July 26, 2022

Festool Kapex 120 vs Dewalt dws780

Festool kapex 120 and the DeWalt dws780 are two competing miter saws that give you almost similar features. The powerful saws make precise cuts and have good features with great designs. Compare the two, picking the one that serves your needs better. Choosing between these two could be difficult, but the article below will make it easier. 

Overview of the Festool kapex 120 

Festool KAPEX is a more advanced sliding compound miter and well designed. Festool power tools have a 3-year wear-and-tear warranty, 2-day standard repair time, and a 1-month satisfaction guarantee. They replace brushes for free, address wear and tear issues, and fix the tool. 

The Festool Kapex 120 miter saw features a rail forward design that increases precision and creates a compact footprint. The rails are 30 mm in diameter and wide apart. They reduce deflection and head play when tilted to a 45-degree bevel. The rail forward design works better in tight working locations. It also helps when transporting or storing the saw. With a rail-forward design, place the Kapex tool against a wall for all cutting tasks to maximize the workspace.

The Festool Kapex miter saw weighs 47 pounds,  making it easy to move around the job site. It features a two-handle location that keeps the Kapex close to your center of gravity, hence a safer way to carry the saw. Kapex’s headlocks down, making it compact and preventing head movement.


  • Innovative 
  • Great design
  • Precise
  • Lightweight 
  • Rail forward design


  • It makes noise
  • Not cheap 

Overview of the Dewalt dws780

The Dewalt DWS780 miter saw has a 15Amp motor that produces 3,800 rotations per minute. The XPS crosscut positioning system makes it unique. It allows the miter saw to run through thick materials with ease. 

The handle has an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to handle. The miter saw is lightweight, and the bevel angle adjustments are easy and accurate to run. The dust collection system collects 75 percent of the dust saw. 

The miter plate has ten positive stops that allow you to make accurate cuts. Its package includes a miter saw, carbide blade, blade wrench, dust bag, and a clamp. The dual horizontal steel rails have an innovative clamping system that supports the material. It is under 600.

Dewalt dws780 has gained popularity due to its improved power and durability. The saw is so powerful that it can take multiple materials, making it ideal for different woodworking tasks and projects. That miter saw has an improved back fence design if you want to cut large materials for other applications. 


  • Durable
  • Innovative
  • Adjustable
  • Increased capacity
  • An efficient dust collection system


  • A bit heavy
  • No laser

Favorite Features

Dust Collection

It features a locking horse connection (etsy.com). Festool has an upgrade on all its dust ports moving forward. The new dust connection collects dust, and the hose locks in and prevents accidental disconnects.  The hose port accommodates 27mm inside diameter and 36 mm outside diameter.

There is a flexible and removable rubber dust hood to the rear of the blade that deflects waste material into the dust port. Either remove this hood when cutting larger material or fold it back on itself to create more clearance.

Considering this locking hose connection and the Kapex rubber dust hood, you have a hybrid tool. The rubber dust hood directs the ejection of sawdust from the blade into the dust collection port. For better performance in dust extraction, shorten your hose length to 6 feet and use a 36mm Festool hose.

Dewalt removes dust that accumulates as you work with a dust collection system which can suck up 75% of dust and dirt. The dust collection system of the Dewalt DWS780 lessens the amount of sawdust and other particles to go to the eye while working. There are instances when cleaning up is easy because of this model’s effective dust collection system.


The Festool and the DeWalt miter saw use circular saw blades to cut different materials, including wood, wood panels, metal, aluminum, plastic, acrylic, and tile. These blades are replaceable, and you can buy new blades from Amazon or from local stores that sell Festool and DeWalt miter saws (Screwfix.com).

Changing blades is easy with the Festool Kapex 120 because the mechanism that will allow changing blades can be done fast. It is not time-consuming when it comes to changing the saw blades as compared to using the Dewalt DWS780.


The Festool kapex 120 handles inline with the blade minimize deflection, but it is less comfortable ergonomically. It has a curved or outward design without a grippy texture. The design needs the blade guard to slide inside the housing instead of over it. When it slides over, you can easily hold it up with your thumb with your hand still on the handle. That makes your hand slide off the trigger higher when you bring the saw head down.

The dws780’s handle has an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to handle. Keep pressure on it for better results. The DeWalt also has a lockable miter detent override, whereas the kapex override is spring loaded. 

What could be better

Festool kapex 120 vs dewalt dws780

  • Noise reduction would do.

Dewalt dws780

  • Transporting the saw tool is difficult since it remains heavy. It could have been lighter. 

Similar Features

  • Both tools use circular blades.
  • They have a 3-year warranty.

Key Differences

  • The Dewalt handle is horizontal and to the side of the saw blade, whereas the Kapex handle is vertical and in line with the saw blade.
  • Kapex is more lightweight than a Dewalt dws780.
  • Festool has a greater cutting capacity than Dewalt dws780.
  • The beveling of the Festool Kapex is more accessible than the Dewalt DWS780.

The verdict

The Festool miter saw is for precise and clean cuts on various applications. That is a professional power-cutting tool for carpenters, contractors, woodworkers, and framers. Not only is the Festool great for cutting all types of material, but it can also create a variety of angles. It has a durable motor, tough design, and usability features. For complex and complicated tasks, Dewalt dws780 is ideal. It has a lightweight construction for easy use and features a 15 amp motor that makes it turn faster. It is up to you which tool works better for your needs.

David D. Hughes

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