March 18, 2021

Laguna Fusion F1 vs F2 Hybrid Table Saws: Which One Should You Get [UPDATED]

We are pitting the Laguna Fusion F1 vs F2 table saws, which are lightweight and innovative. Some features must be carefully examined, so you do not buy a product you later regret. These include the weight, size and fence system. We also pay attention to the type of saw blade, speed and cutting capacity. The greatest depth of cut is another feature worth mentioning. After going into detail, you should be able to choose between the two table saws.

Laguna Fusion f1 Review

Laguna fusion f1 Table saw with wheels

It is affordable and lightweight. You can move it in the warehouse or garage. It has a cast iron table top and stamped steel wings on the left and right sides. The steel wings provide longer life. It has a saw guard that comes with a riving knife. It has a dust collector that provides a clean working environment.

The new throat plate makes the machine stay longer. The saw becomes easy to level. The saw comes with a 10inch blade. The saw has two cabinets at the bottom and top. The base of the cabinet has a sealed floor that protects you from sawdust. If you are looking forward to a mobile saw, you must add the wheels. It will move with ease. The switches are magnetic. The additional storage helps you keep your accessories safe and close to you. 

It is smooth when running. A transparent guard gives you a clear view of what is happening. The cast-iron tabletop makes it durable. The overhead guard incorporates the dust collection port with a quick release that makes you change the vacuum faster. The overhead is removable if it compromises the performance of the machine. The die-cast throat insert is easily removable and has a locking system.  


  • Low noise
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • New throat plate
  • Sealed floor
  • Magnetic switches
  • Additional storage
  • Precision t-fence


  • A zero clearance throat would have been better.
  • You need to buy the wheel system separately.

Key Features of the Laguna Fusion F1 

10 inch blade

The 10 inch blade has a transparent blade guard that keeps your fingers safe. The guard is removable if you want to remove the dust collector that seems to disturb the process. The locking system makes the blade changing safe, accessible, quick, and easy. 

Max cutting depth

The maximum cutting depth of the F1 at 90 degrees is 3-1/8 inches, and at 45 degrees, it is 2-1/8inches. The fence system made that possible due to its accuracy. 

Amp motor

The 110 Volt motor is easy to plug in multiple sources. It is powerful, and that makes it convenient to use. It uses 1.5 reliable horsepower.

Rotations per minute

The powerful motor produces 4000 rotations per minute. That is ideal for heavy-duty tasks. You will not spend more time working on a task. The motor can withstand the pressure of thick and wide materials. 

Pinion fence rails

The fence is T-shaped with a magnetic feature and a locking system that uses a steel knuckle. 

Push stick

The push stick locks in, and that is convenient for the user. The push stick is easy to pull out; you slide in your wood through the sideway, and you will not hurt your hands. 

Blade angle

The blade can be tilted using the blade handle. You can have it at 45 or 90 degrees. That depends on the angle you want to take on a particular wood piece. It is easy to tilt. Not much energy is required from the user.

Overview of the Laguna Fusion F2 

Laguna Fusion F2 Table Saw

What separates the F2 from the F1 is the built-in wheel kit. It has a trunnion mounted to one of the cabinets. The tabletop is made of cast iron as well as wings. That makes it durable. It has an upgraded fence system that allows you to loosen the lock knobs and slide it back for off-cuts or adjusting the fence. 

It has storage for your tools, such as the push stick, miter gauge, and blade guard. The dust port is at the back of the saw.  You feel vibrations from the saw as the size of the motor increases. However, there is a balance between the motor and the machine. That is where the noise comes from, although it is minimal. The motor has a cooling system that keeps it going. 

The locking mechanism makes you change the blade without getting hurt. As you change the blade, you only use one tool, which is a single lever. The dust collection port makes the working environment clean. It wraps the top and bottom, giving you a good sawdust collection. Less space is used from your cabinet. The trunnion assembly has more material than the one that comes with the f1. The frame is rigid and stays in place. You can lock it down.  


  • Precise
  • Versatile
  • Mounted trunnion
  • Mechanical blade movements
  • Trunnion that rides on two posts
  • Solid steel posts
  • Cast iron tabletop
  • Excellent cooling system


  • You will experience some vibrations.
  • It needs some changes for maximum performance.

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Key features of the Laguna Fusion F2

Safety features

The stop button is easy to access, and it is magnetic. You can reposition it to your convenience. The riving knife is very easy to install and uninstall. You line it up with the blade, slide it in, push down the lock, and ensure it locks in place. The switch is easy to position. You loosen the bolts, slide it to your convenient position and lock it in place. 

RPM Speed

The motor speed makes 3450 rotations per minute. It has a magnetic switch that makes it more responsive. 

Blade guard

The blade guard is transparent and safe. The plastic material allows you to work with caution. Chances are very slim that you will hurt your fingers. 

Dust collection port

The dust port is 3-7/8 inches. The bottom is enclosed, so all the dust is collected inside the collector. 

Rack and pinion

The fence system has a double rail. The 30inch rip fence allows you to do a wide variety of activities. The T-square design of the fence has a steel front with a magnified readout. The handle is magnetic. You can slide it with one finger as it is smooth. 

Accurate cutting

The rip capacity is 36 inches. That makes it a beast since it is more than what the f1 offers. Accuracy is maintained due to the blade type, powerful motor, and upgraded fence system.

Powerful motor

The 110Volt motor has 1.75 horsepower and is a Poly-V Belt drive. The drive produces more power and torque, resulting in excellent cutting depth.

Blade size

It comes with a 10inch blade. The blade tilts from 0 to 45 degrees. You tilt using the blade handle. As you tilt, the guard splits into two, preparing the machine to run the task.  It is also compatible with the 13/16inch dado blade. The blade can tilt smoothly from 45 to 90 degrees.



  • If you want a mobile table saw, you have to add the wheel system to the f1 saw, whereas the f2 has a built-in wheel kit.
  • The f2 has an enclosed mobile base which the f1 does not have.
  • The Laguna fusion f1 has a 1.5-hp motor, whereas the Fusion f2 has a 1.75-hp.
  • The f2 has an increased rip capacity of 36inches, whereas the f1 has 30inches.
  • The f1 sits on the tabletop, whereas the f2 does not.
  • The f1 has a built-in stand, unlike the f2.
  • The f2 has an improved t-shaped fence system than the standard f1. 
  • The f1 is lighter than the f2.


The Laguna Fusion F1 is more affordable than the f2. The f1 is below 1000, whereas the f2 is below 1400. That makes the f1 ideal for a user running on a tight budget. The difference in prices lies in some changes made on the f2, which is a modest version. 


Which Laguna table saw will you choose? If you are looking for a portable saw, the F1 outperforms other models. It is a lightweight and simple model, but very sturdy. However, the F2 is the newer version of the F1, which has improved features. The f2 has an improved T-shaped fence system and a mobile base, but it comes at a price. Now it’s up to you to consider your budget and preferred features.

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