March 11, 2021

Makita 2704 vs 2705: Which Of These Tables Saws Is Better?

The Makita 2704 and 2705 are versions of table saws that come with powerful motors. There is a difference between the rotation these machines make per minute that does not make the other version powerless. What you need to consider when you are choosing your best between the two is speed, accuracy, angle blade, maximum cutting depth, dust extraction mechanism, fence type, miter gauge, and cost. Below is a review of both products.  

Overview of the Makita 2704

The main feature of the Makita 2704 is the powerful 1.650Watt motor. It has high rigidity that makes accurate cutting possible. The table is extendable, and the fence gives you a large cutting board. It comes with easy and scales that help you prepare your cutting pieces of equipment. 

The quick-release guide rail makes it easy for you to operate the table saw. The guide rail is steady, and the rip fence slides on it with accurate cutting. The electronic brake allows you to make an emergency stop when something is wrong with the machine. The table saw comes with a fitted electronic soft start and anti-restart function. It comes with a 260mm blade. 

The maximum cutting height at 90 degrees is 93mm. When at 45 degrees, it runs up to 64mm. It runs at 4800rotations per minute. It weighs up to 34.9kg. The package includes the Makita 2704 table saw, TCT blade, rip fence, 22mm wrench, 19mm offset wrench, a push stick, and a Bevel guide rule. 


  • Easy to operate
  • Safe
  • Accurate
  • Adjustable
  • Powerful motor


  • No dust port


Key features of the Makita 2704

Rip Capacity

The rip capacity has a sub-table that can accommodate an 8×4 ft sheet. It complements the overall machine. 

10-inch blade

The blade diameter is 260mm. It has a decent size that makes it powerful enough to cut through large piles. The blade has a 40 tooth Tungsten carbide-tipped blade. 

Max cutting depth

The maximum cutting height at 90 degrees is 93mm. When it is at 45 degrees, it runs up to 64mm.

Amp motor

The 1650 Watt motor is powerful. It is a 15Amp motor that completes a heavy load quickly.

Rotations per minute

The 1650 Watt motor makes 4800rotations per minute. It is powerful enough to increase the speed of the machine. That is why it makes you complete a task in a short period. 

Pinion fence rails

The fence makes the task accurate. The adjustment mechanism that it comes with allows you to have accuracy when cutting. 

Blade angle

The blade can sit at a 90-degree cutting angle and cuts down to 93mm. When it is at 45 degrees, it goes down to 64mm. The angle is adjusted from -0.5 to 45.5 degrees. 

Overview of the Makita 2705

What makes it a powerful; table saw is its versatility. Its convenience comes with features that make it easy to use. It comes with a large capacity 15Amp motor that makes it ideal for professional users. The motor can make up to 4,000 rotations per minute. The electric brake is efficient and easy to operate. 

At 90 degrees, it runs down to 3-9/16 inches, and when it is operating at 45 degrees, it runs to 2-1/2 inches. The large cutting capacity can rip 4 x 8 sheets of wood at once. It also has the dado blade. The table saw can be used by carpenters, furniture makers, and flooring contractors. The extension table gives you a large butting area. The blade guard comes without additional tools. 

The dual side blade guard is adjustable. It becomes easy to measure the length between from blade to rip fence when you are cutting. Release the lever for easy riving knife adjustments. It works in three different positions. The design allows you to have a clear view of the blade as it works on the material. It has a 60mm dust port.


  • Professional use
  • Dust port
  • Efficient
  • Versatile
  • Tool-less blade


  • Few rotations per minute


Key features of the Makita 2705

Safety features

The electric brake makes the machine safe. It allows you to make an emergency stop when you encounter a problem. The brake quickly responds when you press the button. The absence of the electric brake can bring damage to your material. The tool-less blade guard that is adjustable, anti-kickback mechanisms protects your hand from the blade as well as the push stick.

RPM Speed

The motor rotates at a speed of 4800 rotations per minute. The speed is impressive. It makes you complete your task faster.

Blade guard

It has a tool-less blade guard. The cam lock makes the installation and disassembling of the machine easy.  

Dust collection

The dust collection system is weak. The sawdust does not trap all the dust. You need compressors to trap dust in your working area. It neither comes with a dust port nor a dust collection bag. Regular lubrication is needed.

Rack & pinion

The rip fence guides and helps you adjust the ply sheet to the table saw. 

Accurate cutting

The rip fence gives you accurate adjustments that result from inaccurate cuts. Accurate cuts are specific and exact cuts that are expected. The table area is flat and gives you enough space to work on. 

Powerful motor

The powerful motor runs at 15Amp with 4800 rotations per minute. It is a large-capacity machine that makes you complete a task in a short period. More power gives the machine a better speed rate that makes the machine effective. It can handle big sheets with ease. 

Blade size

The blade has a diameter of 10inches. It is a standard-sized blade that can withstand the speed at which the machine operates. 


  • They have dado blades.
  • The packages include wrenches, a rip fence, and a push stick.
  • Both products use 10inch blades.
  • They make smooth cuts.

Differences between Makita 2705 vs 2704

Table surface

The table area that comes with the Makita 2704 is spacious. It allows you to maintain accuracy as chances are very slim that you will make mistakes. The length ranges from 665 to 1045mm and width from 753 to 1066mm. 

Dust port

The Makita 2705 has a 60mm dust port, whereas 2704 does not have a dust port. It connects to a vacuum for easy and quick cleaning.

Larger dust extraction

The Makita 2705 has a weak dust collection system. The sawdust gets stuck under the blade resulting in inefficiency. You will need additional tools to clean your working area. The dust extraction system that comes with the Makita 2704 is efficient. You can improve it with an improved vacuum. 

Power button

The Makita 2704has an electronic brake that allows you to make an emergency stop when something is wrong with the machine. The table saw comes with a fitted electronic soft start and anti-restart button. The Makita 2405 does not have a switch. However, the On/Off switch is large to maintain precision.

Accuracy of cutting


The motors of both machines operate at 15Amp motors. The difference lies in the number of rotations per minute. The Makita 2704 rotates 4800 times per minute faster than the r2705 that runs up to 4,000 times per minute. 

Maximum rip capacity

The maximum rip capacity of the Makita 2704 is 93mm at 90 degrees. When it is operating at 45 degrees, it runs up to 64mm, whereas, at 90 degrees, the r2705 runs down to 3-9/16 inches, and when it is operating at 45 degrees, it runs to 2-1/2 inches.


The Makita 2704 is more affordable than 2705. It is under 600 whereas 2704 is under 900.


Looking at Makita 2704 vs 2705, it is difficult to pick one from the products as they both have high-quality features. The 2704 mode has the highest rotations per minute amongst the two. The powerful motor it comes with increases both the rotations and speed. Makita 2705 has the deepest cut from any angle. If you are a professional user, you might pick it. However, if you have a tight budget, the Makita 2704 can be the best pick.

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