April 19, 2022

Grizzly G0462 Review

Grizzly G0462

The Grizzly G0462 wood lathe features a DRO that can swing 16 inches over the bed, a 2 HP motor, and a digital readout for spindle RPM. Change the speed between 600 and 2400 RPM. Changing speeds is easy with the shift-on-the-fly speed control lever, and there are no belts that you can ruin.

Outboard turning is easy. Just loosen the headstock and swivel it up to 180° for flexibility. The solid cast-iron construction on the entire machine ensures smooth and stable operation. The legs feature shelf supports that help you add more storage place, meaning you can add your custom-built shelf.

Fastening the machine to the floor is an optional step. If you choose not to do this with your lathe machine, try placing it on machine mounts. These provide an easy method for leveling, and they have vibration-absorbing pads.

Like all Grizzly lathes, the G0462 comes with a 1-year warranty covering parts and assures the unit is free from factory defects. The G0462 manual is packed with information. It is an easy-to-read manual that provides instructions on assembling and maintaining your lathe.



It is durable due to the high-quality cast iron table. It has excellent bevelling. The table tilts up to 45 degrees to the right and 15 degrees to the left.

Power cord

This machine has a power cord, equipment-grounding wire, and grounding plug. Insert the plug into a matching outlet that is properly installed and grounded by all local codes and ordinances.

Adjusting Tool Rest

Tighten all tool rest locks before beginning operation. The tool rest is equipped with a cam-action clamping system to secure it. When the base lock lever is tightened, a clamping plate lifts and secures the tool rest to the bed. If the tool rest moves unexpectedly during operation.

The Model G0462 comes with a three-way adjustable tool rest. Use the base lock lever to secure the tool rest along the length of the bed, the pivot arm lock lever to secure the tool rest at a working distance from the workpiece, or the tool rest lock lever to adjust the height and angle of the tool rest relative to the workpiece. The tool rest width is 11-7/8 inch, and the tool rest post diameter is 1 inch.

Spindle Turning 

When turning the lathe ON, stand outside the path of the rotating workpiece until the lathe reaches full speed. Use the slowest speed when starting or stopping the lathe and rough cutting. Select the correct speed for the size of the workpiece you are turning. 

Keep the turning tool on the tool rest the whole time it approaches the workpiece and is in contact with it. Learn the correct techniques for each lathe tool you will use.



The powerful machines come with a two-horsepower motor that runs at 110 Volts. The full-load current is not the maximum amount of amps that the lathe machine draws. If the machine is overloaded, it will draw additional amps beyond the full-load rating.

If the machine is overloaded for a sufficient time, damage, overheating, or fire may result, especially if connected to an undersized circuit. To reduce the risk of these hazards, avoid overloading the machine during operation and connect it to a power supply circuit that meets the specified circuit requirements. A 2hp lathe is a heavy-duty machine for professionals. 


The machine operates from 600–2400 RPM. That gives you more control over the bandsaw machine as you can adjust it. The quick-release blade tension lever and the fence scale give you more control. That amounts to precision over cuts.

Select a speed within the set range by pulling out the speed control lever and turning it to the right to increase RPM or to the left to decrease the  RPM. Due to the design of the pulley system, RPMs outside this range cannot be attained. Use the digital readout as a guide.

Always choose the correct spindle speed for your operation. Using the wrong speed may lead to the workpiece breaking loose or being thrown from the lathe at a high rate of speed, causing fatal injuries. Use the speed lever to adjust the spindle speed within each range.

Adjusting Head

The Model G0462 headstock can be positioned anywhere along the bed. It is pivoted from 0° up to 180˚.

The large hex nut under the headstock may require occasional adjustment to ensure proper clamping pressure to the bed. To position the headstock along the length of the bed, disconnect the lathe from power and loosen the head lock lever. Slide the headstock to the desired position, then retighten the lock lever. 


Use the two included 32mm flat wrenches to tighten the faceplate. Use the faceplate when you need to remove material from the face of the workpiece, such as during hollowing operations. Install the faceplate if the spur center is removed from the spindle.

When installing, ensure the faceplate’s internal threads and the threads are free of debris, then wipe the threads with an oiled rag to aid in the installation and removal. It protects and enhances the design and appearance of the device (Techopedia.com).


All the bearings for the G0462 are sealed and permanently lubricated. Just leave them alone unless they need replacement. Do not lubricate them. Wipe a lightly oiled shop rag on the outside spindle threads. Do not allow any oil to get on the inside mating surface of the spindle.

Use the quill handwheel to extend the quill out, then wipe the outside with a lightly oiled shop rag. Do not allow any oil to get on the inside quill mating surfaces.

Lubricate the motor shaft to ensure the variable-speed pulley assembly can open and close when adjusted. Use any machine oil for this purpose. Use a dry-type lubricant to avoid attracting dust.


A sturdy cast iron construction makes the machine durable and worth the investment. 


The G0462 comes with a 1-year warranty, covering parts and assuring the unit is free from factory defects. That appears to all the Grizzly models.


Grizzly g0462 is a competing wood lathe with an outboard turning that is easy with the included tool rest extension. The quick lock for tailstock and headstock makes it easy to use. The heavy-duty, precision-ground cast-iron bed and legs ensure stability and minimize vibration. You might not be interested in all features provided, but your preferences might be in this model. It might be your best Grizzly model if all that is what you want.

David D. Hughes

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