April 5, 2021

Jet 14sfx VS Laguna 1412 BandSaw Comparison | Which One Is Better

This post pits the Jet 14sfx vs Laguna 1412 bandsaw. They share features that make them so similar that some users confuse the tools. What is important are the features and the cost that the products bring.

However, pay attention to the slight differences between the Jet 14sfx and the Laguna 1412. Your budget and the durability of the band saw play a role in choosing a tool. Weight is one feature of these products, as the differences are minor. Below you will find an article that evaluates both tools so that you can make the best choice based on this research.

Overview of the Jet 14sfx

JWBS14-SFX 1-3/4HP 14

The Jet JWBS-14SFX bandsaw has an aluminum fence and a 3,000 SFPM blade speed. The dual 4 inch dust ports allow you to maintain a clean environment and health status free from diseases caused by inhaling dust. The duality in the dust ports makes the machine fast and efficient in disposing of dust particles. That makes it a heavy-duty machine. 

The chances are low that your machine will clog dust inside. The 115Volt AC outlet is ideal for optional accessories that you need. The base is solid and sturdy as it is heavy-duty. It leaves the bandsaw well-balanced. The machine comes with a deep table. The table gives you a large, working surface area. It is made of durable cast iron. 

Accurate cuts are made possible by the aluminum fence surface that makes the activities visible. The saw machine is durable due to the steel doors with welded steel pin hinges. You cannot have them falling or loosening. The machine’s strength lies in the oversized machine. The bearing bolt pattern makes the machine rigid.


  • Strong and rigid
  • Durable
  • An effective dust collection system
  • Large workpiece support
  • Accurate cuts


  • The alignment could be better
  • The instructions are poor

Key Features of the Jet JWBS-14SFX


The blade has a speed of 3,000 SFMP and is 125 inches long. The width is ½ inches, with a maximum blade width of ¾ inches and a minimum blade width of 1/8 inches. It has a tensioning wheel that is on top of the saw. It improves the performance of the machine on the workpiece when working. 

Dust collection system

It has a dust port that has an outside diameter of 4 inches. The dual dust port system ensures a clean work environment that protects you from dust-related diseases. Almost every dust particle is disposed of in the bag or vacuum. 


The 1-3/4 horsepower motor is powerful to run a heavy-duty machine. It is a 115Volts machine that is powered by a 15 amp circuit. The 115 Volt AC outlet gives you a chance to use additional accessories. 

Fence system

The aluminum fence is durable. It has a large surface area that gives you more visibility of each activity you run. That makes accuracy inevitable on precision cuts. 

Overview of the Laguna Bandsaw 1412

14|12 1-3/4HP 14

The Laguna Bandsaw 14 |12 has cast iron wheels that are durable. They are stronger to withstand the pressure that comes with the machine.  They are 3-in-1 pieces of wheels. The pinion system is ultra-smooth and has minimal flex when fully extended. The bandsaw has double windows that allow you to check tension and tracking simultaneously while the machine operates. 

The saw machine weighs 266 pounds, and the blade is 115 inches long. The heavy-duty machine is easy to set up with the help of the manual. The quality is excellent, considering the heavy metal and sturdy base. It gives the machine balance. However, it does not come with a blade. You have to buy it separately. Both the machine and the kit are lightweight. 

The blade guide is ceramic, and it isn’t easy to adjust. It makes low vibrations, and the powerful machine cuts smoothly. The dust collection system could be better, but it is not bad. The quick-release blade tension feature allows you to control the blade. It tends to loosen after a certain period or after completing tasks.  


  • Compact size
  • Tool-less ceramics bearings
  • An impressive dust collection system
  • Large aluminum rip fence
  • Beautiful design


  • The blade is not in the package
  • It does not come with a shelf

Key features of the Laguna 1412 


The table tilts to 45 degrees to the right and 7 degrees to the left. It has a micro-adjust feature. The table is cast iron, and the surface is micro-polished. 


The heavy-duty machine is overweight. Hence that does not compromise the wheels. The wheels are well-balanced, and they fit well with conventional wheels. The tires have a cooling system that lasts longer than the standard tires. 

Motor and speed

The 110Volt saw comes with a 1 ¾ horsepower TEFC motor. The saw exceeds the standard expectations due to its comfortability and accuracy. The saw comes with a 13-inch blade guide that is quite effective.

Blade size

The blade is 115 inches long. It has a quick-release tension feature that allows you to control the blade. You need to check the blade regularly before you start using the machine. The screws might be loose. Hence it affects the machine. The precision blade tension scale produces accuracy in cuts. The blade changing system is easy and fast. The plastic blade shroud in the cabinet improves the dust collection process. 

Blade guard

The blade guard is quite functional. It is adjustable quickly and easily. Both the upper and lower guard supports the blade without difficulties. There is only one knob that is difficult to reach if you do not tilt the table. The blade width is 1/8 inch, and the length is 115 inches. That makes it ideal for long materials.

Fence system

The fence system is simple, and it allows you to keep it in an upright position for re-sawing. You adjust it quickly as you match it with the application in use. 


  • Both products have adjustable blades.
  • Both products do not come with blades. Blades are not included in the package. What is important is buying the correct size.

Differences between Jet 14sfx VS Laguna 1412 Bandsaw

  • The Jet 14 SFX bandsaw is lighter than the Laguna 1412.
  • The Laguna 1412 comes in white, whereas the Jet 14sfx comes in black and red.
  • The Laguna 1412 has a resaw capability of 12 inches, whereas the Jet 14sfx is over 13 inches. 


The two products have a difference of 200. Both products are under 1500, but the Jet 14sfx is more affordable than the Laguna 1412.

Verdict on the Jet jwbs-14sfx vs Laguna 1412

Have you already decided on Laguna 1412 vs Jet 14sfx? There are a few differences between the Jet 14sfx and Laguna 1412. If you are looking for a more affordable bandsaw, I recommend the Jet 14sfx. It is also lighter than the Laguna 1412, but the resawing capability is greater than the Jet 14 sfx bandsaw. If your concerns are limited to price and weight, you know you are making the best choice.

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