April 22, 2022

Wood Lathe Accessories

Wood lathe tools and accessories

4-Jaw Chuck

4 Jaw chucks are the most commonly used tools for consumers who own wood lathes. It will provide an immediate impact on the quality of your woodturning. It gives the ability to attach anything to the lathe for chucking. The combination of jaws offers a good number of options. Standard dovetail jaws help keep the workpiece stable, which works to turn bowls effectively. These accessories allow you to drill out the bottoms of wood pieces.

Sandpaper Pack

You will need a sandpaper Pack to finish any small projects successfully. Having a pack of sandpaper hanging above your workspace will help your spindle turn at high speed. Having a separate sheet pack will help you keep the workstation organized and minimize sandpaper wastage.

woman using sand paper

Lathe attachments and accessories

Lathe Light

The tools helpfully illuminate the inside of bowls or vessels currently in production. A magnetic base light works wonders to keep your bandsaw well lit. It is sufficiently sturdy and won’t move quickly if there is some vibration. Sanding wood can make the room quite dusty and dark, and having a lathe light will help avoid missing any scratches and swirl marks.

Drill Chuck

A drill chuck adds an essential layer of versatility to the product. This product works to help consumers who do not have ample room available to work. Using this product, turning your lathe into a defacto drill press becomes more accessible. This makes it more appealing to beginners. This tool also has massive benefits when used for boring out wood. When dealing with deeper pieces, it is best to use this product to mark the depth.

Woodturning lathe accessories

Negative Rake Scraper

This product works well to handle finishing cuts well. It provides extra balance to the machine that helps keep the surface smooth. The tools require continuous sharpening to remain resolute, but there are many advantages to using the negative rake scraper.

Lathe tools and accessories

Curved Tool Rest

Today, the long straight tool rest and the curved interior are among the top options. These tool accessories can handle both the inside and outside bowls quite easily. You should be able to reach up to 12-inches into the bottom of wooden bowls.

Lathe accessories for bowl turning.

Live Center Set

A live center set can leave decent-sized dimples on the workpiece. The better the quality of the product you buy, the more likely it will leave a far more minor mark on the end of your workpiece. This tool is advantageous because it adds stability and strength to the grip of the piece. 

Dust Hood

Designing an efficient way to deal with Dust collection is imperative to have a safe working space. Accumulation of dust can lead to electrical fires. A well-placed dust hood will help the consumer safely manage the chips and dust from the lathe. There is a variety available on the market for finding the appropriate size to fit your workspace and lathe size. This tool is preferred because it reduces the time spent cleaning up the workspace. This option would be a dedicated setup for managing dust and will radically change your routine for the better.

Wood lathe steady rest

A steady rest is a wood lathe accessory that works well to help bring stability to the workpiece. This stabilization means improved accuracy in the projects the consumer can complete. They are needed for you to successfully deep hollow long or large-diameter thin-walled forms. You can then expect assistance with preventing the hollow form from being levered off its mount by the hollowing tool. Without the device, it will become quite difficult for you to generate substantial forces to cut the wood.

Jet wood lathe accessories

Thickness Calipers

A thickness caliper will help the consumer carefully judge the depth of the wall. Many artisans try to do this task with eyesight and make uneven thickness errors. This product will offer you a straightforward method to analyze the wall thickness.

Wood lathe parts and accessories

Digital Micrometer

A digital micrometer works to provide relief to consumers who have to perform repetitive tasks. It sets the thickness you require precisely and maintains this for you. It provides you with the chance to put these calipers to an exact size. This is a great option when dealing with projects such as fitted lids or rings.

Paste Wax

Paste wax can make a massive difference when rotating the tailstock. The tool will grease the machine and allow the lathe to move across the bed quickly. Having a well-lubricated lathe will allow you to make precise adjustments as you work.

Mini wood lathe accessories

Drive Center

A drive center comes with a spring-loaded center pin and much smaller teeth. This option is necessary for consumers who need extra gripping power. The grip is well designed and will not leave any large indents in your wood.

Wood lathe chuck adapter

A wood lathe Adapter will allow you to accept lathe faceplates and chucks.

Shopsmith lathe accessories

An English Honing Guide is a clever instrument that helps keep the level and uniform of your project. It works with a pair of durable clamps that allow you to roll it over the surface of the sharpening stone. This is because of the bevel angle during sharpening.

Wood lathe faceplate

Using a Lathe Faceplate will help to ensure you can work in a safe environment. The lathe runs smoothly even when turning large or small diameter workpieces. You can easily tackle these objects with a quick faceplate attachment.  

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