April 9, 2021

Festool Rotex 150 vs Bosch Professional GEX 150 | Which Random Orbital Sander Wins?

The Festool Rotex 150 vs Bosch Professional GEX 150 compares sanding tools from different manufacturers. They certainly have more differences that will make you choose one over the other. They have the same dust collection system, the same brake pads and random orbital sanders. They have a dual action, sanding and polishing at the same time. They differ in speed, weight and cost. Which you prefer will lead you to your first choice. But you may change your mind after you take a closer look at the two products below.

Overview of the Festool Rotex 150 

Rotex RO 150 FEQ-Plus Sander in systainer?

The Festool Rotex 150 is a smooth sanding machine with a 6Amp motor that produces 3,300 to 6,800 orbits per minute. The rotary speed ranges from 320 to 660 rotations per minute. The sander weighs up to 5lb, and that makes it lightweight. It has an ergonomic design that makes it beautiful. The thumb-ready controls make it a convenient sanding tool. It uses a pad that is 6inches in diameter. 

The Festool Rotex 150 sander is a multi-mode tool that sands and polishes material. It specializes in woodwork. Although the size of the sander looks big, it is not heavy. It is a well-balanced sander that is durable. The sanding machine comes in a Systainer. That gives the tool storage when not in use. It has storage space for your accessories. The tool becomes easy to transport when you are working away from home. 

There is a diagram that shows you how to store each part. The power supply of the Festool Rotex 150 allows you to plug the power cord at the back of the product and lock it in a twisting mode. The switch on top of the sander has to match the sander to the application. The aggressive switch mode is ideal for material removal, and the random orbital mode allows you to sand the material.  


  • Soft start system
  • Speed variance
  • Aggressive
  • No scratches on the material
  • Smooth


  • Less affordable
  • Work better with a vacuum

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Key Features of the Festool Rotex 150

Safety features

It has a brake pad that avoids set-down and start-up gouges. The auxiliary handle prevents your hand from fatigue and vibrations because the tool is aggressive. It has a soft start and stops the sanding machine from jerking your arm. 

Dust collection system

The sander comes with a Dust extraction port. It is easy to remove with a slight push of the green button. It keeps the machine away from dust. It has an enclosed gear system that does not allow dust particles to enter the gearing and bearing unit. That makes the sanding machine durable. Foreign objects have no access to the sanding device. The dust port is located at the bottom back of the sander. It increases the life of the pads.

Power and speed

The 6Amp motor has a speed rotary motion of 320 to 660 rotations per minute. The motor produces 3,300 to 6,800 orbits per minute. That means more power that is ideal for tough applications. As much as the machine is fast, it remains accurate. It makes fine applications. The speed variance allows you to maintain a constant speed on different loads.

Sanding pad

The sanding machine uses a sanding pad that is 6inches in diameter. The pad uses the hook and loop design. That makes it easy to remove and replace. The Fastfix pad allows the machine to operate without additional tools. It will enable you to change the sanding pads when the old one gets worn out. The sanding pad makes rotational and orbital patterns.

Overview of the Bosch Professional GEX 150

The Bosch Professional GEX 150 sander model has shown its strengths in performance, dust extraction, and ease of use. The model is lightweight and has an ergonomic design. The ergonomic design makes it easy to handle comfortably. You hardly have fatigue after a long day using the Bosch sander. That makes it ideal for heavy loads. The discs are easy to remove and replace. The pad dampening system does not leave swirl marks on the surface material. 

The micro-filter system keeps your environment clean and protects you from dust-related diseases. It uses a soft sanding pad that gives fine sanding, coarse sanding, and polishing. It also works on curved materials. The microfilter dust canister used by the Bosch sander keeps your work environment clean. You operate it using one hand. The variable speed controls allow you to change your speed depending on the material you are working on. 

The hook and loop attachment makes it easy to change the sanding pads. The sanding disc stays in place for high performance. The pad dampening system keeps your material free from swirls. The challenge with a Bosch sander is the engines that accompany some of its models that fail to pull heavy workloads. The body of the sander tends to heat up when in use. It weighs up to 5.84kg.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Speed variance
  • Micro-filter system
  • Hook and loop attachment
  • Pad-dampening system


  • The motor can be weak for large projects
  • The cord could be longer

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Key features of the Bosch Professional GEX 150

Pad dampening system

The 6-inch Bosch random orbit sander has a pad-dampening braking system that removes the swirl marks. That leaves the surface with a nice finish to the workpiece. The rapid removal feature gives the surface an ultra-smooth finish. 

Dust collection system

The Bosch Palm has a built-in micro-filter system that reduces the volume of dust produced. The micro-filter canister collects dust from the machine. It traps about 98 per cent of the particles that are half a micron smaller in diameter. The canister has a transparent material that allows you to measure the level of dust collected. That helps you avoid blockage. It does not matter how much you have used the canister. It remains transparent for as long as the sanding machine is still functioning. 

Hook and loop attachment

The hook and loop attachment makes changing sanding pads easy and quick. Align the holes of the sanding pad to the sanding disc and press firmly. A clicking sound assures you that you have done it correctly. 

Soft grip

The sander is easy to hold with comfort. Choose the soft-grip surface from the top, base, or front when operating the sanding machine. That is convenient, unlike standard sanders you only hold from the front. The power cord has an ergonomic design that prevents the tool from slipping off your hands. The soft grip keeps your hands safe from vibration. You can use the machine on heavy loads without hurting your hands or arms.


  • They both have the same level of vibration/noise.
  • They both perform dual-action.
  • They both come with an ergonomic design.
  • Both are Random Orbit Sanders.
  • They both come with a brake pad.
  • They are attached to external dust extractors.
  • They have 6Amp motors.


  • The Festool Rotex 150 weighs 2.27kg, whereas the Bosch weighs 5.84kg.
  • The Festool Rotex 150 has a speed rate of 3,300 to 6,800 rotations per minute, whereas the Bosch has 4,500 to 12,000 rotations per minute.
  • The Festool Rotex 150 has an orbital stroke rate of 320 to 660 opm, whereas the Bosch makes 9,000 to 24,000 opm. 


The Festool Rotex 150 ranges from 481 to 600, whereas the Bosch ranges from 125 to 148. That makes the Bosch more affordable than the Festool Rotex 150.


What might make you choose the Festool Rotex is the dual action. You can sand and polish with the same tool. The soft start protects you from the sander. This quality tool with a speed adjustment system allows you to keep your speed consistent across different applications. The Bosch Professional GEX 150 is the perfect sander for you if you are on a tight budget. It also has a higher speed.

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