April 25, 2021

Kreg ACS vs Festool MFT

In my search for a cutting table system, I looked at the Kreg ACS vs Festool MFT. I have used models from both brands and can add some information to the discussion. You need to compare the innovative features, which include guide rails, angle stops, non-slip feet, adjustable legs and table extensions. When you look at these features, you need to match them with your needs. In this article, I compare their features.

Overview of the Kreg ACS

The Kreg adaptive cutting system has a way of adapting to your needs regardless of location and the wood material you are cutting. It comes with a 62-inch guide track that guides you when cutting. You have a precise cut line and smooth cuts. The fully-covered blade and the riving knife make the cutting system safe. 

The chances of having cuts on your fingers are low, and they protect you from kickbacks. The powerful system has a variable-speed motor that has to be safe for users. It is compatible with multiple accessories, such as the Guide track and track connectors, which increases your cutting capacity. The blade comes with 48 teeth and a 2-1/8inch maximum cutting depth.

The table has several guides and measuring systems that keep your material secure and precise. The Guide track is mounted on the Project table so that you run crosscuts and rip solid wood boards, mitered angles, bevel angles, and larger panels. That is how you secure accurate, smooth, and straight cuts. The Project table is foldable, portable, and easy to store vertically. It is also easy to roll out and set up when you want to use it. 


  • Safe
  • Precise
  • Versatile
  • Portable
  • Smooth finish


  • It uses a left–side blade saw
  • A bit slow

Key Features of the Kreg ACS

Powerful motor

The Kreg ACS3000 adaptive system plunge saw has a 12Amp, 120 Volt variable speed motor with load compensation and electronic brakes (Source). The powerful motor comes with speed variance and electronic brakes. The brakes stop the saw motor immediately after being activated. That keeps you and your material safe. 

Riving knife and blade

The Kreg AC2000 adaptive cutting system saw has built-in safety features that prevent kickbacks. The riving knife has anti-kickback pawls that keep you safe from the material you are cutting—the knife bevels from -1 to 47 degrees. The Kreg adaptive cutting system plunge saw has a blade to the left, giving you visibility. The saw blade has a 48-tooth carbide-tipped blade. You have control over your cutting machine.

Guide track

The Guide track comes with anti-chip strip and grip strips that keep the track in place. The 62inch guide track mounts to the Project table. 

Rigid legs

The Kreg ACS3000 adaptive plunge saw has a folding, rolling table and an integrated measuring system (Source). The legs come with adjustable levers that allow you to adjust. The legs are foldable into a small system that is easy to roll out and prepare to use.

Overview of the Festool MFT 

The Festool is a multifunction table with accessories that suit the needs of different applications. It comes with guide rails and a combination of bevels. The accessories are secured and safe in place. They are secured to varying positions for multiple working positions. The sliding table allows crosscuts with a maximum cutting width of 830mm. It has block stops and a guide rail that align your material to the fence.

The clamping tool allows accurate and repetitive cuts on different materials. The table has a height of 90cm, which is comfortable for users. It reduces back strain and fatigue. That means you work for longer hours without discomfort. The table comes with foldaway legs that make it portable and easy to store, roll out and prepare. That saves space in your garage. 

The legs make the table mobile. Mobility and portability are features of a cutting machine. Sometimes you have to move it around if you get wide material that requires space from both sides. The Festool multifunction table gives precise cuts due to the connection to the Compact Module System. The load capacity is 120kg, and it weighs 28kg. The dust collection system allows you to connect to a vacuum clamping system.


  • Sturdy
  • Anti-slippery feet
  • Extendable table
  • Foldaway legs
  • Multi-functional


  • Be attentive when setting the guide rails
  • The tops sag

Key features of the Festool MFT

Guide rail

The guide rail gives your material routing. It does not select sizes and shapes when securing your material in place. That does not compromise the flexibility of the cutting table. The end of the rail is on top of the support plate, and the key is in the groove. You secure the guide rail with two screws and tighten it using the hexagon wrench. The Festool MFT/3 Mini comes with V-groove side rails that accommodate accessories.

Angle Stop

The stops are attached to the front and back of the bench. You need to unscrew the height adjustment clamp and the knob to slide the material in and tighten the knob. You must push down the clamping lever to ensure the material is secure. That is when you attach the guide rail. It is for precise and repetitive cuts. It stabilizes the wood material. It is easy to adjust using the knob. 

Table extensions

The Festool multifunction table has an integrated T-groove side rail connecting two or more tables. Connectors are inserted into the rails to bridge the tables to one another. That increases your work surface. 

Foldaway legs

When assembling the legs, you screw on the knobs to the stop. Unfold the legs and tighten the knobs on the joints to become secure. The end cap is turned to the right when adjusting the height of the leg. 

The Festool 495315 MFT/3 multifunction table has slip-resistant feet that stabilize your work surface (Source). You need to pay attention to uneven surfaces. The corner feet have rubber caps to avoid slipping. The rubber feet stop the movement when working on the floor. The top comes with holes that make it easy to connect tables. 


  • They both adapt to different cuts and materials.
  • They both come with guide tracks.
  • They both come with foldaway legs that are adjustable.
  • They both have a larger working surface area.
  • They both come with track connectors.
  • They both have speed variance.
  • They both have a riving knife.
  • They both have a built-in dust extraction system.

Differences between Kreg ACS and Festool MFT

  • The MFT works better with a dust vacuum, whereas the ACS has an effective dust collection system.
  • The Kreg is a bit heavier than the Festool. 
  • Festool has 36 teeth, whereas Kreg has 48 teeth.
  • Kreg is a bit slower than the Festool.
  • Festool has a 3-year warranty, whereas the Kreg has a 2-year warranty.
  • Kreg comes with a longer track than the Festool.
  • Kreg has a switch with a locking feature, whereas Festool has a plastic holder that needs you to pull consistently. 
  • Kreg comes with a dust control bag that Festool does not have. 
  • The Kreg is for a right-handed operator, whereas the Festool is for the left-handed. 


The Kreg adaptive cutting system is below 400, and the Festool MTF is below 700. That makes the Kreg more affordable than the Festool model. However, most of their models are in the same range.

Verdict on Kreg ACS vs Festool MFT

Numerous similarities between the two models make a choice difficult. However, the differences point to the product that meets your needs. The Kreg ACS is the perfect tool if you are on a tight budget. A right-handed user prefers it to the Festool. It has a safety switch that prevents the saw from retracting when activated. However, the Festool has a 3-year warranty. The above discussion points to your first choice. You may also like our Kreg Adaptive Cutting System vs Table saw post.

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