February 19, 2023

How to remove a door hinge pin

Start by removing the hinges first before you take out the door. Pay attention to the safety precautions so that you do not damage your door or hurt yourself. Door removal from hinges is for painting or replacing the door. Make sure you have the necessary tools for maximum effectiveness. This article will give a detailed summary of how you remove the door hinge pin. 

Gather the necessary tools and materials.


When using the screwdriver to drive the hinge pin from the bottom, you may have to tap it using a hammer or a mallet to pry the pinhead from the hinge.

A nail set or punch

Nail sets are short, tapered steel bars that serve as a companion to a hammer. When the hinge pin is difficult to remove with the hammer, use an 8d nail or a similarly sized nail to take it out (Thisoldhouse.com). 


Use a hammer, a wedge, a nail punch, and a nail set to replace hinges but you might also need a screwdriver to help pry the hinge pin loose once pried from its place.

Remove the door from the frame.

Remove the door from the frame before attempting to remove the hinge pin. Loosen the screws that hold the hinges to the door and the frame, and gently lift the door off the hinges. Remove the door from the frame before the hinges by laying it on a new carpet. Take out the hinges properly without hurting yourself or damaging the door. 

Removing the door off its hinges may appear simple, but a hassle if you have not done this before. When dealing with solid wooden doors, note that they are heavy.  Remove a door quickly and easily without pinching fingers or marring the door by following instructions.

Tap out the hinge pin.

  1. Collect all the needed tools before you start removing the hinge pins. Make sure you have all the things you will need, especially the hammer and a wedge, nail punch, or nail set. The nail set is there to knock the pin out, and a screwdriver to pry it once it is out. Avoid using a regular nail to knock out the hinge pins since it is likely to bend.
  2. Lodge a book underneath the door for support. It has to be stable for support to keep it from toppling over while you are still unpinning it. Sliding books underneath the crack in the door offer the door a surface to sit on while you remove the pins. Use another set of hands if available.
  3. Force the pin-up from the door hinge using a hammer and your nail punch. To remove the pin, put the flat end of the nail against the pin, and tap it up with the hammer. Increase the force until the pin lodges upwards. Work with smaller moves than one force. Being too quick and brash may give you a scratched or damaged pin. Use a lubricant like WD-40 if there is difficulty in getting it to push up (Clevercreations.org).
  4. Nudge the pin to lose and remove it using a screwdriver to pry it up further. Tap the hinge with a hammer to loosen it up. Ram the pin-up with a few more taps from the hammer. Take off the bottom hinge first for stability. When the door is triple-hinged, take out the middle one first. Use a chisel or flathead screwdriver.

Remove the door from the hinges.

Once you remove all the pieces, take the door down. Be very careful since doors are heavy. Use an extra hand if available. Take extra care to keep it from toppling over. Put a piece of cardboard under the door to protect the floor, then ease the door off the hinges by lifting slightly at the knob using one hand and under one hinges with the other hand.

Close and latch your door to make the job easier. Remove the hinge pins before you take the door from the hinges. Place the pointy end of a nail underneath each pin, and knock the bottom of the nail with the hammer. It has to be gentle. Allow the nail to knock the hinge pin loose. Do not drive it out through, as you could damage the trim with the hammer.

Reinstall the door and hinge pin.

  1. Taking the door off the hinge may be easy, but putting the door back can be challenging. With the right technique, putting it back is as easy as taking it off. To put the door back, grab the center of the door and tilt it slightly to the top. Engage your knuckles to the top hinge. Work on the remaining door hinges using the weight of the door hanging from the top hinge.
  2. Place books along the bottom of the door arch to fill the door crack. Run a test before you find an elevation that accommodates the natural crack. Place them at the bottom of the door arch for proper support.
  3. Push the hinge pin into the first hinge that lines up so you have another set of hands to insert the hinge pins as soon as they are lined up. Even if one of your hinges is low, they will not fit together. Use a pry bar under the door, and lever up the door until the other hinges click together so that you can insert the hinge pin. Please close the door and hold it firmly. 
  4. Avoid sudden movements when putting the door back on its hinges since it can damage the door or the frame.


In conclusion, a door hinge pin is removed using a screwdriver, hammer, and nail set. Put on your safety wear so that you do not hurt your fingers. Remove the door first and use a cardboard box to support your door whilst you are working on the hinges. Follow the safety steps to safely and effectively remove a door hinge pin, or seek professional help if facing any difficulties. 

David D. Hughes

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