June 1, 2021

How to Measure Band Saw Tires | What You Should Know

Have you ever wondered how to measure band saw tires? The answer is easier than you think. All you need is a tape measure, and getting the right measurements is a snap!

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The article explains that there are two ways to measure tires for band saws: with a ruler or with a tire width gage. It also explains what each measurement means and why they are important. One question he answers is, “What does ‘O’ (of an inch) mean?” Well, one O equals 2.54 centimeters, which is converted from inches to millimeters.

Why measuring bandsaw tires?

The size of the tire depends on the wheel size. We measure band saw tires because they need replacement when they wear out. A band saw consists of two wheels that make it operate, and these wheels are protected by a tire so that they do not damage the saw blade. Measuring band saw tires helps you fit your saw with the right band saw tire size. 

The tire size is specific to the band saw you are using. You cannot buy a random tire of any size to use on your bandsaw machine. Band saws are measured when your band saw is operating unevenly. It might also have cracks hence the need to measure your tires. Tires are measured so that you keep an extra one. 

Keep a spare tire so that you install the new one right there when it stops functioning effectively. Looking for a spare tire in the middle of the task is inconvenient. That is why I urge you to learn to install and remove your tires on your band saw. That does not consume more time, and you will have the requirements at hand.

 Looking for a new tire in front of a client makes you unprofessional and incompetent. You would not want to impose incompetency in front of a client. The next time they are moving to the next person. That also slows down your work, and you end up missing deadlines. Failure to measure band saw tires results in the buying of the wrong size of tire. 

There is no other way to know the size of the tire if you do not measure it. You end up paying more than you were supposed to pay for a tire. If you buy from a shop that does not accept returns, that means you have wasted your money. 

If you buy the wrong tire size, you have to pay a shipping fee to get an exchange, and you are going to wait till they ship back the correct size. So get it done right away by measuring the band saw tire and order the correct size.

Measure the diameter of the tire

The diameter of the wheel is measured using an inch scale and measured from one side to the opposite side of the band saw. The tire has to be 2inches shorter than the wheel size regardless of the wheel diameter measurement, and that means you have to subtract two from the diameter of the saw wheels. 

The diameter measurements allow you to fit the wheel well on the band saw machine, and it has to be in place with ease. The moment you start squeezing the tire onto the wheel, it shows you the wrong diameter measurements. The size of the tire in stores has a gradient of 2 inches. 

Remove the old tire attached to the band saw using a razor knife to remove the glue that attaches the tire in place. Tire measurements range from 10 to 20 inches, and they are in 2-inch increments. What matters on the diameter of the tire is a perfect fit. Measuring the diameter of the wheel determines the size of your band saw, not the other way round. 

Subtract 2inches from the total size of the band saw so that you have the size of the band saw. The measurement has to be in inches, even if you were using another form of measurement. It does not help you if you do not know how to remove and install the tire onto the band saw since it requires that procedure. That has to be done, and it eases the process for you. That means you cannot have it measured while installing it to the band saw. 

How to measure a bandsaw blade width

The width of the band saw tire determines how much bigger you go with tires, and I do not advise you to go more than 20mm wider than the original rim. The tire does not have to be too high, and that makes the tire unstable. The expansion capacity of the tire is up to 5mm for every half inch the rim width increases. 

The width of the tire determines the stability of the band saw. The distance between the flanges and the wheels has to be in sync, and it does not have to affect the movement and the position of the blade. The tension of the band saw blade also depends on the width. The width that affects the band saw blade moves back and forth across the wheel face. 

If the width of the band saw tire is not proper, you will have difficulties with the saw blade. The width of the blade goes with the thickness of the tire, and you cannot separate the two. Consult the manufacturer of your band saw on the thickness of your band saw if you are not sure.

Measure the circumference of the tire

The circumference of the band saw tire is measured using flexible tape because it is not a straight item. The circumference is measured while the band saw tire is on the wheel, which does not compromise the size of the circumference. Measuring the tire off the wheel gives room for inaccuracy since the tire flexes. 

It contracts the moment you take it off the wheel. The circumference of the tire helps you stick to the correct size of the tire. Just in case you got the diameter wrong, you have the chance of figuring it out by measuring the circumference. 

Measure the height of the bandsaw tire

You can have a tire at the height you want, but do not make it too high because that will cause instability. The height of the tire should be equal to the width and diameter of the tire, and the height must be proportional to the rest of the band saw.

If it is too high, it cannot accommodate the saw blade. This will affect the performance of the band saw. There is a wide range of tires in different sizes and heights. You have the option to choose the height that you are happy with. It depends on the length of your saw blade and the type of band saw. Find out How to Use a Portable Band Saw.

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