from special cleaning equipment. 
  • It also fits all of the requirements for a Fein power tool, including a turbine, capacity, and exceptional durability.
  • Fein Turbo Compact Class vacuum cleaners are compact, lightweight, and powerful, making them ideal for effective filtration and clean, unpolluted workplaces. 
  • It is a dependable and flexible vacuum, making it simple to use.


  • It is less affordable 
  • No variable suction
  • Auto-start is limited to 6A tools

Festool vacuum


  • All Festool vacuums attach to the sustained storage system. Suction power and filtration rate vacuum cleaners and how fine a particle they can filter out. Modern vacuum cleaners can be HEPA-rated and approved for lead removal in specific circumstances (Thespruce.com).
  • For high quality, Festool produces all of its power tools in Germany. 
  • It has high-performance, dependable, and accurate tools.
  • A stationary dust collecting system with extensive ducting is the conventional solution for big businesses with a lot of fixed gear.
  • The hose is attached to the front of the vacuum and may drag it around without causing a crab or tip-over.
  • The dust extractors are more stable when rolling over uneven terrain because of their broad, deep footprint and large rear wheels, especially when stacked with sustainers.
  • Festool offers a wide range of dust extraction solutions to minimise cleanup, improve finished results, and work more efficiently.
  • High productivity.


  • Less affordable for a hobbyist
  • Low suction
  • An auto-on feature may not work for some power-hungry tools

History of Fein and Festool


Wilhelm Emil Fein and his brother Carl founded the company C. & E. Fein in 1867. The company’s first products, from 1873, were medical inductors, then the electric hand drill. 

The first drill with an electro-pneumatic hammer mechanism was built in 1914 by the company and applied for a patent. Fein developed the first tin snips, the first jigsaw in 1927, and a handy small drill called Fein-Zwerg in the 1950s. 

The plaster band cast saw was launched in 1967, and the cordless screwdriver appeared in 1985, the company’s first cordless screwdriver. 

In 1987, the Fein quick-clamping system QuickIN made safer handling of angle grinders. In 2011, Fein presented the first handheld core drilling system for metal.


Festool is a brand of high-end power tools from Germany. It is based in Wendlingen and is a subsidiary of the TTS Tooltechnic Systems holding company and known for its system-based approach to power tools and its focus on dust extraction.

Gottlieb Stoll and Albert Fezer founded the company in 1925 under Fezer & Stoll. The company manufactured its first portable chainsaw in 1927, and in 1933 the company’s name was shortened to Festo.

The family of co-founder Gottlieb Stoll owns the company. By October 2017, Festool was operating subsidiaries in 26 countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, France, the Netherlands, and Russia.

In late 2017, it set up its first Asian subsidiary in South Korea. Festool opened its first North American production line at Lebanon, Indiana, facility, producing guide rails for its track-saw system.


In conclusion of the above comparison, each brand has pros and cons. Go with your preferences. Festool vacuums feature a compact rectangular shape and tiny footprint, making them easy to move to a project. Fein vacuums are quiet and lightweight. I assume you have your top pick already. 

David D. Hughes

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