April 20, 2021

Jet 1221 vs Laguna 1216 Detailed Comparison | Which Lathe is Better?

I have several years of experience with both the Laguna and Jet lathes. Therefore, I am often asked about the Jet 1221 vs Laguna 1216. These models have a lot in common. A more detailed analysis of both models is the subject of this article. I have gathered information that is valuable to the discussion. Some of the features I will look at are speed, weight, design, cost, belt system, and performance.

Overview of the Jet 1221 

Lathe Model 1221VS

The Jet 1221 lathe has a speed variance of 160 to 3280 rotations per minute. It comes with upgrades that allow you to control the machine. The powerful 560 Watt motor runs the spindle in a reverse motion. You set the thread tool in an upside-down position. 

Running the machine from both sides is convenient. The construction was cast iron. Cast iron is lightweight, stable, and maintains its shape. No matter how the housing heats, it can expand and contract. That is how it contains its shape. The 170mm bed is wide. The cast iron bed absorbs the vibration that comes with the machine. That is why you hardly hear or feel the vibration. 

Belt adjustments are easy. The ergonomic design of the lathe allows you to have comfortable handling. It weighs 55kg and gives you support when operating the lathe tool. The housing has solid bearings. The belt tensioning system allows you to have a quick change of speed. It is compatible with multiple accessories such as the stand, a 560mm bed extension, and the stand is extendable. It is ideal for small to medium-sized woodwork. 


  • Powerful motor
  • Dual-mode
  • Lightweight
  • Stable
  • Durable


  • Not ideal for heavy activities
  • No tool rest

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Key Features of the Jet 1221


The 560 Watt motor is powerful enough to make a speed that varies from 160 to 3280 rotations per minute. That is ideal for fast performance on different types of wood. You are allowed to adjust speed, making it easy to work on applications.


The bed is cast iron. That makes it durable, solid, and well-balanced. The bed is extra-wide as it is 170mm. As much as the lathe machine is heavy, it remains stable. 


The belt is adjustable, and that makes the lathe tool handy. The belt has an improved tension system that allows you to change the speed. 


The spindle is in solid bearings. It gives sufficient torque from the powerful motor. That makes it easy to master the speed variance when operating the machine. 

Overview of the Laguna Revo 1216 

Revo 12 I 16 Midi Lathe EVS

The wood lathe comes compact and does not make noise through sound or vibrations. You adjust the speed with ease. When changing speed, you only need to open the magnetic belt cover doors, flip the cam-action lever and slide the belt to the other—Cam-action belt changes for low, medium, and high speeds. 

You only have to turn the dial to fine-tune within each range. The sealed ball-bearings give you a smooth action. Sealed bearings are easy to use as they do not need lubrication. That saves time and labor. They are also weather-proof, and they perform well. The 1HP motor is powerful and allows consistency in torque at multiple speeds. Efficient cooler running and longer brush life is what you get consistently from the machine at low. The pre-drilled holes on the spindle give you lighting.

It is ideal for multiple spindle turnings that range up to 15-1//2 long, and the bowl turnings up to 12-1/2inches in diameter. The table saw has a self-ejecting live center that is user-friendly. The push button has a spindle lock that you can release when you want to start the machine.

The package includes a Laguna Revo1216 Midi lathe, MT2 Drive center, MT2 Live center, and a faceplate. The lathe machine and the stand are sturdy. The built-in storage is convenient as it keeps your tools closer to you. It uses a unique Pulse Width Modulation inverter. It helps consistency throughout the speeds.


  • Ideal for professionals
  • Smooth
  • Compact size
  • No friction
  • Great build quality
  • Variable speeds


  • The lathe does not have a gloss finish
  • Ideal for smaller projects

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Key Features of the Laguna 1216

Tool rest

The tool rest has a stem diameter of 25.4mm, and the tool is 150mm long. The tool’s rest edge is of hardened steel. That makes it last longer. 

Floor stand

The premium floor stand has an adjustable height. A tool changes the stand height. The stand comes with a storage shelf. It keeps your accessories to you.

Amp motor and speed

The one-horsepower permanent magnet motor can run at multiple speeds. The 15 Amp motor needs 110 Volts. The lathe motor has a speed variance that ranges from low to high. The Modulation system feeds voltage pulses to the motor of the lathe. Adjusting the speed is made easy.

The machine operates at different levels. It ranges from low speed up to high speed. When it is in the lower range, it ranges from 50 to 525 rotations per minute. At mid-range, the speed is from 325 to 1750 rotations per minute and 650 to 3500 rotations per minute when running at high speed. 

Control panel and Headstock

The control panel accommodates the On/Off switch, Forward/Reverse switch, digital readout, and variable speed control. The headstock secures the spindle, the belt drive system, and the electrical components. The spindle is rotational in forward or reverses the motion. 


  • They both support accessories such as a stand and a bed extension. 
  • They do not vibrate when operating.
  • They both have powerful motors.
  • They have wide beds.
  • The powerful motors have high torque.
  • They both have cast-iron tailstocks.
  • They both have a spindle indexing of 24 points.
  • They both have an ergonomic design.


  • The Laguna has a 160mm bed, whereas the Jet has 170mm.
  • The Laguna operates in three-speed ranges, whereas the Jet has only a one-speed range.


The two have a difference of 10 in price. They are slightly above 1,000. The difference is that the Jet 1221 is more affordable than the Laguna 1216.

Verdict on the Jet 1221 vs Laguna 1216

The Jet 1221 is the ideal model for users who want to save a few euros. You can use it from both sides. However, it has a lower top speed compared to Laguna. The Laguna 1216 has more features than the Jet lathe 1221, which explains the extra price you must pay. It has a digital readout, a hardened steel tool rest, and a three-speed range, unlike the Jet 1221, which has only one. You can add wheels to this model. Which model do you prefer?

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