December 10, 2021

How much does it cost to build a 10×10 shed?

The 10×10 storage shed costs between $1,000.00 and $2,000.00 to build yourself.  If you consider hiring someone or purchasing a pre-built shed that costs about double. However, the costs of materials differ based on the style of shed you build, time of year, the demand of the materials, and the price of materials negotiated. 

Research local building requirements for building a shed from your city or county and decide on the style and size of the shed you want to build. Before you get started, get cost estimates for the shed you want to build

Factors that Affect a Shed’s Cost

Many factors affect shed costs, including the shed’s size, material, and construction. A tiny pre-made shed for your tools costs less than a custom-built shed, and it is easy to install yourself. However, you might need to hire a skilled brick mason to give a proper setup of a custom brick shed. Use a pricing guide for additional project costs.

Shed Plans

 As you plan your 10×10 garden shed plan, consider its steep roof, window, and doors on the end and sidewalls. The shed makes it like home in any backyard or garden. The siding for the garden sheds comes in a plywood texture with 1×2 battens to give the shed a board and batten look. 

The roof pitch is 10 in or 12inch. You are allowed to have a different pitch roof. You can have roof rafter designs for other pitches from the internet. The roof overhangs on the garden sheds and should be kept to a minimum so that you can extend them if necessary. Details for optional roof overhangs are in the manual. 

Here are some shed plans.

List of material 

CLS C16 timber 38x63mm x 2.4m (Quantity 60)

LogLap cladding 125mm x 22mm (224m total length) or Shiplap cladding 119mm x 14.5mm (244m)

3×2 C16 construction timber 45x70mm x 3m (Quantity 8)

3×2 C16 construction timber 45x70mm x 3.6m (Quantity 6)

OSB3 18x1220x2440mm (Quantity 5)

OSB3 12x1220x2440mm (Quantity 6)

Corner/fence posts 90x90mm x 2.4m (Quantity 4)

Cement 25kg

Sharp sand 25kg

Waterproof sheeting

Roof felt 10m

Door hinges

A mix of screws – 80mm – 50mm – selection box

Window – (optional)

How much would it cost to build a 10×12 shed?

Expect to pay around $5,653 for a 10′ x 12′ storage shed. The cost may vary slightly once labor is factored in.

How many 2×4 Do I need to build a 10×10 shed?

You need three pieces of 4×4 lumber – 120″ long SKIDS or two pieces of 2×6 lumber – 120″ long, nine pieces – 117″long FLOOR FRAME.

Cost to Build a Shed Per Square Foot

The average cost to build a shed is $3,634. Most homeowners pay between 1,767 to 9,567. That is 20 to 175 per square foot.

Metal Shed Cost

The average cost of metal garden sheds ranges from $400 to $2,000 or more. It depends on the exact size and features of the structure

Concrete Shed Cost

Concrete slab costs range from around $3000 for a small shed up to $12,000 or more for a large shed. 

Brick Shed Cost

The price for building a brick shed differs depending on the size of the shed. Pay around $1000-5000 to have a brick garden shed built. If you take it as a DIY task, you save some cents, and you will not need to worry about labor costs.

Metal vs Wood Shed

Decide on what works for you as you look at the benefits of using either wood or metal shed. Consider what interests you and work with what you are looking to accomplish.  I will take you through some pros and cons of both to see what works for you.

A metal shed is durable and holds up better than wood. It is a bit more forgiving, and you can add several features to your metal shed you might not be able to add to your wood design. It comes with all kinds of color options. Metal sheds require minimal maintenance and if you are to work on replacements, done over a long period of use. 

However, cannot change the color easily as you would a woodshed. Regular paint does not stick to metal like wood because it does not have pores. Sound rain makes noise when striking metal. Spending much time inside of the shed might be irritating.

Wood sheds easily blend in with the rest of your property. You can easily add a second floor which is not easy to metal. However, you need to perform additional upkeep with your woodshed to protect it from moisture and insects. A sealant protects your shed against insects and water damage.

Labor Cost to Build a Shed

The average labor costs of building a shed are around 70 an hour. It is almost half the total cost to build a custom shed. However, it depends on how complex it is to assemble.

Tips to reduce costs when building a shed

  • Get involved in your residential shed construction
  • Look for a flexible team about the erection and construction of your new shed. If you are a tradesperson or have a partner you are working with. Get a new shed as a kit to assist with parts of the build you cannot complete yourself. 
  • That is what flexibility means. It allows you to keep costs down where you can and not pay the team to complete something you can do yourself.

Make a Building Plan

A building plan helps you save money and time. You have a lower chance of making mistakes. An alternative would be to use the Build a Shed Plan. The process requires a proper design where you define everything you need. That is how you make a reasonable estimate on how much the shed would cost you before you get started. You can also put cost-cutting measures in advance.

Use affordable materials and tools.

Sometimes you might not have the necessary tools you need to build your shed. Renting is another option that helps you save money. The rent costs you a few pounds daily, compared to hundreds, or even thousands required to buy power tools. 

You might not need these once the project is done. However, this might not be a good idea if you see yourself running the project for a long time. The few pounds to be used for a rental is a kart of the amount you can jag for the shed.  

Wood is an affordable material you can use and easy to work with. Choose the type that fits your budget but tries not to compromise durability. That way, you will not have to spend so much on maintenance and repairs. 

You may also want to finish your shed with paint to protect it from the elements. Unlike renting, having a shed is also an investment because a decent design and construction can increase your property’s value. There are a lot of options to consider, and you need some research and think about what works best for your budget and design.

Is it cheaper to use a shed kit?

Yes, it is cheaper to build your shed using a shed kit. That makes it affordable to build your shed than to purchase a pre-built shed. You should have all the tools required to build the shed. However, it does not take many specialty tools to build the shed.

Kit sheds are less affordable than DIY. It also includes delivery, and that costs about $2,900. Bear in mind that shed contractors come at a price more than to build a custom shed. A 12×24 woodshed with a floor is between $6,500 and 10,000; depending on windows and door sizes and finishes.

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