May 8, 2021

Laguna 1412 vs 14BX | Which BandSaw You Should Choose

One of the most widely used woodworking tools on the market today is Laguna woodworking tools. These tools are designed and manufactured by a USA-based company. Laguna 1412 vs 14bx is a great comparison! Laguna is known for its progressive thinking and constant innovation. For these reasons, Laguna has been at the forefront of the woodworking industry for over 30 years.

The process is quick and easy if you pay attention to the differences when matching your needs. The following article provides information on both models and adds value to the discussion. Our comparison includes speed, dust extraction, and features.

Overview of the Laguna 1412

14|12 1-3/4HP 14

Laguna 1412 is a bandsaw that has cast iron wheels that are durable. They withstand the pressure that comes with the saw machine. They are 3-in-1 pieces of wheels. The pinion system is ultra-smooth and has a minimal flex system when fully extended. The bandsaw has double windows that allow you to check tension and tracking simultaneously while the machine operates. 

The bandsaw weighs 266 pounds, and the blade is 115 inches long. The heavy-duty machine is easy to set up with the help of the manual. The quality is excellent, considering the heavy metal and sturdy base. It gives the machine balance. However, it does not come with a blade. You have to buy it separately. Both the machine and the kit are lightweight. 

The blade guide is ceramic and challenging to adjust. It makes low vibrations, and the powerful machine cuts smoothly. The dust collection system could be better, but it is not bad. The quick-release blade tension feature allows you to control the blade. It tends to loosen after a certain period or after completing tasks.  


  • Compact size
  • Tool-less ceramics bearings
  • An impressive dust collection system
  • Large aluminum rip fence
  • Beautiful design


  • The blade is not in the package.
  • It does not come with a shelf.

Key features of the Laguna 1412 


The table tilts to 45 degrees to the right and 7 degrees to the left. It has a micro-adjust feature. The table is cast iron, and the surface is micro-polished. 


The heavy-duty machine is overweight, and that does not compromise the wheels. The wheels are well-balanced, and they fit well with conventional wheels. The tires have a cooling system that lasts longer than the standard tires. 

Motor and speed

The 110V saw has a 1¾ horsepower TEFC motor. It exceeds expectations due to its comfort and accuracy. The saw has a 13-inch blade guide that is quite effective.

Blade size

The blade is 115 inches long. It has a quick-release tension feature that allows you to control the saw blade. You need to check the saw blade before you start using the machine. The screws might be loose, and it affects the saw machine. The precision blade tension scale produces accuracy in cuts. The blade-changing system is easy and fast. The plastic blade shroud in the cabinet improves the dust collection process. 

Blade guard

The blade guard is quite functional. It is adjustable quickly and easily. Both the upper and lower guard supports the blade without difficulties. There is only one knob that is difficult to reach if you do not tilt the table. The blade width is 1/8 inch, and the length is 115 inches. That makes it ideal for long materials.

Fence system

The fence system is simple, and it allows you to keep it in an upright position for resawing. You adjust it quickly as you match it with the application in use. 

Overview of the Laguna 14bx

14|bx 1-3/4HP 110V 14

The Laguna 14 bx is available in the 110 and 220 bandsaws. These two differ in the power outlet and motor sizes. The Laguna 14 bx bandsaw has ceramic blade guides that are easy to set and use. The frame is solid, and that makes it last longer. The brakes are smooth, and the table is spacious. It gives enough space for wide material. The flat table allows you to make accurate cuts. It has a 4-inch dust port that makes the dust collection system effective. The major drawback of the bandsaw is that it does not come with a blade. 

It does not work on your bandsaw machine if you buy the wrong blade. It works with the standard 115-inch blade, 1/8-inch width, and 3/4-inch blade. The bandsaw comes with a tension indicator that gives you the compression of a spring. The closed upper door does not compromise the visibility of the tension indicator. Make sure that the saw blade is parallel to the fence. Your hands adjust and align it, and your fingers are protected from the saw blade by the blade guard. 

It comes with a paper gap instruction in the manual, but it takes time to study and follow the instructions. It has a pyramid-shaped spine and a quick-release tension feature. The electric cast-iron wheels fit tires that are cool and last longer. The rear and opinion features are smooth to run. It flexes when extended. The double windows give you visibility on the tracking of the running machine. 


  • Ease of use
  • Solid
  • Visibility
  • Adjustable
  • Smooth


  • It does not come with a blade.
  • The frame is heavy.

Key features of the Laguna 14bx


It has a stout aluminum extrusion fence with a low and high position. That makes the bandsaw machine comfortable to use. You do not need tools to adjust the height of the fence. It is easy to adjust.

Dust collection system

The bandsaw comes with a 4-inch dust port that makes cleaning easy without practically having to clean after work. It collects dust from the lower and upper cabinets as efficiently as a DC. The 4-inch dust hose connects to the dust port, and they have a capacity of 1,000 CFM. They are at the back of the machine. 

Mobile base

Although the mobile base is not in the package, I recommend the mobile base that is also affordable. The design allows you to have smooth movement. It is stable when mobile and when fixed in one position. You encounter difficulties if you push it from the top of the saw.


The guides are easy to adjust. The upper guide has to be parallel to the fence. No tools and more effort are needed. There is an instruction page that helps you with the alignment. The lower guides are a bit difficult to adjust due to the position of the table.

Foot brake

The foot brake allows you to turn off the motor using your foot. That helps when you want to change your cutting position. The micro-switch turns off the saw motor with a press. For an immediate stop, you apply pressure so that it quickly responds.


The Laguna 14 bx comes with a 110/220Volt outlet at the back of the Pro Light System. It has a 14Amp motor and 1.75hp. The motor drives the lower flywheel through a drive belt. 

Blade and brake system

It works with a 115-inch blade. It is compatible with a minimum blade width of 1/8 inch and a maximum blade width of 3/4 inch. It comes with a magnetic blade guide. The brake system is active by applying pressure to the foot pedal. 

The motor stops, and the flywheel slows down using the disc brake. The lower heel drives the wheel, and the top wheel powers the saw blade. The flywheel is protected from the blade by tire cushions. 

Blade guard

The blade guard protects the blade. They are installed when the saw machine is running. The guard attached to the lower door is adjustable vertically while the door is closed.


  • They both have a 3.5 amp motor.
  • They are suitable for DIY projects.
  • They use blades ranging from 1/8 inch to ¾ inch.

Differences between Laguna 1412 and Laguna 14bx

  • The Laguna 14bx weighs 260 pounds, whereas the Laguna 1412 weighs 266 pounds.
  • The Laguna bandsaw 14x is more durable than Laguna 1412.
  • The Laguna 14bx has a more efficient disc brake than Laguna 1412.
  • The Laguna 1412 has an extra base for installing different bases that the 14bx does not have.


Both are under 1500. However, Laguna 14 12 bandsaw is more affordable than 14bx.

Verdict on Laguna 1412 vs 14bx

Both Laguna saw tools have impressive features that make them perfect for small DIY projects. They are precise and practical. Despite the similarities, they have differences that make them exceptional tools. If you are looking for an affordable saw, I recommend the Laguna 1412, which has several basic options. For a lighter sawing tool, the Laguna bandsaw 14bx is suitable. It is more durable and efficient than the competition. The overview above will guide you to your appropriate saw tool.

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