May 2, 2021

Laguna 14 bx 110 vs 220 | Which of These Two Bandsaws To Buy

If you are looking for a new band saw, you may be spoiled for choice between the Laguna 14 bx 110 vs 220. These band saws look very similar. However, through experience and research, I have found differences between the two. Thanks to some research and our growing community, we have a great comparison. When matching features with your needs, you must compare the construction, power, design, wheels, and blades. That’s what we are going to do for you in this article.

Overview of the Laguna 14 bx 110 

14|bx 1-3/4HP 110V 14

The Laguna 14 bx 110 is a bandsaw that is 70-1/4inch in height and weighs up to 260 lbs. The Laguna ceramic blade guides are easy to set and use. The blades are easy to change. Although the fence is solid, it requires adjustments. The frame is also solid, and that makes it last longer. 

The brakes are smooth. The table is spacious, and you have enough space for wide material. The flat table allows you to make accurate cuts. It comes with 2 x 4inch dust ports that make the dust collection system effective. The major drawback of the bandsaw is that it does not come with a blade. If you buy the wrong saw blade, it does not work on your bandsaw machine. 

It works with the standard 115-inch blade. It is compatible with a minimum blade width of 1/8 inch and a maximum blade width of 3/4 inch. The bandsaw comes with a tension indicator that gives you the compression of a spring. The closed upper door does not compromise the visibility of the tension indicator. 


  • Durable
  • Solid
  • Dual light mounting positions
  • Ease of use and set-up
  • Spacious table


  • Frame is heavy
  • It does not come with a blade

Key Features of the Laguna 14 bx 110

Dust collection system

The saw machine has a 4-inch dust port that collects the dust produced during operation. The 4inch dust hose connects to the dust port and has a capacity of 1,000 CFM. They are at the back of the machine. 


The Laguna 14 bx 110 is a 110Volt outlet at the back of the Pro Light System. It has a 14Amp, 1.75hp motor. The motor drives the lower flywheel through a drive belt. 


The table dimensions are 21-1/2 inches x 16 inches. It is 38 inches long. The table tilts to 7 degrees to the left and 45 degrees to the right. 

Blade and brake system

It works with a 115-inch blade. It is compatible with a minimum blade width of 1/8 inch and a maximum blade width of 3/4 inch. It comes with a magnetic blade guide. The brake system activates by applying pressure to the foot pedal. When the motor stops, the flywheel slows by the disc brake. The flywheel is protected from the blade by tire cushions. The lower heel drives the wheel, and the top wheel powers the saw blade. 

Blade guard

The blade guard protects the blade from hurting the user. Several guards cover the saw blade. They install when the saw machine is running. The guard attached to the lower door is adjustable vertically whilst the door is closed.

Mobility kit

The kit is at the base of the bandsaw. It comes with two wheels that are at the front. The swivel wheel is activated and deactivated using the foot lever. When it is deactivated, it sits on two rubber feet.


It has a Hi/Low Aluminium fence. The rack and pinion fence makes the bandsaw sturdy and balanced. 


The heavy-gauge solid steel frame comes in a U-shape. It protects and covers the parts that come with the bandsaw. When adding tension to the bandsaw machine, the structure takes the force from that action. 

Overview of the Laguna 14 bx 220 

x14|bx 2-1/2HP 220V 14 bx Bandsaw

The 2.5hp, 220V motor makes the Laguna 14 bx 220 a high-power bandsaw. It is a bandsaw for the money, and the size is fair. Ceramic guides do not require tools and make them easy to use. It is an upgrade of the Laguna 14 bx 110. The guide is easy to adjust. 

Make sure that the saw blade is parallel to the fence. Use your hands to adjust and align it, and the guard protects your fingers from the saw blade. It has a pyramid-shaped spine and a quick-release tension feature. It comes with a paper gap instruction in the manual, but it takes time to study and follow the instructions. 

The cast-iron wheels are electronic and balanced. They fit with tires that are cool and last longer. The rear and opinion features are smooth to run. It flexes when extended. The double windows give you visibility on the tracking of the running machine. 


  • High power
  • Value for the money
  • Ease of use
  • Durable tires
  • Balanced


  • The other knob obstructs the performance
  • Lower guides are difficult to adjust

Key features of the Laguna 14 bx 220 


It has a stout aluminum extrusion fence with a low and high position. That makes the bandsaw machine comfortable to use. You do not need tools to adjust the height of the fence. It is easy to adjust.

Dust collection system

The bandsaw comes with a 4inch dust port that makes cleaning easy without practically having to clean after work. It collects dust from the lower and upper cabinets as efficiently as a DC. 

Mobile base

Although the mobile base is not in the package, I recommend the mobile base that is also affordable. The design allows you to have smooth movement. It is stable when mobile and when fixed in one position. You encounter difficulties if you push it from the top of the saw.


The guides are easy to adjust. The upper guide has to be parallel to the fence. It does not require more effort. The lower guides are a bit difficult to change due to the position of the table. There is an instruction page that helps you with the alignment.

Foot brake

The foot brake allows you to turn off the motor using your foot. That helps when you want to change your cutting position. The micro-switch turns off the motor with a little press. For an immediate stop, you apply pressure so that it quickly responds.


When working on high-tension applications, you must de-tension the blade. That is how you test where it is going to track. When you are working on low tensions,  that is not necessary.


The trunnions are big. They support heavy logs with ease.


Lamps are not a must. They are optional and sold separately. 


  • They have a heavy-gauge solid steel frame.
  • They have a disc brake that shuts off the power automatically.
  • Both bandsaws run smooth.
  • Both bandsaws do not vibrate.
  • They have a magnetic On/Off switch.
  • They come with dual mounting positions.
  • They have the Pro light System.
  • Both do not come with blades.
  • Both come with the same size of table cast iron, miter slot, resaw capacity, Laguna ceramic, and a mobility kit.

Differences between Laguna 14 bx 110 and 220

  • The Laguna 14 bx 110 has a 110Volt motor, whereas the Laguna 220 has a 220Volt motor
  • The Laguna 14 bx 110 comes with one ¾ hp, whereas the 220 has 2 ½ hp.


Both products range under 2000. However, the Laguna 14 bx 110 is under 1500, whereas the 220 sometimes is on 1700.


Although the Laguna 14bx 220 has disadvantages in the design and adjustment of the lower guides, you can use it to process logs without any problems. It is easy to operate and move. The Laguna 14bx 110 is more affordable than the 220, although they sometimes have the same price range. The frame is heavy, but the saw is easy to use. If you need a band saw with more power, the Laguna 14bx 220 is for you, but if there is no need, you can choose the 110.

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