April 21, 2022

How to Apply CCL Gunstock Oil

How to use ccl gunstock conditioning oil

When using fresh CCL oil, it is best to use it once open. Make sure you use the oil liberally when applying it to the firearm. Ensure that it is free-flowing when fresh. If you notice the oil is slightly thick, it has likely expired. The product will not work well in this event. It is straightforward to apply, given you only need to put a small amount on your palm and rub it. Make sure to generate some heat when rubbing the gun. Make sure the finish does not feel sticky when complete. Once complete, you can leave it to dry and then add another coat.

What is CCL oil?

CCL Gunstock Conditioning Oil -is an excellent option for firearm owners who wish to protect their weapons. It is a highly capable oil that improves the aesthetic of your gun by revitalizing it. Many consumers enjoy CCL oil because it can give a new weapon a long-lasting oil finish. Using CCL oil is a fine sheen to your wooden stock. It is very subtle, and a small amount will work to fill the surface pores.

gunstock 231 wood finish

Should I oil my gun stock?

Many consumers choose to use an oil finish for their gun stock because of the many advantages. An oil finish on your gunstock is the easiest option to apply and the most durable. These qualities are beneficial to wood that is finished or unfinished. Adding oil will also help to make the weapon waterproof. This feature should help stop any moisture from forming and prevent black mold. The other advantage is increased UV protection that can last for several years.

What is the best oil for a gunstock?

Boiled Linseed oil

Boiled Linseed Oil can be used on the new or stripped gun stock. The finish is quite beautiful and feels natural. It is a premium finish that dries faster than most finishes. 

Is gun oil good for wood stocks?

There is a good chance that using gun oil will cause your wood to decay quickly. When dealing with a wood stock, you are better off dealing with Tung Oil or Boiled Linseed Oil. 

Cleaning the gunstock

  1. When you begin to clean your gunstock, it is essential that you have triple checked that the gun is not loaded. 
  2. It is advisable to begin by starting with the carved areas on the stock. These areas can be easily cleaned using white vinegar and cotton swabs. Make sure you rub this mixture into the pores of the store.
  3. The next stage will involve using a damp cloth. Ensure this cloth is clean and has been sprayed with Windex or vinegar. Using this mixture will help to remove any oils and dirt from the stock. You will need to repeat the process multiple times if the gunstock is very dirty. This process is essential to remove old oils and dirt from the weapon. Use a new clean cloth as the old one gets dirty. 

How to apply

As polish, you can consider using a small amount of furniture polish. Make sure to apply this on a clean cloth and polish the gunstock. Avoid using too much and ensure you distribute it evenly and wipe off any excess.

Use a ccl gunstock oiler

Choosing a CCL oil for your gunstock will be a good investment. The product helps to revitalize your gunstock whilst also providing a protective layer. Using CCL oil will offer your gun a very calm and natural-looking sheen. This finish will be subtle and difficult to notice, which many gun owners prefer. Only when in bright light will you see the fine surface sheen. The product can be applied with your bare palm making its ease of application appealing to consumers. 

When to apply

Raised fibres are a clear indication that the gunstock of the wood is beginning to rot. This problem is created as the wood has been absorbing moisture. Wood can only start to drink water when the finish has caved in.

Which part of the gunstock oil to apply

You need to apply the oil to the gunstock and barrel. These are the most challenging areas, and they need time to settle. 

How much ccl gunstock oil to apply

There is no exact amount of oil to apply. The best way to figure this out is on a case by case basis. Using CCL gunstock oil will need to be judged by eye. Make sure to spread a healthy amount over the gun straight from the dispenser. Be sure to add a uniform amount to the weapon and allow a few minutes to settle. Once you notice the oil is drying, you can begin to buff off the excess with a microfibre cloth. You will know the coating is sufficient when it feels dry when touched. You can expect your gun to come off with a lovely matt finish.

How to clean ccl gunstock oil off

To remove an existing layer of gunstock oil, you will need to sand the gun down with both dry and wet sandpaper. If you have added a new coat and need to remove the excess CCL oil you applied, you will need to use a microfibre cloth when wiping off the extra oil. These tools will help clean the gun of its existing layer. 

How to clean ccl gunstock oil brushes

It is best to apply this product with a nylon bristle brush. It is thin and able to spread the oil out evenly. Many consumers who do not own this product use their bare palms if there are no tools available.

How to dilute

CCL oil can be used fresh from the container without any dilution. 

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