September 18, 2021

How to use a Dremel Circle Cutter | A Clever Guide + Video

The Dremel circle cutter is a tool that allows you to cut perfect circles in wood, plastic, rubber, metal, and even concrete. It’s a popular tool because it’s easy to use and produces precise results. However, as with any tool, there are some things you should know to avoid cutting yourself.

Find the center of the circle you want to cut (DIY Dremel circle cutter)

Draw a circle on the surface with a diameter and circumference of your choice since you know the size you want. 

Use your measurements or outline. To calculate the diameter of the circle you want to cut, use a tape measure. Hold the tape measure to the surface and draw a dot at the center point. Use a compass to outline the surrounding circle. 

The tool used to draw knowledge of the material depends on where the material is. If you do not have the mentioned measuring equipment, use a string. Take the circle’s diameter using a measuring string and mark it with a marker on the string. 

Take one end of the string to the center and tie a pencil to the marking. Keep the string end in the center as you draw a circle using the pencil tied to the string. Below is an illustration.

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Attach the Dremel circle cutter to your Dremel

Prepare the Dremel by attaching the Drymen circle cutter to your Dremel. Remember to buy a circle cutter guide kit. The reason being the Dremel does not cut perfect circles. The cutter kit is not affordable, but it is worth it. 

The circle cutter allows you to cut circles ranging from ¾ to 12 inches. Insert the cutting bit in the Dremel; the material you are using is your guideline. Make sure the Dremel is unplugged as you hold down the shaft lock button on the side of the tool to unlock it. 

A multi-purpose bit is ideal for cutting wood. Use a wrench to twist the shaft holding the but in place. Slide out the bit and insert a round cutting bit that matches the material you are cutting. Tighten the shaft again and release the lock button. 

Take off the cap on the shaft when done installing the proper bit. The shaft cap is not applicable when using the circle cutter. Screw the cutting guides housing into the end of the rotary tool. The housing is the black case from one side of the guide. 

Use the guideline to slide the bit through the center of the plastic housing. Twist the housing clockwise until the threading catches on the end of the Dremel tool. The housing sometimes slides back and forth after tightening, which is supposed to be done. 

Mount the circle-cutting pivot known as you screw it to the guide. The sliding piece sets the depth of the cut, and it takes seconds to tighten it. Keep your fingers safe from the cutting bit as you tighten the housing. 

Turn the semi-circular pivot knob around till the threaded pin is pointing up. Place the threaded pin underneath the guideline and push it through the opening. Screw the cabinet with the threaded pin. Do not tighten it. 

Use the Dremel circle cutter to cut through the wood

Make a pilot hole through the center of your circle outline. Attach the pilot bit to the drill, and drive the bit into the material at a perpendicular angle. A small divot sticks out of the base of the pivot knob and anchors it in the material you are cutting. 

Lock the pivot knob in the guide to match the circle’s radius. Look for the hash mark on the guideline that matches the radius on the circle. Tighten the cap. Slide the pin on the foot knob inside the pilot hole you drilled. Lower it into the hole. 

The base of the guideline has to rest flat on the surface you are cutting. Check the bit as you make sure it lines up with the circle. Insert the pivot foot in the center point. Switch on the Dremel and push it around the circle you drew. 

One hand must be on the front half of the Dremel and the other on the trigger. Push the Dremel slowly around the circle. Apply pressure to keep the pivot foot firmly on the pilot hole. Lead the cutting bit around the drawn circle to start cutting. 

Set up the tools, and the cutting process becomes easy. Let go of the trigger and lift the cutting tool when done. Hold the cutting tool firmly till you finish the last cut. Keep a firm grip on the cutting tool for safety. Clean up rough edges and wipe the cut. The Dremel cutter remains fixed while—Mount you move it in a circle. 

Selecting the suitable Dremel circle cutter

When selecting the Dremel circle cutter, consider the type of work you wish to complete. For fine detail, compact rotary craft machines are for power cutting. When you are sure that the cutter you are picking runs your current and future projects, make sure it falls under your budget. 

Choosing the right drill bits for your project

Although you should choose Dremel bits for specific tasks, you should have a wide range of them even if you are not using them. Choose a bit according to the medium it can be used and by material. 

Select the size that suits your needs. Steel bits are for softwood, titanium-coated wood bits are more durable than the rest, and a wood drill bit is more versatile. Drill bits come with pilot hole charts that help you choose the right drill bit. 

Best depth to cut

To set the depth of the cut, use the thumbscrew on the housing. There is a small knob that you turn counterclockwise 2 to 3 times and lift the Dremel tool a bit. The side of the ounce that pops out of the housing has measurements. 

Look for your desired cutting depth and line it up with the housing base. The depth has to be longer than the thickness of your material, or you can set it to be ¼ – ¾ the thickness of the material to carve a groove into the surface. Ensure the knife is tight enough to lock the cutting depth. 

When you cut through the material, set the cutting depth at ¼ inch longer than the width of your material. If you are not, measure the thickness and take away 25 to 75% of the height, preventing cutting too deep into the wood. 

Removing the circle cutter and Dremel

Hold the tool firmly as you make the final cut. Release the trigger and hold the cutting tool with both hands. If you let go quickly, you will have your fingers hurt. Lift the trigger and place it on its side and disassemble the circle cutter kit. Keep a firm grip on the Dremel tool, so the material does not fall. 

Cleaning up the circle cutter and replacing it

Clean up rough edges when disassembling the tool. Wipe the cut with a clean cloth. What you use to wipe off the cutting tool depends on what you are cutting.  Replacing the cutter is the same process as attaching the circle cutter. 

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